what is the truth?

August 18, 2008 § 16 Comments

We all keep discovering things.Humanity has been propelled forward by the great discoveries and inventions.true enough.Yet there are so many people who say that it is man’s mistake that everything around us either dead or dieing.True we have caused everything to decay progressively,but then isn’t that man’s nature?
If we weren’t supposed to do all that,then why did we discover it? For so many things we say it is destiny ,fate etc,but why not for this?We are part of nature too aren’t we? We are nature aren’t we?Then what ever is happening is natural and aren’t we supposed to be letting it happen?Does being slightly more “sensible” mean that we should stop what nature has told us to do?I.e. destroy everything?So why fight over saving things which we ourselves have been so happily destroying?

Maybe earth will import something after we die.It might start life all over again.And well we have realized it.So it the fact that we relaized that we are killing ourselves slowly ,the reason,we started all the “nature” talks and things?Are we all doing all this,for the sake of ourselves in fear?

Just see around you.If you see,you will find everything is perfect.The air is filled with pollution,the ground around your house is cemented ,the road is tarred and the climate is changing as fast as the sun rises.So why should we bother about the green old days? We all are anyway going to die,so why not make it faster?Why not choke in your fire,than you neighbors?

Well the only reason why i think we are into this saving thing is because we discovered that too i guess,or maybe we just ran out of ideas and things to discover.One of these days,we will come up a perfect plan to save it all.Yup,it will be the idea of the century.The T.V shall have interviews by the genius of the age,the newspapers will have yards of columns written about the wonderful new thing.And once that is done,we all will think about what is next.Someone then will decide that we need more fun and start blowing someone else apart and finally we all will anyway end up fried.So what is the use of this saving thing anyway? The future gen.? Next Gen.Saving the planet for our future?On one side everyone talks about population explosion on the other about the next gen.Am I losing something.Who has got the right to decide who can make the future?Aren’t all that we have found out till now insignificant,considering the fact,that we still haven’t found a way to keep living forever?What is the use anyway? the only reason i can think of for all this is entertainment.We all are bored and need a reason to live.Simple.

Well i like the idea of saving.All those super heroes are cool,but those who go around saving things are cooler,sounds nice doesn’t it ?So what do i want to save anyway?

The one thing i truly want to save is the truth.I think that is the only thing worth saving.But what is the truth?i have asked a lot of questions in this post,but then this is the question i want you all to answer,what is the truth?


scribbling on the wall…

August 16, 2008 § 16 Comments

Well i was a bit bored so….take a look 🙂

So which do you think is the best? lol 😛

light in the centre

August 14, 2008 § 11 Comments

Where do you think all the light in the world meets?what do you think is the center?

into the fire for a walk!

August 11, 2008 § 23 Comments

What do you think it is?What do you think lies at the centre?Would you walk into this?

light write!

July 24, 2008 § 8 Comments

Choose either(or both) of the photos below and write whatever you feel like.

Photoshopping ya!

July 10, 2008 § 17 Comments

Lol,this is the first time i am using photoshop 🙂 What do you think,not bad for a beginner ? lol 🙂 And ya the Buddha was my first ever photo with my mobile cam(ya ya i have already mentioned that,but blah blah i am feeling very happy ,so nothing else matters 😉   )

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