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Happy happy Diwali everyone 😀 Have fun! 😀 😀

The light shines the brightest 😀


Terrorism-a shadow?

December 8, 2008 § 13 Comments

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This is going to be a super short post,just a question,

Is terrorism the shadow of our society?


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moon cheese,a thief ,weapons and insurance

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Here a bomb,there a bomb…

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What do see in the picture below? 

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Jet set…

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From photoshopped

And a joke/pj 😛

Bank guy: Sir, do you want a credit card?

Mr.x: I have it.

Bank guy: A gold card sir?

Mr.X: i have that too…

bank guy: A platinum card sir..

Mr.x: i have that too….

bank guy:-How about our new Pink card sir?

Mr.X: I have that too,got it yesterday..

bank guy: wow!sir,is there any card you don’t have?

Mr.x: ya,ration card.


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From photoshopped

What do you think of this picture?

on the final shore.

September 10, 2008 § 5 Comments

From photoshopped

the world was at its end,
and the shore was the place,
as it was when it began.
There was nothing else to defend,
finally,something was to be set free.
The world was seeing its last,
and now it was the time to review the past.
It was a beautiful race
and it had seen its phase.
It lived life and within it held a strife.
Never did it fully realize,
though it was meant to do so,
that it was the ultimate creation.
It called itself,as thoughtless,
it named its action as folly.
But oh! it never realized,that it
did what it was supposed to.
Yet when it was meant to see,
that certain things have to be
let go and let infinitely free,
it failed to perceive, oh! perceive.
And there it made a mistake,
and for that,it started its end for its own sake.
But a few did see,
and they were pronounced to be affected by insanity,
with a royal,arbitrary decree.
And they the shunned,
tried to be heard,
and yet,the chains were used,to tie these birds.

If only they then said,
that we had known before,
we could have kept the heaven door,
and not sunk our land,to the ocean floor.
But then,it was too late,
and it suffered its chosen fate.
The clouds came across,from the west,
and slowly it ate away the remaining-the bright rest.
There was no ark,for the best,already had perished,
and this time,to revive life,
nothing but two animals were felt behind.
And there they tried to see what the world was,
and they realized they had been crass .
They saw,that clothes had no part,
for within it,they had long ago killed their heart.
And the clouds threw black cover,
and they regained their state as the bower.
The showers broke across,
and there was left the man and lass,
yet both calculated the depth of the fall,
and felt naive and scared of their part.
And slowly they approached,
and the sea waves surely rose,
and as they slowly lay down,
the lightning struck,and water ran,
together they were washed away,
someday,back to where they began.

Am i Thinking too much?

August 29, 2008 § 31 Comments

Since whole of humanity thinks i think too much..Can someone answer me?It is really irritating to hear everyone say that,one person(no not here ,not in blogosphere) went as far as telling me ,”don’t be like this”(actually it was like,” don’t be soooo philosophical”,but well let me take it as thinking here),anyway,i was left wondering how else should i think,so tell me…no i do not assure you i will change or something,forget it 😛 i just want to know,what you think? Am i thinking too much?

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