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 Lets see who guesses the temple right 😛 Anyway..


What do you think is the connection between them? 

Also try to make a story/poem/anything you can come with from the pictures 🙂 


An antique table

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From teachers day
From teachers day
From teachers day
From teachers day

Another one of mom’s antiques 🙂 It is lovely isn’t it.Wonder what was the inspiration behind this.Was it a flower? Or could it be,that they got these designs from their forefathers and repeated it? I love the flower at the center, especially.What do you think? 



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It goes round and round,pushed by electricity.What if electricity was never discovered? What if Benjamin Franklin hadn’t flown a kite? What if Faraday and Edison and others didn’t think?No this is not about saying we are thankful but about doing what they did-questioning things.What do you see in the fan? Oh by the way the ceiling fan was invented by Philip Diehl 


“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.” ~ B. Franklin


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To the moon!

October 22, 2008 § 14 Comments

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From photoshopped

Old and broken?

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They were built long long ago.They are old and they are broken(?).But they sure are a thing of beauty.What do they mean to us?What do you feel when you stand in front of such grandeur?

Picture taken in Ellora.

See up..

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Just see what is above you.No,i don’t mean the ceiling,see beyond that.Try to imagine,the sky,how it might be right now.Think of the universe,the stars,everything and anything.What do you see?

you are better than what the world feels

October 13, 2008 § 11 Comments

From teachers day

A sense of calm prevails.
Over come and joyous
delight filled-the light cools.
A sense of security,
a few moments of glory.
Truth,will shine,
and you are none but divine.
Your existence has worth,
and you know,that birth,
is a manifestation-demanded,
by a need and that your presence,
is to be felt.What you do,
is a representation of life
and as long as you trust the truth,
your way is right.
You think to exist,
to perceive,every sound,
sight and object.
You comprehend nature
and think on further,
to add a bit more.
You represent your thoughts
and your actions
are bigot to the light in which you trust.
For how much ever,
the world can drink,
the endless sea,has enough
to satisfy every possible wealth.
To preserve your knowledge,
the best way is to express-
to your self.Your thoughts
are the fuel,your body,the container,
and the world waits for you to be alive-
to become the light.Yet the inertia 
of darkness prevails,so to wash 
the shadow,you need belief,
that you are better than what the
world feels.In you is the light,
and you can become the strength,
for the nature of light,is to burn,
and your fuel shall learn,
of places and origin
and the knowledge filled within.

the light shines the brightest

From teachers day

about a flower

October 8, 2008 § 14 Comments

From root

Between leaves,
between thoughts,
sat a single flower
-it lived only for a few hours.
Yet in those few hours,
it did live life,
until it was moved by force,
from that which gave it life.
And in its time of life,
atrocities were none,
ubiquitous were its brothers,
who among the myriad leaf,
sang ,till day,
all through the night,
as if they would never die.
And when they all were taken away,
from their lap of its life,
they did bare a scent,
one fresh and magnificent.
And till the scent spread,
they were honoured.
And then as that too left,
nothing of them was felt,
and to the soil they went,
to be buried-
they became carcass,
to fuel the tree,
on which they were born free.

Yet even if for a few hours,
nothing matters but self,
for individualism is not a mistake,
but for living’s sake.
And while the scent may go,
and their beauty may burn,
they held life,for flaunting,
and for that sake died,
but it was not a martyr death,
but one where,its value was felt.
Though by now,it is all long past,
it shows that life’s value is till it lasts,
and so in that,we need to live,
and try to see what is beyond the tree,
and the sense of detached belonging,
gives life a sense of being free,
for freedom is knowing,
what we are and not doing nothing.
Presence is to be felt,
and belief in self,
if the best wealth,
for all storms can do is break a petal
and all drought can do is kill.
Our scents may last forever,
or till dawn,
but life is such that our fawn
will help,even when we are gone-
for what we do is to build a tree,
one which we call humanity,
for that sake,let us do our duty,
that is to create and metamorphose,
and leave behind a stronger base.

Up we go like a teak tree

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From misc3

Yup,that is a teak tree.It is growing,skyward.It has leaves and it sheds them and then new ones take the place of those which were given to the ground.It grows,day by day,year by year,hour by hour,decade by decade,second by second.We too grow,continuously.

Growth and creation.

When we cut the tree,we will use it for variously purposes.But its value shall always be high.Its today’s value will be more than what it was yesterday.

We need to grow too.Our thoughts are our leaves.With them we understand the world and we can get our food.Unless,we think,we cannot live.And with our mind,we need to create,a better world and not destory.Where a tree is cut,we need to plant another,where a building is brought down,we need to erect a better one.Where a system fails,we need to put another in place,better than the previous one.

But what if all the trees are said to be evil and all of them are cut and thrown away?That is what is happening.We are first plucking the leaves,one by one,why?Three alphabets -GOD.

Is it needed? No way.God is associated with creation and not destruction.Yet why is that force causing so much of destruction?The conclusion which we can arrive at,is that God,is misinterpreted.Who taught those people to cut?

IF the tree is bad,then the problem was with the seed,so let us try and make the bad at least better,for cutting them now would be of no use,they would just waste our space and might be even pollute the soil.So let us give them something,a little bit of goodness ,so that at least when they rot,they give out something good.

Let us remember,if there are no trees,the clouds might just go away.

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