What do you see?

October 12, 2008 § 21 Comments

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What do you see in this picture?


July 29, 2008 § 12 Comments

Inspiration is the word and inspired i am! SF has passed this one 🙂 And this is going to me my most fav tag,till date 🙂

Inspiration is everywhere…the sun,the moon,the walls,why even your eyes,your hands,your fingers,your nails,even the dirt stuck in it!

I have written a lot about it..see here…Yes even an poem about it…see here.

Anyway i am not going to give  the links and things 🙂 So inspire?

Beauty if a matter of perception and so is inspiration.When i post pictures,they must inspire you to respond.And that is because it is beautiful.To get inspired you need to see things the right way.All i do,rather all my eyes ever do,is see things.I don’t know how it happens but whenever i see something i seem to see it differently.And then my mind reacts in its own way.Now whenever i write,it is lesser of me as a human but more of me as an inspired individual or well an alien in his own world .The reason why writing is special to me is because it is way i escape into things.When i don’t like something,i can let go of the anger through writing.Of late,I have started writing more and more because i see a lot of things which need to written about.

Anyway enough about me for now…I can write yards and yards,but will spare you now 😉

I pass this on to

1) Nita



4) Sakhi

5) anyone else,it is just that i want to read the answers of the above 4 😉

nay purpose,nay life?

June 10, 2008 § 8 Comments

so a lack of purpose,
led to creation,
and we are all suffering
without any ultimate relation.
A knowledge ,from past
has ceased in its grave,
for there is no purpose to save?
then why live?
then why remain static,
in a world which is,yet dimensional?
if purpose is none,
why have anything at all?
if purpose is none,
then none exists behind
the dark universal veil?
If there is no ultimatum,
if there is no purpose,
then why should we breath?
or for that matter breed?
If no purpose can be found,
behind every wall or cloud,
then why have them all
scattered around in the reason
-purpose dead intersection?

if there is no purpose,
then why be born?
then why be dead?
why cannot we be static at rest?
what laws define the infinite
finite,which at its shore
impresses a sense of profound secrecy?
Why a humbug race called humanity?
which though bothered to define humility,
is at most times is full of hypocrisy?
Why if no purpose exists,
should a few strewn reminiscences
of ancient quest be buried,
deep inside a sands hurried?
Why at all if no purpose exists,
do we even seek a knowledge
which we believe will free
us of this mortal bondage?
why do we seek purpose?
for what do we seek purpose?
what is the origin of need
to be purposeful?

If purpose can define life?
then what is it?
yet we seem to think
that ,not a purpose exists,
but an infinite might,
which we call as the universe
and our own selves.
What is the cause of the universe?
or is it too a purpose lost
thought,an impossible notion,
in the minds of creation.
Yet we say none exists.
so i ask what is the purpose
of non existence? whence
does it appear,a need to
fill an aesthetic grotesque
art,with a perception
which not even the artist
knows of, even in completion?
are we too small to see
purpose?Why are we, then too small?
Is there an end,where purpose
ceases,where purpose breaches
none but it self to annihilate
itself and reveal the true core,
even if it is sore core,
after all the dark drills it bore?

If purpose exists to everything,
then let it be in everything.
I am aware yet cannot perceive.
are my dimensions too cute
that the gory art of purpose
falls at its beauty? if so,i say
none matters,but the purpose,
for which i seek purpose be filled.
For the perennial universe
of questions,which all seek
a divine purpose(which is all),
there is a perennial universe
of solutions and answers,
one which parallel yet the same
as the question.If both nay
exist,then no theism can be filled,
for money might be made of matter,
yet its value is of the administrator.

Purpose,i ask what is your purpose?
If love fails purpose,
then let everything be struck by it,
so that none question you,
who is full of unknown purpose.
If love it is,let it be,
we are all blind and cannot see-
a love which is too big that
only our breath is able
to perceive, a taste which our
knowledge initiates us to believe
that it is the blush of love,
which is the fodder,
to fill our hunger-
derived from the thirst of purpose.
If lot it is,
then let it be love,
which paints the world,
for if not the world will lose purpose,
in seeking purpose,you
who is sly as a shadow,
who is the hands behind
the wheels of destiny,
which we say is the purpose.

let us ,love us.

the light shines the brightest.

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