terror (part 2)

November 19, 2008 § 5 Comments

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As He,gets tortured by terror,a series of people are faced with mysterious propositions,their choice,shall lead to his destiny.



Sheila got down from the train and started the two kilometer walk to her office.She hated everything around her.Yet she lived on,without knowing why.Her life had been normal,until she met,him.Now as she came out of the station,she saw two people across the road,staring at her.

This was becoming too common, she thought and she ignroed them and walked on.But the tall lady in the red kurthi and the short one in a blue tee,followed her,until at a signal,they caught up with her.She would have jumped the signal,as most people  in India do,but had to wait,because of the fast moving traffic.She hoped that,this wasn’t trouble ,she prayed for the best.

The two women,stood behind her and wispered into her ears,” Terror has struck”.Sheila turned around quicky,causing the kunkum to fall into her left eye.She looked them over with one eye and replied,”well he asked for it!I haven’t met him in a long time,who is terror anyway?”

Terror is the person,who has been responsible for the death of 15 members of our group till date.He is really ruthless.Simply put,he literally cuts the victim to peices.”

“Well he is your top guy,isn’t he.He has had the best training,in the country,so come on,don’t get me into this.After all,i am a lowly paid,just another Network administator.”

“Well then,tell us,how you managed to give the slip to those who have been following you for the past few days.”

“Really,people were following me?I didn’t know that.Might be my luck.”

At that moment the signal turned green and they crossed the road.Once on the other side,Shiela adjusted her hair,pushed her over grown fringe behind her ears and turned to them.

“Well Shiela,we need you.This is not for the sake of the organization.We are sure,he will not let out our plans.But this is to save him.We need him,as much as he needs you and you him.”

“Excuse me,do you people mind leaving me alone?”

At that moment a white Zen,parked about fifty metres from them.

“We will owe you a lot,if you can do this for us.Your choice can change the course of history.No this is no movie,please.”

“What will i get in return anyway? Being ditched again,sorry.I earn five thousand rupees per month and yes i am happy being a nobody.Now,i better hurry up.”

“Well you leave us no choice”.The lady in blue,who had kept quite all along,caught Sheila’s hand.She tried,to pull away,but she saw the zen in reverse gear ,moving towards them.

“alright got it.Time to end the terror.”

“As they say,the right amount of pressure,is all it takes.”

As they got into the car,Shiela’s phone rang.The driver was a guy about 25 years old,with a short beard and a black shirt.She identified him,she knew it was too late.Sheila,relaxed and fell asleep,it would be a long day.



“Look terror,look,I have the information you want.And unfortunately,you can’t get it out of me,unless you talk to me,man to man.Your games will only lead to your downfall.”

“He he,goooody goo,you want terror to be a man…but i am no human,I AM TERROR!”.

“Well I do know a lot about you,Mr.Jinesh.”

Terror’s look changed.



November 13, 2008 § 7 Comments

NOTE:-This is a beginning of a story.I will continue if you all like it.

He walked in.With a terrorising laugh,he turned to the man who lay near the wall.He rubbed his hands.Another victim for torture.He was going to love this,this one seemed to be the type who acted tough and then broke and put their thumbs into their mouth.He wondered which finish he would choose.(Rubbing his hands again)”Ha well that can wait,lets get started shall we” ,He said looking at the man.


He had heard about him.He was known as Terror.The name was enough to send most guards at the institute into coma.In fact they used the name to extract information.HE knew what was going to happen.He prayed that,he would die.Death they said was the best thing that could happen to you at his hands.He thought of her.”Darling…” he cried out,as terror began with a kick-it had started.


ha darling,lovely darling,good boy,there good boy(strokes his hair)…terror is here now,don’t worry,dear,I won’t hurt you,see” .HE kicked him again.The guy coughed.”Now that was nothing dear…ha well,coooody coooody tell me all you know and we will just take a couple of layers of skin,yummy yummy..”

“I don’t know anything..”

“oh! cut it darling,it doesn’t work with me.This is no movie,I don’t like pretence,get it,GET IT? No no,this isn’t just right is it…hmm…hmm…get this straight,tell me now and you might be in one piece or yummy yummy ,yum yum,twish,i will peel you layer by layer,like cheese..hmmm..ummm…yummy,i love cheese..”

“Ya well i know you will and yes this is no movie.Why don’t you remove these ropes,lets face it shall we”.

“HA,that is brave(kicks him),ya that hell will be too nice,but not now,he he,i would like to that,but if you get away…yum..those creatures out there,will all be my fish,raw fish,fishy fishy fish”.

HE starts beating him up.He first kicks him about 10 times and then lifts him,slaps him left and right and then throwns him on to the wall.Then holds him by the feet.

“Yummy yummy,will you talk darling? Tell me what do you know about him…”

“Y..you…(spits blood on Terrors shirt) ,i am telling you ,I am telling ya,I don’t know,get it I DON”T KNOW!.”

“Haaaa ha,you don’t know.Then how about we make you remember some manners first?Bad boy.You don’t spit on people,no wonder no wonder,DO YOU KNOW THAT HURTS? And i am going to give it back to you,lovely lovely present too,yum yum,blood bloody red blood,nothing like it.”

Terror takes out a knife,and rubs his thumb and index finger over it.

“You know,knifes hurt? It really causes pain,lots and lots of pain.” “I love pain,i love to see it hurt others….” Catches his hair and pulls him up.Being only 5’11 and weighing only 150 pounds,he knew he couldn’t resist,he kicks the floor to ease the pain.”Sttttoooop it you….”,”Filthy filthy,now you going to say bad things about little terror?Bad boy..Mummy,he is a bad boy,i am going to shave him a bit…” He rises him up higher and cuts of his hair,half pulling,very close to the scalp.As he falls down,Terror throws the hair into the guys eyes.”They say,they told me,when i was Kid,He he,ya I was a very bad boy,really really bad boy,that God poked your eyes,if you did something bad..there bad boy,now tell little terror the truth and he will leave you…”.HE places the knife between his eyes moving it over them.” TELL ME WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM! ” 



A kick to the face,”You THINK I AM A FOOL?No no,terror is a good boy ,clever very clever,he stole and murdered the cashier when he was 8,they caught him and then beat him,but he was clever,very clever and escaped,good clever boy,very very clever,he killed little Bony boy when he refused to give terror respect,now this junk is bad,bad for health,real bad…yummy terror is going to kill,kiiilllll again”.


“really…REALLY..really? hmm….hmmm….”…” Yesterday night…night,all alone in my house,In my little room,I lay I lay heh he he terror was terrified And so and so decided to see how it will be …how it would be give terror to TERROR..I took the knife like this(pulls the knife) placed it on my neck here…here,can you see,(slap) can you see? (places it about an inch from the collar bone),It felt good,yummy yummy good…I thought,he he i thought,terror thought,how lovely it would be to cut…cut his lovely little throat,just like that,just like he did it to all those nameless little worms…Poor creatures,they all shouted….BUT I decided Terror deserves better….So let us strike a DEAL…THE DEVIL ,TERROR THE DEVIL WANTS A WAGER ,ARE YOU READY ANGLE DARLING?ARE YOU READY?ARE YOU?”

“y…yes…anything,for you ,now we are taking TERROR indeed. “HE smiled revealing his well brushed white teeth.

” I don’t like your TEETH,no little terror doesn’t like it all….so,so what does he do..BAD BOY,BAD BOY,BAAAD BOOY!AWWWWW,I HATE THATTT…”,terror punches him on the pace and knocks out a few teeth.

“you look proper now,good ,you look better,you look ,you look…you loook,like ME,WHEN I was small….THEY MESSED ME UP,IT WAS BETTER OF COURSE,but I looked like this..”

“Then why don’t you get a better..”Spits blood on the floor along with a few teeth,” Look at yourself? Come on remove these ropes,REMOVE IT I SAY.”

 “GOOD WORM,now wants food,he he,shall we feed the worm terror? Shall we? What shall we give it to chew? Hmm..Hmm….HA that finger ,he has ten like terror,bad boy…bad boooy….NOW …now sstay calm,I will give you food…” moves towards his toe…





It is easier,just

October 9, 2008 § 20 Comments

It is easier- listen.

It is easier- think.

It is easier- froget.

It is easier- know.

It is easier-find.

It is easier-belong.

It is easier-feel.

It is easier-bring.

It is easier-see.

It is easier-binge.

It is easier-give.

It is easier-live.

It is easier-pain.

It is easier-memory.

It is easier-euphoria.

It is easier-love.

It is easier-thoughts.

It is easier-moon.

It is easier-water.

It is easier-forever.

It is easier-butterfly.

It is easier-time.

It is easier-people.

It is easier-person.

It is easier to try and forget,

but it is not so easy,love.

too pure to be water

September 19, 2008 § 7 Comments

Words fail to flow,
and the feeling refuses to go.
I am but a ghost,
on this life’s shore.
With everything seeming strange,
nothing seems to have a face.
Unnamed,the emotions remain,
how much ever i try,it is the same.
The sea of thoughts flow over,
and it seems too pure,to be even water.
Yet it hurts,something refuses to flirt,
it remains happy, to be curt.
Someone,turned a wheel,
and it has turned some seal.
It will all end,
but the question is when?
Who has the right to name?
Who sets the rules of this game?
What is the difference,if it is the same?

What is the use of renumeration,
what is the connection,
between me and this mission.

It is too pure to be water,
and even if it is summer,
something remains,
keeping life’s warms and sanes.
It is too pure to be water,
for it flows through my veins,
it is too pure to be water,
for it is what remains.
it is too pure to be water,
for it is a joyous leader,
it is too pure to be water,
for it has no tastes,
it is too pure to be water,
it is from the deep ocean,
it is a unknown notion,
but it is the one,with the solution.
It is too pure to be water,
for it is what everything contains,
it is too pure to be water,
it is the sun and the stars and the moons,
it is too pure to be water,
it is what makes cooler,
it is too pure to be water,
for it resides forever,
it is too pure to be water,
it is the harbinger,
of life’s harvester.
It is too pure to be water,
for purity is beyond it.
It is too pure to be water,
it is too pure to be water.

the light shines the brightest

A feeling

August 25, 2008 § 16 Comments

A rage,a feeling,a want.
Something is missing.
Unknown,undefined emotions
prick you from within.
You try to draw,you try to write,
in hope that something will give
and you will at last see what you know.
The world seems mad,
the world seems out of balance,
what is right?
what is wrong?
Every sun has to set,
but then it is at its hottest at noon.
Does the sun suffer?
Why do we suffer,from heat?
Why should we alone feel,
that we see the mundane
and not the important?
What are we missing?
Why hasn’t anyone noticed it?
We can stop it can’t we?
Why,why all this?
Questions.Yet unnamed.
It refuses to be named,
and so remains pure and unnamed.
Why care?
What is happening!
why,this feeling ?
why this pain,which cannot be defined?
What should i see?
Where am i to see?
who should i see?
Where is the source of life?
What is eternal
and what is mortal?
Who said so?
So what?
what matters?
Why this feeling of profound suffering?
Why this unnecessary illusion?
Why what is it trying to cover?

stop it!let there be peace…

July 27, 2008 § 12 Comments

What is the worth of human life?
what is the worth of human life?

Why what would you get by taking it away?
What would you get by not showing another day?
Why would you want to kill?
Why would you want to suppress people?
What will you get if you hurt others?
What will you get if you split lovers?
What will you get if you break a leg?
What will you get if you make others beg?
Why would anyone want to kill?
why would you want people to freeze still?

Is fear the right rule?
why kill others to satisfy your duel?

Why, is it fair to harm others,
is it right to spoil the creators?
What gain is worth so much blood?
what gain is worth, by raining down a hellish flood?

What bad did the people do?
What bad did the people do?
except being innocent and nothing to do with you.

Is fighting worth it?
Does chopping a couple of heads settle it?
whose life are they anyway?
for you to relish and throw away?
Whose life is it anyway?
for to weigh and say?
Why do you want to kill,
and send down panic shrill?

The world has many other ways,
haven’t battles been won with peaceful says?

Please we understand you have been hurt,
please understand that we all are also being hurt,

we are willing to help you,
for it is the same fire in us,which is in you.
We are willing to help you,
We will teach you,
that we humans are capable of love too.
So stop this,let us settle our dues,through
not  blood or pain,
for when life is lost it can’t come back again,

so let us understand each other,
let us notice what we did was not for the better.

this is not for me or for you-not for us,
but for your dear future.If you want them to love us,
and see as good predecessors,
let us not call ourselves bombers or killers,
but as lovers.Let us not hurt each other,
let us all call each other as brothers and sisters.

let us learn the language of love,
there is nothing below or above.
Let us all forget hypocrisy
let us relish that we are a part of humanity.
Let us celebrate the worth of life,

let us just for a change be nice.
So we will drop our guards
and you drop your weapons.
No one will kill ever again.
No one will ever kill again,
no this is not a dream,
this is the will of the ever lasting stream,
the stream,which beat down in ancient times,
the stream which stores all the rimes,
so to flow with the flow,
let us let go,
of violence,let us savor,
a new,profound understanding silence.

Live and let live,
but love and let others love.

the light shines the brightest.

This is my reaction to the recent serial bombings in Bangalore and Ahmadabad and also the book “A Thousand Splendid Suns.”

is pain sane or insane?

July 24, 2008 § 6 Comments

Is pain,sane or insane?

Well let me explain.Is pain a part of the sanity or reality or does it belong to the insanity in man? It quite tough to answer this.So let us analyze a few things.

When ever you see a picture which is gory(to you),you feel an instant pain.It pricks and all you want to do is just not look at it any more.This is pain too,isn’t it? It affects your mind and brings you to the harsh reality,that the world is not as sweet as it tells itself to be.

Now if suppose you are being tortured by someone physically,then you are brought to the reality ,i.e. that you are a creature who has a life,which someone else wants.When you are tortured mentally,you are brought to the reality that you are not invincible.

All of us are afraid of pain.Yes,all of us are afraid of it.Yet a few have the ability to withstand it.But before we go into that,what causes people to instigate pain?

The answer is simple,they can’t stand the pain within them,they want to let it out.The only way they have found to let it out,is by giving it out.More often then not,people with hard exteriors are really soft and insecure inside.

So why can’t people hold pain within themselves?That is the insanity of pain.When in pain,there are no rules.Everything is right.Your body and life are the prime focus.More often than not,we get intimidated by the fear of pain,rather pain itself.While it is true that we people have to let out pain,it is also true that we enjoy pain.All of talk of freedom,yet when someone controls us,we see a beauty surface in us.A high euphoria which inspires us.We suddenly feel alive.

So how is it possible for people to hold pain?Not a simple thing.The best way to handle pain,is by transferring it into something else.Energy is neither created nor destroyed so since pain too is an enegry,just transform it into something else,which might help everyone.

So is pain sane or insane?

you decide….

One for the sake of two(short story)

July 13, 2008 § 12 Comments

I am writing a short story after a long time 🙂 And well as usual no names 🙂 LOL 🙂 tell me what you feel about it 🙂

Shattered.He felt shattered.How can she leave him? After all that?Why? what did he do wrong? He knelt down in pain.Why everything in life seemed vain.He was tempted to go and end it all somewhere.Why,why won’t she accept him,now? Why a few seconds ago she loved him,after all she had loved him for the past three years,why? WHY! WHY!

Someone was behind him,he turned back,trying to control his emotions.He kept his head bent.The other person was telling something.He didn’t feel like talking.Why he didn’t want to have anything with humans.He got up,the other person tried to hold him,his mind registered that it was one of his friends.He shrugged away.HE started walking,walking towards nothing. His friend followed him.

“what happened da?” ” tell something man, Why what happened to you? ”

“nothing,just nothing,leave me alone.”

“I can’t.I won’t leave you alone,idiot.You might get your self killed.”

“well it doesn’t matter,if that happened,after all the only person i ever cared left me ,walked on me,took away the last living part of me,i don’t have a purpose for existing,i am already a ghost.”

“don’t work your self up,so much.Chill,wait lets cross and go to the shop,i will get you a drink.”

“Leave me.Why do you even care for me? What did i do for you? What did i ever do to you!?just leave me,i need to be alone.”

“Look,i will leave you alone,but not here.I understand.I told you don’t get involved with her.”

“yes you told me alright! but then i needed a purpose to live.I felt lost.Why i didn’t have anyone to love.I wanted someone who will laugh with me and wipe my tears.I wanted someone who will see me as what i am and will accept me for what i am,who will not try to change me.And she loved me .WHY!”

“Look did she tell you anything before she left?”

“No she didn’t.We were just talking and laughing ,i told her what happened today,how i had been ragged and how the other guys lost it when i acted as if i didn’t understand what had happened.Suddenly she swore at me told me she hated me and walked away laughing!It was so unlike her,let like her.Why,Why is this happening only to me!”

“Dude.Might be she saw someone else.Or there should be a reason.”

” No there isn’t one.It is simple-no one can ever love me.I am the hated and will always be hated.Why  I know even you don’t like me.Don’t think i forgot that it was you who dragged me into so many things,it was you and your friends who did it in the first place.”

“Look i already told you,i made a mistake.Now don’t bring that up.Just come with me.”

“Why should I ? I am free.I do whatever i want and all i want now i death.I want it,it is the only drug which will ever save me.Hell man go die, i don’t give a damn for anything you say,before i go wild leave me.I will go down in the books of the universe as the one who failed,miserably.I am the biggest mistake! All i want is peace and that is there only in death.”

“how do you know? As if you have died before,cut the crap ,shut up!”

“Ha you don’t know do you.have you ever tried killing your self?”


“It is the most beautiful feeling.You sense an end.You feel like nothing matters.You prepare yourself,you forgive everyone and slowly you know it is the right thing,to end it all.Your mind reaches a sense of high peace.Your soul feels at ease.Your heart works at its best,for it knows it has served its purpose,you close your eyes,you love life for you can die.”

“You never told me all this!”

“why should i tell you,to get locked up in some place? No way.I know better ways to die,than get killed by someone like you.”

“you are hopeless.I am the only one who ever cares for you and you such things on my face.OH!god save me!”

“HA,ya i forgot!GOD! you hearing? See i am planning to kill myself,make sure this guy doesn’t stop me! You know why i want to do it,i swear i will kill you if i don’t die!”

“What the hell,how will you kill god? Ha if you stop me,you will know.”

“Wait i will call her up and ask her what happens.”

With a sly smile ,he dials a number.He sees his friend shiver.He was achieving what he wanted to.He will never forgive the guy.His mind raced away,speculating things,”ha,so before you kill yourself,you forgive everyone ,hope you forgive me man,for what i doing to you.Hope hell is good.Don’t forget to message me”.

She picked up the phone.

“hi its me.”

“ha tell.”

“why did you dump him?”

“you told me to so i did.”

“OH! come on,tell me .”

” You told me man,to make that guy fall in love with me and then dump him when you tell him to”.

“What you think he lied to you?”

“what is wrong with you?Is this a movie or something?”

“OH! shut up,stupid girl,he is the best guy you will ever get!”

“Whats wrong with you? You,you…”

“Ha right you are going to do what? go die.”

He cuts the phone.

“dude did you lie to her about anything?”

“Well know.”And he lifts his head.

“so playing games with me?i have warned you,i am insane!She did tell me what you were planning.You see,you don’t know anything about her.She too is like me.the difference is she could hide herself better.Your game is up.”

“OH! nice.What you going to do now?”

“You will see,sooner than later.I am not the kind who hurts people.”

After 3 weeks:-

“what he died?Impossible!!HOW?’

“he killed himself!He wrote a letter here it is!”

he opened the letter and read it out to her:-

“hi you two

I am long dead.I forgive you for what you did to me.I am killing myself because i realized,that i had destroyed what i love the most.As you said it is easier to forgive now and i feel at peace with the world.My girl dumped me.She went of with the other guy,he showed her money and took off.I didn’t have anyone else.I tried to reason out but then my parents found out a few thing like i smoke and drink.They have planned to get me into some place where they will ‘make me alright’.I don’t want it.I too was and after a long time,like you both.i was always lonely as a child and i never had friends.I was ridiculed and ragged.but then one day one of our seniors took me to a place and taught me to drink and smoke.He got me addicted and used me for so many things.i have done so many things which i never should have done and i regret it.I realised when you two found out what i was doing,that i need to become myself.You were examples.It is not that i didn’t know that you two had tried to end it all,but i acted as if i didn’t.Ironically,it was i who have given you both a life now and to honor your love,i give you both my life.Say a prayer for me.”

and they both cried.They missed their best friend.They had known this was going to happen,they wished they had stopped him.”

“but if we had,then he would have died everyday.It is for his good.”


June 8, 2008 § 13 Comments

The world has different forces,
all our lives have different courses.
there is no need to be regretful,
ultimately everything is beautiful.
Each force in the world plays a part,
each has a cause and will depart,
once it has done its preordained part.

the world has different forces,
everything from an ant to the roses,
everything from a fish to humans,
has a purpose and that is its summons.
the forces initiate and instigate
energies which then elevate
a being,into the world which in levitate.

we all have a pact to break,
no it is not fake,
it is for our own sake,
it is the one which will make,
or break our destined place.
It is a knot in destiny,
it needs to be undone,
It is what causes us to run,
it is what causes us to cull
all our own tool,
which is the gift
of the divine manifestation in us.

To break that we need energy,
the world is full of energy,
yet the one we need,never seems
to come to us.I seek an energy,
which is so old,that it might be cold,
but i am being told by anything
where i can find that something.
i can feel the old pains,
from some unknown place,
a kind of de-javu which
i never owned,but was a due,
which i failed to pay.

Now a pact needs to be broken,
that pact is where a war will begin,
one which will being at its own end,
which will take a circle and begin
at its own origin.
What is the cause of all?
what causes the extra-ordinary?
if time is a subject of destiny,
then everything is embedded in
the cause of causes.
if destiny is a sand grain in time,
then the world is a slave
of a ruthless master which we
all hear of,but have never seen.
The absolute truth is one
which is constant,
yet at a needed moment
it all becomes illusive,
what is the truth?
what is the way to break the illusion?
is it the sight into the
nothingness? or is it the
illiterate stubbornness which
we all try to hang on to?
For a pact to be broken
does it require just bravery
or is it the pure faith
in our ability?
what is the key,
to unlock me,from
the cells of me?
for everything i know,
i need my light,
till then i cannot fight,
yet i am forced to be
something, a ghost left
to wander spring,waiting
for the arrival of autumn,
when the birds will
not hum and the air will
be silent and calm.

The light from distant starts
arrive,i need to derive
strength from those distant lights.
As i draw every breath,my body,
as a tool ,is entrusted into a higher
need,at each stage wanting something
better,bigger,higher-an unknown infinity.
whenever i reach that point,
a vertex in trinity,one but three,
which finally is us,who are free,
yet a slave to our destiny.

let the world be the world,
let not the world be hurt,
let no self-destruction take place,
let all the race be the race,
let us see our faces,
let us all gaze into the maze,
and let go of this mortal phase,
mortality is lost when,
sense sense of reality is found.
let us not be always on the ground,
let us not be bound,
let us be ourselves-profound.

Let the light shine the brightest

an infinte quest

May 22, 2008 § 8 Comments

an infinite energy is moving,
the sun is slowly drifting
across earth,east to west,
as we go west to east.
what moves is an illusion,
what breaks is an illusion,
what truth lies between?

In the journey,which
lasts all eternity,
there is no lack of vivacity,
the energies we feel
are eternal,
we are the universe,
yet who is the universe?

lost in a sea of infinity,
lost in the ocean of infinity,
is this what life is?
where is the sound of reality?
the only sign of mortality,
is the pain,which shows
that as time goes by,
i am alive,embedded in one,
a part of one yet which
is divided by a zero.
silence of infinity.

in the qualms of life,
we search for a single
rhapsody,one which
started somewhere
near the end,
near the beginning,
near the origin.

when will the quest end?
where will the quest end?
what is that which will end?
if an eternal being has to die,
how hard should be the cry?
all am left is a big why,
something which i seek till i die.

Where Am I?

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