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February 10, 2010 § 7 Comments

Man vs Nature?

Maybe. But what I noticed was the callousness of certain people towards “others”. For those who do know some history, you will remember the stories of how the various trading companies( the European ones in other continents ) were established.

The movie  also shows how capitalism can lead to a cul-de-sac when interpreted by narrow minded fools. It shows how, we have sold  ourselves for petty gains, without understanding the larger picture.

A movie, like most works of art, is a representation of a person’s cognition.However baseless and banal it seems, the very fact that, that exists means that, that exists in reality. And when as movie as good as this comes out, it sure deserves some analysing.

If the movie was to be dated as current, we will quite clearly, have Uncle Sam as the mindless military man, trying to blow things up and disturb and disrupt the balance of a place. The fact that his own avarice and fears were the reason for the problem will not be noticed. Peace will be given the white flag and then washed in blood of  the “naive natives”.

If taken to denote the modern epoch as such, the imperial masters will be the wanton gluttons. From trying to learn the ways of the indigenous they evolved into creatures that ripped apart the basis of many a society ( the positives do exist, for eg. this language, but then the bad should be read with the good and cannot be balanced, this is not God’s ledgers). Oh! and when you talk about green as such, who is behind global warming again?

The movie also brings out the stratification in our society today. Free will, democracy, rights and other such mighty words are sent down the dusty avenues of naïvety. Everyone talks about it, but no one really gives a damn. Try and watch closely and you will find that except for a few, the rest are just too damn busy, to give a hoot about rights and responsibilities. If you can roar and roar really loud, you will be heard. If you have a sweet voice, you can be a singer.

There was a particular dialogue in the movie, ” they killed their own mother”. Well not really. Earth can save itself. It has been here for millions of years and it probably will be. The ignorant specie we are, we fail to appreciate this fact. We promote green and all the while being deceived. Man is after part of nature too, after all. So we should watch out for ourselves.

Whether you call it chaos theory or attribute to God or brand it as “whatever”, the truth is we don’t know enough. We just assume and we have no clue if we are right or not. We imagine and try to build our own world(or create in this case). Ultimately, what’s going to bury the human race, might probably be on its way, so we should try to enjoy ourselves, without trying to impose anything on each other.

The movie did end with nature siding with the “good guys”. That again is the author’s view, I guess. I loved the movie, on the whole. I loved it as an artist, as a human being and most of all as an Earthling. But end of the day, love alone isn’t enough, action is needed. And what do each of us carry home?

Do we talk about greenery and trees? Or respecting “aliens”?  Or about trying to understand each other? Or about the futility of war and having a wider vision? Or about innate beauty? Or another movie recommend to our friends? It is left to us. To me, it talks about all that and much more.

If only we could understand each other and our world better. We grow up too fast and forget the child in us. We seem to forget that we can be more responsive to change only if we try to understand ourselves and our world. We seem to forget to smell, to taste and to savour. The delight, quite clearly is not there. Maybe we should take a day out and rediscover ourselves, who knows?

P.S:- Think I have weeded out the mistakes..if you find any typos tell me 🙂


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