too pure to be water

September 19, 2008 § 7 Comments

Words fail to flow,
and the feeling refuses to go.
I am but a ghost,
on this life’s shore.
With everything seeming strange,
nothing seems to have a face.
Unnamed,the emotions remain,
how much ever i try,it is the same.
The sea of thoughts flow over,
and it seems too pure,to be even water.
Yet it hurts,something refuses to flirt,
it remains happy, to be curt.
Someone,turned a wheel,
and it has turned some seal.
It will all end,
but the question is when?
Who has the right to name?
Who sets the rules of this game?
What is the difference,if it is the same?

What is the use of renumeration,
what is the connection,
between me and this mission.

It is too pure to be water,
and even if it is summer,
something remains,
keeping life’s warms and sanes.
It is too pure to be water,
for it flows through my veins,
it is too pure to be water,
for it is what remains.
it is too pure to be water,
for it is a joyous leader,
it is too pure to be water,
for it has no tastes,
it is too pure to be water,
it is from the deep ocean,
it is a unknown notion,
but it is the one,with the solution.
It is too pure to be water,
for it is what everything contains,
it is too pure to be water,
it is the sun and the stars and the moons,
it is too pure to be water,
it is what makes cooler,
it is too pure to be water,
for it resides forever,
it is too pure to be water,
it is the harbinger,
of life’s harvester.
It is too pure to be water,
for purity is beyond it.
It is too pure to be water,
it is too pure to be water.

the light shines the brightest


w(e)ave a tale

July 20, 2008 § 11 Comments

Below are 7 photos.You can write on one ,all or how many ever photos you want.if you choose to use more than one photo,there should be a connection between them…happy w(e)aving….








happy birthday to me

July 18, 2008 § 18 Comments

I am supposed to be happy.
But i prefer joy and there is on around,
so I feel lost,
i try to be happy,
but joy is what i want.
I wish to know the causations,
i wish to know differentiation,
but most of all ,
i wish to know why i am here,
and why do i fear?
Why ,why do i not like
anything.Why ,why am i not
able to relate to anyone.
Is loneliness my gift and curse?
Happy birthday to me,
i have lived for another year,
And a few wish i go on the live
forever.happy birthday to me,
But why is it happy and not joy?
Why happiness is too short,
life too is,
but life is a joy,
as it lasts long.happiness
is like a stream
where as joy is the ocean.
Has the ocean run dry?
Or is it just that,
i am in front of a huge lake?
Or am i looking at the wrong sea?
Whatever it maybe,
someone does exist for me,
happy birthday to me,
i think i can see,
where the ocean might be,
i am off towards it,bye.

an infinte quest

May 22, 2008 § 8 Comments

an infinite energy is moving,
the sun is slowly drifting
across earth,east to west,
as we go west to east.
what moves is an illusion,
what breaks is an illusion,
what truth lies between?

In the journey,which
lasts all eternity,
there is no lack of vivacity,
the energies we feel
are eternal,
we are the universe,
yet who is the universe?

lost in a sea of infinity,
lost in the ocean of infinity,
is this what life is?
where is the sound of reality?
the only sign of mortality,
is the pain,which shows
that as time goes by,
i am alive,embedded in one,
a part of one yet which
is divided by a zero.
silence of infinity.

in the qualms of life,
we search for a single
rhapsody,one which
started somewhere
near the end,
near the beginning,
near the origin.

when will the quest end?
where will the quest end?
what is that which will end?
if an eternal being has to die,
how hard should be the cry?
all am left is a big why,
something which i seek till i die.

a never ending encore

April 29, 2008 § 8 Comments

wave upon wave upon wave,
a never ending parade.
marching to the shore,
a never ending encore.
climbing the winds,
smoothing the sands,
crest high and trough low,
unknown tales you sow.
salty water all around,
sensitive sands on the ground-
from past beyond my life,
secrets which once strived.
once you hit you withdraw,
as my foot into the sand claws.
as you leave i am left breathless,
trying to balance and care less.
on the shore of a vast being,
something humongous and inspiring ,
i ponder your origin and mine,
the mystery of the encore.
the tune played by someone devote
like you,creates a sense of revolt,
the need to change yet be constant,
something which will last till the world’s end.
as i leave,
i no more feel free,
left precarious,
i am more cautious,
but i know when i reflect,
fear i can neglect.

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