Why I wish I can publish my poems

April 23, 2010 § 13 Comments

You probably feel I am pretty arrogant and that I think too much about myself. Especially considering the fact that most of you haven’t read my poems/ don’t like them. But it does look like people like them enough to copy them. The worst part is I can’t track who is copying it.

I don’t care about the poems being copied,  I am happy what I write is being spread. I am worried that I am not getting credit for it. I have tried numerous times to find a way to publish. I considered POD, but that doesn’t help much. Not many buy through POD and that isn’t going to help me get credit/ make people realize who the real author is.

Maybe I should take away my poems from the net. I thought about it and decided against it. That doesn’t solve anything. I would mind it that much if people copied the other posts. My poems are special to me, they matter a lot. I feel bad about this. If you know a solution, help me out.

Many of you have given suggestions in the past, as to what I can do with my poems. I have tried most of the stuff you guys have recommended but all lead to a cul-de-sac.

I can’t trace who copies, because I think it isn’t used online(I have to search thoroughly, but have little time to spare right now). Hope I find a way out of this.

P.S:-1) Publishers, er…if people keep copying, doesn’t that mean my stuff has potential?

2) Sorry again for not replying to your comments, I read all of them, but have very little time to reply at the moment.

Republic Day

January 26, 2010 § 7 Comments

I know, I know, I am about 23 hours late to post it. But I had to think, contemplate about what to post.

Should I post my million smileys and a few patriotic videos? Should I represent the two-sided development story. Should I talk about poverty, farmer suicides and buffer stocks? Should I talk about freedom and people power or should I talk about how human rights problems exist.

Should I talk about our wonderful history and the unity or should I talk about communalism, racism, sectarianism and hatred for each other? Should I talk about the Indian cricket team or about the state of hockey? Should I talk about the tigers or about cows and dogs? Should I talk about terrorism or the BPO story? Should I talk about our wonderful culture or about the pseudo-culturalists who don’t understand even as much as I do?

Should I talk about our democracy or about corruption? Should I talk about the wonders of our media or about the underground world? Should I talk about the men and women who protect the country or about those who wear white clothes and launder black money?

I can, we can talk about all that and much more. That’s what defines India.

India- a name which inspires,
a name which nationalizes,
a name which dominates,
a name which Induces,
the symbol of alacrity,
a name which we salute
and which we will unmute,
through our flute,
the power of youth.

Symbolism synchronising dances,
The cheerful voices with faith,
All in respect of the omni present.
Like the lotus blooming at the sun,
Every heart sensing the riches and love
Of our evergreen culture. The will
To work at the highest zenith, powered
By the songs of everness; to protect
Her, the daring protectors; to connect
The super natural to the mortals, the
Men of prayers; to richen her wealth
The sellers; welcome aliens to the
Land of nirvana and peace.
Giving’s personification, the power of will,
Theories existing’s discovery minds.
Harnessing the universe, building life,
Creator’s homeland, the lap of luxury,
A man’s dream place of birth.
The power of unknown’s life
Enfolded in you, pride of our Mother, India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

A nation is made of people,
and as the pillars of a nation,
we need to first indulge in contemplation,
once done,
our true progress will begin.
So let us join hands
and cause the change,
let us walk together,
to make our nation and world better.

I love my country,
no i can’t hide.
It is so lovely and divine.
i am proud to an Indian
a true gift for all life.
It is too sweet and
nice-i feel child like.
I love all in it and all
with it.Name of centuries
imbibed in one-it is
my mother land-


Healing the world

July 7, 2009 § 18 Comments

Of everything MJ has “given” , this song is the best . I am not a huge fan of the king , but everytime I listen to this song , I think the man was from somewhere else .

Of late I have been left to wonder , is there a better a way out of everything ?  At this moment everything in this universe is in action . Dead , live , living , nonliving or anything and everything is in action . Who is responsible for all these actions ?

We are- each and everyone in this world is , at least for our own. We respond , we react , we emote , we shout , we cry , we hurt others , we feel the pain when we are hurt .

Yet some how if we could see beyond all that , if for one moment we understand that we can be better than all that – ha but that sounds too utopian . If we all were like that there might be no life or everything else in it . Maybe this the choice we make – this is the destiny we choose .

Maybe in today’s world, we took this path, but that doesn’t mean the future needs to follow our way. If we can stop being so violent , if can forget our ego when we see someone above us so that they don’t need to use their ego in turn ;If we can appreciate those below us and help them when they respect us and when our help can make them better,so that not only them but also we get the pleasure of betterment.

We have reached a point in history , where religion and war need to be understood. We need to understand that fear and guilt are the vicious things which keep us bound to the abyss. Creation and destruction are part of nature and that which we need to destroy is our need for vengeance.

We cannot be without competing but we can see our opponent as we see ourselves. We can judge a person the same way we would judge ourselves. Equality is not where every person gets the same , it is where every person has the chance to get to the same .

We can heal the world for after all everything is

one soul,
one life,
one earth,
one mind,
one heart,
one kind,
one need,
one suffering,
one wish,
one LOVE.

And we can reach peace for after all what is peace?

To reach peace,
we need thought and action.
To achieve peace,
we need calm and meditation.
To understand peace,
we need war and destruction.
To perceive peace,
we need acceptance and rebellion.
To feel peace,
we need self and soul.
To know peace,
we need success and failure.
To become peace,
we need nothing- peace,
for peace is nothing but
you,when everything else is gone.

Four years since that tsunami

December 26, 2008 § 17 Comments

It was on a boxing day,four years back,that a series of waves,killed many thousands and forever changed the way,we look at the sea.I still remember watching the pictures of cars floating and the world in half a hell.From Indonesia to Kenya,the waves spread,unleashing natures fury.

Picture from here. The above picture won the world press photo award for 2004.

Such cataclysmic events,just prove that we are part of nature too.Since then a lot of reconstruction and rehabilitation work has been done,to help the countries and people affected by it.While 9/11 and the war which followed showed the folly of fanatism of a kind and the retaliation of another,this showed us that,it would take nature hardly a second,to wipe out everything.

Yesterday,I was at Kovallam,on the shore,playing football.Seeing the red flag warning people not to venture into the sea and the turbulent waves,made me think,what if i had been at the same spot four years ago?There would have been no flag warnings,as no one k new about.I put away such this eerie thought,lest my holiday mood,gets damp so horrendously.

I had written a poem,after the disaster ,i was in my eighth grade then,

A rise in tide on a fullmoon day,
As people wake on a Sunday.
Playing in the sands are kids,
Rising up are the tides.
Two five hundred plus six hundred miles away,
Started the tsunamis on their way.
As many a thousand died,
Pooling villages and quenching lives,
Are the tsunamis on this day.

In Lanka more than 30,
In India around 13,
In Thailand around 80,
In Indonesia more than 40
are the lives
taken by the waves.
National and International funds are rising
As the toll is rising.

Many on a dream holiday,
Face sorrow on a boxing day.
If the disaster was on land,well
There won’t be many left as now,
So lets say,
‘Strange are the ways of God’.

I haven’t changed anything,not even the facts,on the exact death.Of course I was tempted to change a few things,but this what exactly I felt at that moment.All those who watch a disaster on T.V. can say is how things could have been worse.Not that I want some disaster to befall me,I am happy the way I am.Let us hope Earth is a better place.

love ,energy and infinity

April 6, 2008 § 3 Comments

love is constant.
love is constant.
life is transient,
life is transient.
energy is constant.
energy is constant.

an action,uses energy.
an action causes love.

a movement draws energy,
a movement spreads love.

a moment changes energy,
a moment transforms love.

constant and consistent
they may be,
but actions,movements,
and moments lead
to a transformation
from one form to another-
a metamorphoses.
life is a change,
what we transform
and when we transform
is held by us-
we write our destiny.

universe is a dispersion of infinity.
something is close,
something is far,
but everything runs in light
of the image,
the absolute divine idenity-

path and infinity

March 11, 2008 § 3 Comments

thinking beyond boundaries,
finding things above treachery,
seeking solution beyond bias,
aiming to reach infinity,
the goal with infinite probability.

saturation takes place,
when we try to amaze,
with the wrong face;
expectations rephrase,
and we trip on our lace.

the goal is infinite,
the paths are infinite,
the ways are infinite,
the universe is infinite,
all paths lead to infinity.


March 3, 2008 § 8 Comments

Demand your right.
Execute your duty.
Satisfy your purpose.
Teach your body.
Induce your spirit.
Nothing can change
You,you will be you.

now and then,time to awaken

February 25, 2008 § 4 Comments

all bubbled water full of pride,
we no longer can hide
and this has led to strife.
ago-they lived life,
not at the edge of knife,
but by seeing everyone as nice.

now we are cobwebbed
at each other and frustrated
about our lives.muted
no more we are,for no more rooted,
to our culture-venerated-
we soon might become wasted.

we think now how to save-
after all that rave.
with nature we have lost enclave,
now we try to engage,
covered by many a percentage,
as how to envisage.

between now and then,
in the transmission,
we forget to ken.
between now and next gen,
we never know when,
we might lose our skin.

together we can-
with our past forgotten
and of love for human-
our unity will strengthen,
our earth will be given
what was from it taken.

our will is what we will

February 24, 2008 § 4 Comments

for a human with a roar,
it is not about tomorrow,
it is about getting what you want in the row.
life will throw-
insults and make you want to go,
away from everything and not want more,
but it is left to us not to feel sore,
for it is left to us to open or close the door.

our will is what will,
it is from the strength within ,
we can still,
be alive with a shrill-
tuned and playable
and not being gullible,
hard and tenacious
ready to beat the world-vivacious
ready to beat the fanatics,
and over coming the lunatics
called stubborn earthlings.

our mind is our own-
no one or throne
or rules sown,
can make us moan,
when we become known
to the fact that there is a unknown.

our roar
is what will bear
weight to distant shores,
if you want more,
then think of the present hue,
the future will be filled with what is due,
the past will lose its cue,
to disturb you.

our roar,
we need to throw,
for it will survive-raw
and be taken far,
nothing can mar,
the scar by us
on this universe.

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