August 3, 2008 § 10 Comments

This time its from Aneesh!

its quick quirks and quirky i am 🙂 and 6 quirks are:-

1)I have the tendency to sleep as soon as i encounter a problem(well not all,the big ones and the really big ones) and wake up with a solution.

2) I like to use my left foot more while playing football.

3) I have the habit of seeing left a lot,in a car,i sit on the left side and look out of the window,in class i keep turning left.

4) I talk a lot ! yet can suddenly go quite and i can become mute for as long as i wish.

5) A lot of people fail to perceive what i am talking about a lot of times.

6)If i get nervous i start telling a lot of whatever,bite my lips,swear and well even bite the skin off my thumb.

now i tag:-

1) Hasit


3)Priya(priceless junk!)





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