A world full of life

August 6, 2008 § 14 Comments

A world full of life
and a world full of life,
oh! it is a world full of life!
Yet what is alive
and what is dead,
in this unmovable quest?
Is breath alone a sign of life?
Are movements the only blood of life?
is a sight a right of life?
Then everything has it i say,
everything from air,
to water,from sand
to the fire,
everything moves,everything is moved,
by who,by who,
but the ultimate force.
We say we move by our will,
the wind does too-by its will.
The world is a curled ball,
which spins around eternity’s eye,
one so centered yet moving.
The world is alive,
the world is alive
and yet it is dead.
for what is a point,
in a line but a termination-
everything of life’s salvation.
Yet is it salvation?
when you are closed in a box
and let to the drollery death-
one predetermined ,yet so
one of the moment-
that you live in a paradox box,
wondering if everything is of clocks?
In a bid to survive,
to the cynical universe,
you wonder your worth
and think of those days,
when you were yet a child,
immaculate and unborn,
a virgin upon life’s thorn.
The yearning to be a mess,
the yearning to be free
and roam the universe,
kills you.As the need for air,
is filled with ether,
which you see float
and rob you of the very thing
you want to seek.
Yet you are alive
and now not afraid,
with destiny upon destiny,
filled and density
added to the profoundness
and the worldly kindled
and the universal accepted ,
you break the box and that of life,
with a force that death cries
with fear of itself.
You become an eternal walker
upon the paths of forks,
you take the right and
yet move left,
and all the while you stand unmoved.
Achievement is a glory,
sojourn is a container,
life is eternal
and being universal,
you are immortal.
And the world ceases to exist
as you are the world,
you walk the vistas of your own anatomy
and you understand your own psyche
and the mind is but a tool
used to fight your own ,
for the amusement of life-
the breath,the laughter
and the smile.Eternal being
you are life and with the world
a peace breaths,there is no strife
and life! OH! life ,is a smile,
for laughter is ecstasy
and depression is pleasure.
Finally you shine,
no breath is needed,
for the light is the ultimate
and you are that,
peace be all,and aye,
nay darkness nay light,
so you willfully strangle your life,
so that light can squeeze out,
so that everything exists
and you are left to wonder
your own origin,
who are you?
what are you?
oh! universe
a bright sage whose wit is lost?
a stone who is sand?
a love which is hate?
a faith which is tarnished?
I wish i knew,
and so life moves,
and so the pressure of living
and the pleasure and ecstasy
and bid for freedom-
pain a need
and illusion a food,
my own thoughts conjure
the hell and heaven
and the non-existence.
what is the truth?
what is the lie?
everything has a face,
and that face has two.
A nine life being,
a seven seas roamer,
a five day fighter,
the sun and the moon
the satan and the God
all will perish when i die,
yet one will remain
and that is life,
the essence of the pinnacle illusion
the death which feeds the body’s origin
is the essence of the universe,
to seek the next,
for the universe is alive.

The light shines the brightest

signs of life

July 26, 2008 § 8 Comments

water flows,
rain falls,
fire burns,
wind blows,
earth moves,
then if not for these
what else defines life?

ants save,
dogs smell,
birds sing,
mice run,
animals in general know,
so if not for these
what else defines intellegence?

Animals know balance,
they kill,those that need be.
Plants know balance,
and so they spread seeds
with others will,
if not for these,
what else defines obidence?

Earth keeps spinning,
the sun keeps breathing,
the sky keeps chaging,
the galaxies keep crawling,
the universe as a whole moves,
so if not for these,
what else is a sign of life?

opposites keep attracting,
likes keep repelling,
the weak keep dieing,
the strong keep surviving,
knowledge keeps appreciating,
so if not for this,
what else is the need for living?

Life is everywhere,
everything is moving,
in the inanimate there is life
and in the alive there is still,
since everything is what it is,
everything is and always will be
a sign of living.

love ,energy and infinity

April 6, 2008 § 3 Comments

love is constant.
love is constant.
life is transient,
life is transient.
energy is constant.
energy is constant.

an action,uses energy.
an action causes love.

a movement draws energy,
a movement spreads love.

a moment changes energy,
a moment transforms love.

constant and consistent
they may be,
but actions,movements,
and moments lead
to a transformation
from one form to another-
a metamorphoses.
life is a change,
what we transform
and when we transform
is held by us-
we write our destiny.

universe is a dispersion of infinity.
something is close,
something is far,
but everything runs in light
of the image,
the absolute divine idenity-

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