I feel that I can make this world a better place by being the catalyst.

May 21, 2010 § 7 Comments

I feel that, I can make this world a better place, by being the catalyst.

I fail to understand the need for violence, but the cause is so obvious that most miss it bad childhood/upbringing(?). Society while setting expectations, fails to encompass those it shuns(quite obviously).

By looking down upon and trying to keep them down, one day it faces their wrath, simply because they have become too big for it to hold on.

Even as a government fires against its own people, in India, we see a group of Gunmen(Naxals), holding the nation to ransom. It is a pity, that so many lives have to be lost and yet all we care about is what an actor wears/ does.

There are many here(like IHM and Indyeah ) who talk about issues and about the better things in our country. While I am a firm believer in ‘doing’, it is necessary that we have people who write like them. I do wish that better sense could be translated to the country at large by the main stream media.

While on the way back from Chidambaram, I had an interesting conversation with an aunt of mine, about my gen. and the nation. I think every gen. has an onus to carry a nation forward. While a few outstanding personalities may be the actual representatives, it is people who make up the nation.

And among the people, we have trend setters who dare to tame the loose winds of change and purport a silent revolution through their works. Artists aren’t mere call girls of history, they are its pillars who hold, bear and show the whips and scorns of time(so to speak). It is left to these people, graced by wit and hardened by time, to open and reopen paths, which can lead to betterment.

A common theme today is that humans are meant to live in harmony, with themselves and the world around. While this seems a middle class fantasy, the truth is that while stratification is a natural phenomenon, the way the different strata interact with each other is greatly dependent of human virtues.

The presence of myriad castes and haggling Gods, sects, groups etc  ensures that Utopia and Ethiopia are worlds apart. While on one hand diamonds are born out of blood and men drive planes into another country’s purse and take away THE MOST PRICELESS CURRENCY- life, on the other hand, we drive towards a world where a slate no more requires chalk and  a touch opens the world.

Education is a necessity, which like any necessity, depends on how rich you are and how much you can afford. While, public systems exist to inspire equality, its functioning is far from  ergonomic. On one hand, we strive to slash drop out rates and on the other we brand our children, with the pathos of capitalism discrimination. While languages still form a barrier, we try hard to reduce it, yet very little is done to remove the old prejudices.

Schools should aim at opening the minds, so that the rabbit on the moon, is understood to be craters and at the same time the ability to recognize the fact that someone realized that it looked a rabbit. Yet we carry on with a myopic nonchalance and conclude that the previous generations turned out just fine.

Technology more specifically the computer tends to fill in this for those with access(I worry at the thought that the Gods might soon rule this world as well), but from the rest, very few have a chance.

What fails to be recognized, is the fact that potential is developed with nurture, which is made of the twins – emotional and intellectual. There is no science or art, which can be felt and understood without the help of these two.

Yet we hail one and forget the other – making the other one angry. It doesn’t take a genius to notice this. There is a need to heal ourselves. The cunning of exploiters cannot be culled unless every child born in the world, smiles with innocence and feels the warmth of love.

Every war wagged and every man, woman and child suppressed yesterday has led to a situation where  even as a few of us use our intellect for better purpose, others are led into watersheds of hell.

It is time we start exercising, if we do not, tomorrow it our body that will crumble and we will be the suffers. While wisdom can guide, it is the same people with wisdom, who at times seem to stand in our way- no one is right, no one is wrong, but to us the future belongs, remember.

P.S:- These are just my views. You can disagree with it/add to it 🙂 I am always willing to learn 🙂


Nila kaigirathu

October 5, 2009 § 17 Comments

An awesome song 😀

Tried taking a shot of the moon 🙂

From newcamera2

And yes I did write a poem about the moon, about a year back – you can read it here 🙂

An old Tamil(rather Tanglish ) joke:-

Moona paru.

But oneu dhana is there! (Moonu in tamil is three 😀 so.. 😛 )

So which is your fav. moon song?

breaking Illusions

May 21, 2009 § 30 Comments

peace for the world,
peace through words.
yet the strength of an illusion depends on the perceiver
And when time comes we break it and adhere .
Let it be chains or bars ,
Nothing can stop the light from penetrating the walls ,
The eye can see through the darkness ,
That which shall glow will show
And where  there is fire there is smoke .

Wings of the mind are our thoughts
And in there many wars were fought .
We can now stretch them and fly ,
From the moonless night , rise  ; 
Our actions are right ,
Our hands never lose their sight .

Freedom of the sky ,
Shadows of a full moon night ,
The balance is so straight ,
Everything is an illusion ,
Yet we do need to live in it ,
So that we can break it .

The light shines the brightest

Human rights day ,swiss accounts and moon gold(cartoons)

December 10, 2008 § 7 Comments

From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped


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the light shines the brightest

the moon

August 9, 2008 § 10 Comments

A spot of light,far away,
reflecting the sun’s rays.
As the suns sinks
you rise and shine,
giving hope,
that our system is fine.
Once in a while you are full,
and once is a while you hide,
yet we know ,you look over us,
and the tales upon you are numerous
and the inspirations draw countless.

When will you ever rest?
when will you stop to see,
that you are bound and can be free?
Or is it that you know too well,
the consequences when you are free
and understand that life is full of slavery?
Somewhere far away,
there must be an angle for you too,
and let it take you,
let it guide you,
like it has to,forever.

maybe you are an eye,
maybe you are a God,
maybe you are the harbinger,
whatever you are,
you are a spot in the night sky,
far away,yet close by,
so through more light,
on the mysteries of life-
that is all i ask you.

the light shines the brightest.

eye in the sky

May 18, 2008 § 8 Comments

an eye in the sky,
as the afternoon goes by,
touches the clouded horizon
at a time close to five.

it slowly recedes into the city skyline,
having caused all the heat it can,
as a slow sea breeze decides to whine,
the eye i can look into,the power sign.

as people see it fit to come out,
as the vendors start to sell and shout,
as the traffic honks its bout,
the eye flunks into the crimson mouth.

as its presence slowly lulls by,
as the throngs break a sigh,
the gods of shopping get on ale high
and the lost intensity is set right.

what i still can see though,
as the sea breeze winds blows,
is that the sun still shows,
that earth is its show.

one domineering power,
which can be hidden by cloud-shower,
(who’s source is the hotter)
is the only princely ruler.

the moon calms ,
unseen and unheard,
it is too cool to hurt a bird,
it remains a loyal jester.

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