Atlas Shrugged-Ayn Rand.

September 8, 2008 § 20 Comments

This book surely has influenced me.Undiluted and straight forward,it makes you think about so many things.Why feel guilty about your virtues? Why should we give something to someone who doesn’t deserve it?What is the value of money? IS need important or ability?

“Evil is impotent and has no power but that which we let it extort from us.”

“Rationality is the recognition of the fact that nothing can alter the truth and nothing can take precedence over that act of perceiving it.”

The book is about a man who decided to stop the world.Through out history, people of ability have been the ones to be discriminated and been made to feel guilty about ,so the book tried to show where we will be if the “mind” goes on strike.

It is a splendid book.Every word,makes sense and shows us,what we all already know.It shows why we need to have freedom to produce and own things.It also shows you the real value of money.It also shows that there in no contradiction.We need to work for what we need,is the message,here.We cannot live on others and be supported.

What is ours is ours.No one has the right to take away that from us.And love can be shown when we have something to show it to.

There is so much in the book,that it would take posts and posts to tell everything.I know a few of you have read the book,others get it now! It is a big book,alright,but it is worth it! But be ready to think and feel a few of your principles being put to the test of fire,Don’t shrug it away! I will give it a 1000/100 🙂

Ayn Rand,in my new favorite! She has an amazing way to hold you and affect you so much.It is as good a test as a staring match!

P.S: I took those quotes from Divkiran’s blog.There are a few more points which i wanted to write about,but i was already more than a month over due,so had to return the book .Will be getting my own copy soon i think ,though 🙂

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Is this humanity?

July 19, 2008 § 17 Comments

Is this humanity?
While very few see the day as bright,
a lot more can’t even cry,because of their plight.
try as they might,
they cannot keep on with the fight.

Whose fault is it that they were born?
whose fault is it that whatever they do is wrong?
Whose fault is it that by seeing them we say we have lost?
whose fault is it that they exist,even though they are ignored?
Why will good spirits,bring happy times,
when just to live,you have to engage in crimes.

For what?
All for currency,
something called money.
let it be called yen,rupee,dollar or pound,
let it be measured in kilos,grams or pounds,
it seems that we will be at peace
filled with harmony,
if lust had never been exchanged for money.

Why did we push a few,
why did we say with contentment
“the strongest survive”?
Why,why did we do that which we wish we had never done?
Why did we ask for this,to be so?
Why are we the ones to inherit a planet in strife,
why,why who gave us this life?

whatever maybe,while we think that out,
let us not leave our fellows out.
No religion can stop you,if you will,
no caste can stop you if you will,
nothing for that matter can stop you,
just get out and do what you have to do,
no don’t kill them,
for after all resources are capital in disguise
and if we invest ,our wealth too will rise.

So go and save a few,
if you can, say “the world is for you too”,
but if that is tough,
just don’t get rough,
live and let live,
but the best is to
change the world with your will.

question:50 Rs/1 dollar

May 31, 2008 § 11 Comments

what will you spend on,if you have only 50 Rs/1 dollar left to spend?

And why will you spend on that?

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