stormy sky and life

July 9, 2008 § 13 Comments

Behind it lies something.

Why hide?
Why hide?
why hide?

Why can’t the sky face the glorious earth?
The sky seems to cry,
at the sight-it can’t stand
its opposites life being
ripped to shreds by something called life.

Life has a purpose.
Was it to destroy all that was ever made?
Why is there any good left?
Are those tears ,which fall from the ether,
the last song of disparity of the sky?
Is the wind that blows,
the song of death,
of life?

Yet as the sky cries and humanity dies,
in me exists a sense of peace.
At last all the destruction seems
to put me at ease.

IS it the fact that i always hated it all?
Did i hate those beautiful days,
of sunshine and the clouds race?
Did i hate all of my life?
Why i thought i chose it?
Yet there is a peace within me.
It makes me feel free.
It is an silence which seems to last forever.
I fell so much better.
I feel humored.
I feel eternal.
I feel rescued.

The gods of the moon and the sun,
sleep for a while
and those of vapors,oil my heart and life.

As those dark heavens move on,
I return with an understanding,
I feel as if everything is a new beginning,

the world is at equilibrium,
the world is me.
I am the world.

OH! the light disperses them all away
and the birds return to their way.


Devil ya!

July 1, 2008 § 17 Comments

Here is something fun 🙂 These belong to one of my friends :)Cool na?

watch out ,i will tear you apart 😀

So you thought i was joking? Well take that!

And that!

ha peace!

P.S.: all the photos were taken with my mobile cam 🙂

Ops forgot Calvin 🙂

and Fear of the dark 🙂 (one of my all time favs 🙂 )

for everything is natural

June 5, 2008 § 3 Comments

Where the sky and the mountain’s meet,
there exists a sense of peace.
all limits seem to be breached,
nothing needs to be preached-
for everything is natural.

As the clouds move past,
and the light fills all parks,
the mountains remain
still yet filled immobile movement-
for everything is natural.

The west is bright,
and the clouds keep telling
their never ending rhapsody,
yet time proves not enough-
for everything is natural.

As i write this,i try to look back,
try to feel the freedom,
try to feel that belonging,
yet i cannot live there-
for everything is natural.

clarity-a hole in the sky

May 27, 2008 § 5 Comments

clarity-a hole in the sky,
among dense clouds
-filled with majestic earthly
vapors-thought crowds.

throwing shadows-
over mountains and planes,
those covered by,
cannot fight,

the illusion thrown from high above.
all the tools of something bigger,
of thing not necessarily cleverer,

yet we need to fly ,
as high as it’s origin,
to know what causes
and what is the cause of causes.

clarity-a hole in the sky,
among dense clouds
-filled with majestic earthly
vapors-thought crowds.

sketchy time!

May 22, 2008 § 12 Comments

This time instead of using my camera i used my mobile to capture my my doodles 🙂 I am going crazy over my phone,i think it is the best one in natural light(there is no flash though).Oh!ya for all those who are curious what’s my phone it is Nokia Music xpression-5310. 🙂









Which one do you think is the best?and why?

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