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One for the sake of two(short story)

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I am writing a short story after a long time 🙂 And well as usual no names 🙂 LOL 🙂 tell me what you feel about it 🙂

Shattered.He felt shattered.How can she leave him? After all that?Why? what did he do wrong? He knelt down in pain.Why everything in life seemed vain.He was tempted to go and end it all somewhere.Why,why won’t she accept him,now? Why a few seconds ago she loved him,after all she had loved him for the past three years,why? WHY! WHY!

Someone was behind him,he turned back,trying to control his emotions.He kept his head bent.The other person was telling something.He didn’t feel like talking.Why he didn’t want to have anything with humans.He got up,the other person tried to hold him,his mind registered that it was one of his friends.He shrugged away.HE started walking,walking towards nothing. His friend followed him.

“what happened da?” ” tell something man, Why what happened to you? ”

“nothing,just nothing,leave me alone.”

“I can’t.I won’t leave you alone,idiot.You might get your self killed.”

“well it doesn’t matter,if that happened,after all the only person i ever cared left me ,walked on me,took away the last living part of me,i don’t have a purpose for existing,i am already a ghost.”

“don’t work your self up,so much.Chill,wait lets cross and go to the shop,i will get you a drink.”

“Leave me.Why do you even care for me? What did i do for you? What did i ever do to you!?just leave me,i need to be alone.”

“Look,i will leave you alone,but not here.I understand.I told you don’t get involved with her.”

“yes you told me alright! but then i needed a purpose to live.I felt lost.Why i didn’t have anyone to love.I wanted someone who will laugh with me and wipe my tears.I wanted someone who will see me as what i am and will accept me for what i am,who will not try to change me.And she loved me .WHY!”

“Look did she tell you anything before she left?”

“No she didn’t.We were just talking and laughing ,i told her what happened today,how i had been ragged and how the other guys lost it when i acted as if i didn’t understand what had happened.Suddenly she swore at me told me she hated me and walked away laughing!It was so unlike her,let like her.Why,Why is this happening only to me!”

“Dude.Might be she saw someone else.Or there should be a reason.”

” No there isn’t one.It is simple-no one can ever love me.I am the hated and will always be hated.Why  I know even you don’t like me.Don’t think i forgot that it was you who dragged me into so many things,it was you and your friends who did it in the first place.”

“Look i already told you,i made a mistake.Now don’t bring that up.Just come with me.”

“Why should I ? I am free.I do whatever i want and all i want now i death.I want it,it is the only drug which will ever save me.Hell man go die, i don’t give a damn for anything you say,before i go wild leave me.I will go down in the books of the universe as the one who failed,miserably.I am the biggest mistake! All i want is peace and that is there only in death.”

“how do you know? As if you have died before,cut the crap ,shut up!”

“Ha you don’t know do you.have you ever tried killing your self?”


“It is the most beautiful feeling.You sense an end.You feel like nothing matters.You prepare yourself,you forgive everyone and slowly you know it is the right thing,to end it all.Your mind reaches a sense of high peace.Your soul feels at ease.Your heart works at its best,for it knows it has served its purpose,you close your eyes,you love life for you can die.”

“You never told me all this!”

“why should i tell you,to get locked up in some place? No way.I know better ways to die,than get killed by someone like you.”

“you are hopeless.I am the only one who ever cares for you and you such things on my face.OH!god save me!”

“HA,ya i forgot!GOD! you hearing? See i am planning to kill myself,make sure this guy doesn’t stop me! You know why i want to do it,i swear i will kill you if i don’t die!”

“What the hell,how will you kill god? Ha if you stop me,you will know.”

“Wait i will call her up and ask her what happens.”

With a sly smile ,he dials a number.He sees his friend shiver.He was achieving what he wanted to.He will never forgive the guy.His mind raced away,speculating things,”ha,so before you kill yourself,you forgive everyone ,hope you forgive me man,for what i doing to you.Hope hell is good.Don’t forget to message me”.

She picked up the phone.

“hi its me.”

“ha tell.”

“why did you dump him?”

“you told me to so i did.”

“OH! come on,tell me .”

” You told me man,to make that guy fall in love with me and then dump him when you tell him to”.

“What you think he lied to you?”

“what is wrong with you?Is this a movie or something?”

“OH! shut up,stupid girl,he is the best guy you will ever get!”

“Whats wrong with you? You,you…”

“Ha right you are going to do what? go die.”

He cuts the phone.

“dude did you lie to her about anything?”

“Well know.”And he lifts his head.

“so playing games with me?i have warned you,i am insane!She did tell me what you were planning.You see,you don’t know anything about her.She too is like me.the difference is she could hide herself better.Your game is up.”

“OH! nice.What you going to do now?”

“You will see,sooner than later.I am not the kind who hurts people.”

After 3 weeks:-

“what he died?Impossible!!HOW?’

“he killed himself!He wrote a letter here it is!”

he opened the letter and read it out to her:-

“hi you two

I am long dead.I forgive you for what you did to me.I am killing myself because i realized,that i had destroyed what i love the most.As you said it is easier to forgive now and i feel at peace with the world.My girl dumped me.She went of with the other guy,he showed her money and took off.I didn’t have anyone else.I tried to reason out but then my parents found out a few thing like i smoke and drink.They have planned to get me into some place where they will ‘make me alright’.I don’t want it.I too was and after a long time,like you both.i was always lonely as a child and i never had friends.I was ridiculed and ragged.but then one day one of our seniors took me to a place and taught me to drink and smoke.He got me addicted and used me for so many things.i have done so many things which i never should have done and i regret it.I realised when you two found out what i was doing,that i need to become myself.You were examples.It is not that i didn’t know that you two had tried to end it all,but i acted as if i didn’t.Ironically,it was i who have given you both a life now and to honor your love,i give you both my life.Say a prayer for me.”

and they both cried.They missed their best friend.They had known this was going to happen,they wished they had stopped him.”

“but if we had,then he would have died everyday.It is for his good.”

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