TO a human

July 8, 2008 § 7 Comments

1)A desire to change everything
exists.Why every corner can have
something better.Why ‘ever , thought
can become wiser with someone cleverer.
Procrastination can be a virtue,
for laziness can do something good too.
Get lazy human!
Just stop,
let the inertia become greater,
become older human!
live in the glorious past of yesterday,
for if you are still young,
tomorrow will give you more regret,
for you have dug your own grave.
You have never bothered to do anything-
for your self.You call this your home?
Why humanity sits at the throne
of earth,how can you live in a slum
when the palaces await you?
Become lazy,
stop falling in love,
you only fall in it,
you never rise.
Send your self into a bondage,
you are too conceit to roam the skies.
Go and hug your idol,
you too will become one.
Take rest,rust is good for you,
gold is gold after all.

2) oh! Human smile upon life.
Set your self free.
OH! how can you have an enemy?
you are your own,so don’t kill,
understand ,become a brother.
OH! human, what is life?
What will you get in palaces?
What will the comfort give you,
except gluttony and a miserable
silence,of which you know nothing.
Seek meaning of the silence,
go out and become freer,
become a day younger,
your destiny is not imposed,
for you chose it,
so see freedom within it.
OH! human laugh at yourself,
when you see the mirror,
if you can do that,
then there is no enemy,
for you have humored him.
oh! human on earth
we all seek peace,so
we destroy it ,so if need
be it hate peace and you shall
preserve it.yet don’t be so fast,
think of peace,
which night imposes on you,
can anyone ever teach you,
how to brave silence?
a storm can be weathered
out of shear survival,
but silence requires tenacity,
and the guts to face your
own self.If you feel you
aren’t guilty,then on the judgment
day,everything is won.

oh! human,
you are friend.
Infact more than that,
you are me.
Be not my hand,
nor my thought,
be not me,
but yourself,
the one who lets
me see myself
through you.The
skin is you,the heart
is me.Dreams will be.
truth is not the end,
but means to an end.


June 26, 2008 § 7 Comments

So we are alive,are we?
Then we all should live.
So we all exist.
We all just need to survive.
We all just need to thrive,
to help cover our insecure selves.

So every one has there own problems,
everyone has them,just that it is different.
So we all think of dieing,
because that is what we all are ultimately
going to do-die.
For death is a part of life.

So everyone who is alive has a life,
yet all of us were once dead-
unborn in the mind of the universe.
So all of us will be dead-
a dead thought buried in the universe,
far forgotten but suddenly remembered.

So we all need to do something,
for we all feel ,we feel,
that when we die,more than our ashes,
our deeds and doings should have
spread far and wide.
So we all don’t hide.

So we all did once hide,
but we don’t.Yet the past remains,
if not dead ,dormant because
once the world is spoken,
whether revered or blasphemously ,
it remains recorded vividly.

So we all do,do something.
And that we say is our worth.
We either preach virtue,
or we all say, let do.
So we all think we are right-
barking dogs seldom bite.

So we all can think!
And so we think,think about
everything,for we all
think we can think out anything.
And so we sit and wonder-
who cares what is right?

So we all think we are right.
And so we all think others are wrong.
We all care for we want to prove,
to ourselves that we were worth
and not just a penny in a ocean,
that we are not charity.

So we are all humans!
And we can do a lot,yet
we all talk,talk and talk.
All our actions are grave,
for everything leads to our
grave.Life is made,for
we have a purpose,
disastrous or lustrous,
we make or brake
for destiny’s sake.
And so we are all humans,
we think,think and ponder,
we all sit and wonder,
yet time is quicker and better.
So,go and put a thought but also
act,for time will not wait,
we have to run faster than it.

So keep living.
So keep trying.
So keep smiling.
So keep life.
So keep remembering.
So,so you are alive.

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