Why I have to wash my face :P

January 17, 2010 § 9 Comments

Note:- I know, I know, you don’t need to tell me- it is long. To be more precise, about 950 words. Thank you ūüėÄ

So with a self imposed mission of trying to break the ‘curse’ or the internal¬†diaspora¬†and integrate those fleeing parts, I sat down to ¬†introspect and concluded that the reason for all that is simple- simpler than this sentence- some how my assumptions have been disturbed.

The effects are the ones which are surprising and not the cause in itself. For I have always believed that everything is based on assumptions. This very post, is based on so many assumptions-  that visceral sounds are assumed to mean such; that when written down, clarity will reveal itself again(albeit the nonchalant pall hanging over my gait) ;  that people do care enough, to read this ; the fact that I have adopted this language(or has the language adopted me?) to write instead of my native tongue; And a billion or trillion more, depending on your preferred currency.

But the point is assumptions are the base of life. They give the mind hard things to compare and accept or reject. The equation of life, is full of variables, and assumptions just about cement them to be more reassuring and constant. But that in itself can act against us. See what this whole business of letting your mind chose its basis to decide and follow(highly influenced and intoxicated by the world, in more candid terms by the adults and adult influenced peers when we are growing up) is that it tries to ab initio remove fear and guilt.

The twins are notorious enough to be the reason(in my humble views) for most of the events in the world. From having a hallo around your head to being fried in the devil’s oils(which flavour do you choose?) all are caused because of these two. And when assumptions are moved by forces stronger than themselves and when cruel reality(again based on other assumptions, nevertheless, supposedly) sets in, along come the twins, with kisses and words that bewitch you and send your hormones in all the wrong directions and steal your brain or it’s acclaimed human rationality.

So my assumptions were struck by a lighting, but fortunately I had bothered to stick a lighting rod out. But sometimes light in itself can lose to a sloth- when it enters a fortress formed by materials which have been hardened with fervour and self belief and not to mention assumptions that I am bound to not see a victory till I turn a new leaf(is it now?), it slows and crawls, but still doesn’t lose the pinch which it brings along, so what really had happened was that I was stunned(thanks to my own need to fend myself against the world’s ever altering assumptions) and now with a fine poem, I have but got rid of it.

But the optimism that I wont possessed has been shaken the most. The lazy bug, without the wonder drug(optimism) has turned lazier and has decided to stay and not vacate its place in the system, to expand. Though it isn’t all that compelling(like this¬†pseudo¬†style, heavily influenced I am sure by God(another¬†assumption?) ¬†knows what!) the bug is quite comforting.

But by writing that very sentence I have managed to sort out a paradox or two and at the same time, kicked the bug a bit, after all I know no one is going to bother to read this, at least entirely. Probably, one of my hopes that was dashed(with a red ink, memories of Tamil papers dawn) was my belief that I would be read and my blog garlanded with words of praise and I would make News and promote optimism and help in rolling the wheels of progress across the oblique course(s).

But that seems pretty stunted and in more ways decaying from neglect, being ignored more so, by those who can give it some spirit. Yes, I have said it, I black and with, well punctuated with commas and fullstops, I seem to lack a belief in people.

Once upon a time, I prided myself in hating humanity. But a sense of hope, that hate can morph into love, existed. But pretence has turned into the present’s love and as I pour my love into my belief about humanity’s greatness (and bits of shallowness and vanity) , the world in return seems to offer more walls than doors(but more doors than before, but being as astute as I am, I can see many other doors being filled with bricks, all red – the¬†capitalist¬†in me, mourns ).

The doors I am willing to take, because I have for a long time now, refused to honour fear and guilt, more than deemed necessary. Visitors are welcome, as long as they follow my dogma and yield to the imposed moratoriums and curfews. But are those the doors I want to take? This is a stark question, the answer, shall go unwritten, at least as of now.

Now my assumptions having been swayed by the lights and developments, are back to their old staunch selves. They again, wish to re-establish their command, having fought the wars with words, wisdom and weapons and have returned with better men and women and not to mention new ways and knowledge.

They face a struggle though, the throne, occupied by the prince, his highness the lazy bug, has to be won. How can you lull someone who is laced by reality and lives in a shell? Probably being a moon child and a crabby person, the waters hold the answer. So simply put- I guess I have to wash my face and get going again ūüėõ

P.S:- why does wp, want me to rewrite this entire post in active voice? hmpf.

TO a human

July 8, 2008 § 7 Comments

1)A desire to change everything
exists.Why every corner can have
something better.Why ‘ever , thought
can become wiser with someone cleverer.
Procrastination can be a virtue,
for laziness can do something good too.
Get lazy human!
Just stop,
let the inertia become greater,
become older human!
live in the glorious past of yesterday,
for if you are still young,
tomorrow will give you more regret,
for you have dug your own grave.
You have never bothered to do anything-
for your self.You call this your home?
Why humanity sits at the throne
of earth,how can you live in a slum
when the palaces await you?
Become lazy,
stop falling in love,
you only fall in it,
you never rise.
Send your self into a bondage,
you are too conceit to roam the skies.
Go and hug your idol,
you too will become one.
Take rest,rust is good for you,
gold is gold after all.

2) oh! Human smile upon life.
Set your self free.
OH! how can you have an enemy?
you are your own,so don’t kill,
understand ,become a brother.
OH! human, what is life?
What will you get in palaces?
What will the comfort give you,
except gluttony and a miserable
silence,of which you know nothing.
Seek meaning of the silence,
go out and become freer,
become a day younger,
your destiny is not imposed,
for you chose it,
so see freedom within it.
OH! human laugh at yourself,
when you see the mirror,
if you can do that,
then there is no enemy,
for you have humored him.
oh! human on earth
we all seek peace,so
we destroy it ,so if need
be it hate peace and you shall
preserve it.yet don’t be so fast,
think of peace,
which night imposes on you,
can anyone ever teach you,
how to brave silence?
a storm can be weathered
out of shear survival,
but silence requires tenacity,
and the guts to face your
own self.If you feel you
aren’t guilty,then on the judgment
day,everything is won.

oh! human,
you are friend.
Infact more than that,
you are me.
Be not my hand,
nor my thought,
be not me,
but yourself,
the one who lets
me see myself
through you.The
skin is you,the heart
is me.Dreams will be.
truth is not the end,
but means to an end.

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