Last day of school

February 18, 2009 § 28 Comments

Today was my last day in school.It felt strange,it all seemed too well,14 years some how has passed by filled with so many things.Though initially I was feeling nostalgic,reality soon set in,many of us are happy that school life is over.

We all never get to choose our schools ,the choice is made for us.Now having done with it,there are a lot of memories,good and bad.

My father just said it was like yesterday,that he dropped in an Ambassador Car.My face is no more that of a sweet baby ,the beard and moush,make me look old 😛 I suddenly felt like singing in school,”I am not a boy,I am not a man yet ” but then of course,the cameras got in the way.A million photos I guess,a little bit of craziness….

I have always been in the “worse class in the school” and yet been the good boy around 😛 (when they did put me in a good class,I had to entertain myself :P) . I have some bad memories of not having a friend for a couple of years etc.
But then the last two years have been amazing,especially the last year,in the “commerce class” .

The school has thought me a lot of things-how people like to stick to groups and they would this without thinking.And of course,what was thought has had a influence on my core values.

A lot of memories about special people as well.Of course,I would be in touch with all the people I want to,but there are certain people with whom I never got along with..and the special ones, 😉

I do not know what I should be doing,no more do I need to wake and wonder about incomplete homework and plan how I am going to finish it.I was happy course to see the last of the bitchy politics go,I hope I never have to get into any of it again.

I have proved to myself,I can write in English,couple of years back,my English would have been as normal as normal can be,but I guess I have managed to change that.But the best thing I guess is that I no more need to worry about those unnecessary people,I can wave my hands at all of them,like a bride groom on top a horse.

I still can’t figure out how 14 years passed by,it seems different now…well I have my exams in all of 12 days time…


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