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What do business people do apart from business? They exchange visiting cards. Now that we are all moving towards a paperless, virtual society, isn’t time we had a virtual visiting card as well?

And isn’t it annoying that you have to give people your various ids one by one, patiently? Well, how about a place where they can add/follow all of your accounts from one place?

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Well, not to worry, there is  about.me ! The really awesome site which acts like your online visiting card! You can add your own background and choose the services you want to be shown in the card/page.  What is more, it has STATS! You know how many people have seen your page and what they have clicked! So what are you waiting for? get yourself an about.me!

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P.S:- My about.me. Please leave your card below, I shall look at it and nod my head. 😀

The google story by David A.Vise(book review)

June 16, 2009 § 14 Comments

GOOGLE is an household name , at least something which everyone who has a “virtual” life knows .

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And at some point or the other , we have all wondered about how on earth , rather how in the cyber space do they do it?  This book takes tells us how by the name of the google , they did it .

Some grey cells decided that the world of internet , one with a lot of potential wasn’t alright ( it was messy(with a Y) ,ore like row-naldo)  so they decided that it was time to just send the right signals -not just to the other parts of the body , but to the entire known universe – at least virtually if not literally 😉

Reading the book , got me really inspired (as in to believe in myself and in my head,heart etc etc) . And the guys behind it Sergey Brin and Larry Page , well just wish I get the chance to meet them one day and talk to them . And it is not just creating a search engine but the way the stood by their idea ( ya ya many rejected google when it was up for a million dollars { and I am damn happy that no one bought it!!! } ) and how today it rules the cyber space .

And of course the way it is written is fantastic ! It surely deserves three woots  😉 Just loved the flow and the way the author has managed to make it more  like a (as it says in the book cover) ” detective story” .

For those who want a peek into , one of the greatest inventions of our time , just run faster than a google search and get this book . And for those who are curious about what went into the making of your googling , well just run and get it .

Rating:- 10/10

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