June 22, 2008 § 14 Comments

Aaarti has tagged me 🙂 This time it is to reveal ten things people here do not know about me 🙂

So here goes:-

1) I am 16(to be 17 in 25 days) going on 6 & 60 🙂

2) either i am very pensive or very happy 🙂

3) If i don’t like something,i don’t do it 🙂 If i am forced to,i will sulk about it,but then i might start liking it 🙂

4) I like to dream and imagine a lot 🙂

5) Even in a crowd of a million,i can be alone and well if i feel like interacting,i a room of 100 i might know  everyone 🙂

6) It is very tough to catch me,when i haven’t done something,which i am supposed to do 🙂

7) I am lazy alright,but once i ‘wake up’ i like to do things really fast and am known to finish (work which others take hours to complete) in a few minutes(this excludes maths).

8) I like rain,storms and hill stations and hate heat and summer.

9) I love to travel and see new places.

10) what is the 10th thing about me ,which you all donno ? well a lot,but to keep it short, I am crazy and one of fav things to say is i hate humans 🙂  (no offense meant)

So here goes the tagging:-

1) Arvind


3) Nita





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