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Inspiration is the word and inspired i am! SF has passed this one 🙂 And this is going to me my most fav tag,till date 🙂

Inspiration is everywhere…the sun,the moon,the walls,why even your eyes,your hands,your fingers,your nails,even the dirt stuck in it!

I have written a lot about it..see here…Yes even an poem about it…see here.

Anyway i am not going to give  the links and things 🙂 So inspire?

Beauty if a matter of perception and so is inspiration.When i post pictures,they must inspire you to respond.And that is because it is beautiful.To get inspired you need to see things the right way.All i do,rather all my eyes ever do,is see things.I don’t know how it happens but whenever i see something i seem to see it differently.And then my mind reacts in its own way.Now whenever i write,it is lesser of me as a human but more of me as an inspired individual or well an alien in his own world .The reason why writing is special to me is because it is way i escape into things.When i don’t like something,i can let go of the anger through writing.Of late,I have started writing more and more because i see a lot of things which need to written about.

Anyway enough about me for now…I can write yards and yards,but will spare you now 😉

I pass this on to

1) Nita



4) Sakhi

5) anyone else,it is just that i want to read the answers of the above 4 😉

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