the storm within-a feeling

June 23, 2008 § 7 Comments

A feeling.
It tightens you from within.
It takes everything you believe in,
away from loose sight
of yourself,you become as small
as a lost elf.Your body was
lost in a theft.

A feeling.
You feel that life has no use.
You hear a hundred things,yet refuse
to listen to that something within.
it eats you slowly from within,
you loose hope,you wish to end it all
yet you cannot.

A feeling.
You search for your lost light.
You can’t see it,even at night.
You take flight,
you try to fight,
with all your might.
You try to survive.

A feeling.
It has a grip on you.
It makes you repent all that is you.
It makes you wish hate,
it makes you think about a bad fate,
it tries to make a hell’s gate
all around you.

A feeling.
you want to come out of it.
You search for the way out.
You go round and round,
something needs to be found.
You lose yourself in a prayer,
the light shines the brightest



June 8, 2008 § 13 Comments

The world has different forces,
all our lives have different courses.
there is no need to be regretful,
ultimately everything is beautiful.
Each force in the world plays a part,
each has a cause and will depart,
once it has done its preordained part.

the world has different forces,
everything from an ant to the roses,
everything from a fish to humans,
has a purpose and that is its summons.
the forces initiate and instigate
energies which then elevate
a being,into the world which in levitate.

we all have a pact to break,
no it is not fake,
it is for our own sake,
it is the one which will make,
or break our destined place.
It is a knot in destiny,
it needs to be undone,
It is what causes us to run,
it is what causes us to cull
all our own tool,
which is the gift
of the divine manifestation in us.

To break that we need energy,
the world is full of energy,
yet the one we need,never seems
to come to us.I seek an energy,
which is so old,that it might be cold,
but i am being told by anything
where i can find that something.
i can feel the old pains,
from some unknown place,
a kind of de-javu which
i never owned,but was a due,
which i failed to pay.

Now a pact needs to be broken,
that pact is where a war will begin,
one which will being at its own end,
which will take a circle and begin
at its own origin.
What is the cause of all?
what causes the extra-ordinary?
if time is a subject of destiny,
then everything is embedded in
the cause of causes.
if destiny is a sand grain in time,
then the world is a slave
of a ruthless master which we
all hear of,but have never seen.
The absolute truth is one
which is constant,
yet at a needed moment
it all becomes illusive,
what is the truth?
what is the way to break the illusion?
is it the sight into the
nothingness? or is it the
illiterate stubbornness which
we all try to hang on to?
For a pact to be broken
does it require just bravery
or is it the pure faith
in our ability?
what is the key,
to unlock me,from
the cells of me?
for everything i know,
i need my light,
till then i cannot fight,
yet i am forced to be
something, a ghost left
to wander spring,waiting
for the arrival of autumn,
when the birds will
not hum and the air will
be silent and calm.

The light from distant starts
arrive,i need to derive
strength from those distant lights.
As i draw every breath,my body,
as a tool ,is entrusted into a higher
need,at each stage wanting something
better,bigger,higher-an unknown infinity.
whenever i reach that point,
a vertex in trinity,one but three,
which finally is us,who are free,
yet a slave to our destiny.

let the world be the world,
let not the world be hurt,
let no self-destruction take place,
let all the race be the race,
let us see our faces,
let us all gaze into the maze,
and let go of this mortal phase,
mortality is lost when,
sense sense of reality is found.
let us not be always on the ground,
let us not be bound,
let us be ourselves-profound.

Let the light shine the brightest

chances and freedom

March 24, 2008 § 6 Comments

nothing to see,
nothing to feel,
nothing becomes the deal.
everyone tries to think,
but before you blink,
you sink-
into the deep abyss,
with no sight of surface.

In a need to revive,
with the bid to survive,
from deep with in,
you summon,
your dreams and demons
and fight to the top
in hope of better land.

from nowhere comes an energy,
life has chances in trilogy.
with three chances to revive,
three chances to revise
the past and clear
the air,you push against
the tumult storm,
increasing your strenght
as you go along,becoming
stronger and stronger
deriving power from your song,
knowing that good times
aren’t too long.
you rise like a wishing sun,
knowing that the journey
has just begun.

chances maybe three,
but we should be ready,
to use them as we please.
what we dream is
never out of reach,
the sky is there to be breached.
destiny is a mystery,
strung from our needs
and what we give it as feed.
we can read destiny
and succeed with our
clairvoyant beast.

what we feel,
is the deal,
put your seal
and love it with zeal.
three wishes
can never be filled in three chances,
it is left to us to make our choices.
decisions you make,
are the once which will take.
so for destiny’s sake,
we have to make
them ,then we will
never again be broken,
we will be past all
margins,the light
in the midst of the sea,
the gift when
we decide to be free.

where we are slave
to none but infinity,
where our indigenity
is given the respect
which we always expect.
life keeps going on faster,
every second we become freer
and better and fuller.

life lives on

March 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

all the land,
is our land
and ours to roam.
all the water,
is our water
and ours to swim.
all the air
is our air
and ours to fly.

the freedom yet is subdued
thanks to our own dislute
need for being cynical.
in search of warmth,
we forget our seed.
we make our selves weeds,
and forget that we are all
born to breath free
and see earth and life
as one in union- as only
we the infinty can be.

our expression is greater
than our own rebellion
against ourselves.
from the rebellion we grow
in taste of our own ways
and lose the waste pounds
to understand that we are profound.

worlds talk of a tale-
the moon is something far away,
refelcting sun’s rays.
the seas reflect the clouds,
who fly high,spirit riders
being our lives.

mortality is lost when
sense of reality is found.
what really is what we take
to be.and if we think we
are free,we can see that
we are free.from inside
the world is beautiful,
from inside the world is cute,
outside the world is ugly,
outside the world is losing its face.
from inside the face doesn’t matter,
but the beauty does,
the beauty of what we reflect
is sown and shown in our eyes.
what we preach to ourselves
are the only ones which will
reach us.the search for infinty
goes a mirror,
where relections are sojourn,
our identity is not with the mirror,
but what we refelct-the image
less infinity.for the sake of good
or no good,but for the sake
of truth,life lives on.

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