quest for peace

May 20, 2008 § 5 Comments

let peace be peace,
please,let peace be peace.
for those who don’t get it,
take a seat,sit,
it is something null,
void of action,
yet full of action.

peace is a constant,
close your eyes,listen,
can you hear a silence,
even among the disturbance?
can you feel a power
which has so neatly flowered,
in the tree of human
speech and creation?
can you hear a blank voice,
which attracts you,
with an old warmth,
yet you cannot give it a form?

peace is not merely the absence
of violence,
peace exists everywhere,
if only you dare
to hear it,you will know where
it is.peace is a code,
an old code,
older than the sea,
older than the sun,
very close to the origin.
it is when you know
you are safe,
when you know
that you are out of the race-
at least for a while,
that peace you are
surrounded by.
when peace you seek,
forgive those who speak,
the right to express,
will never rest,
for even peace is a voice
which we hear because of choice.

in peace,there is only right,
there is no wrong.
in peace,
you will know what your goal is,
peace will teach
and not preach,
so be prepared,
to understand,
you will never be wise.

the world asks for peace,
many fail to understand peace,
we all hope for a world in peace,
but peace being peace,
prompts action.
if you want peace,
reach your heart
and ask,
if you want peace,
ask you soul,
if you want peace,
listen to the thoughts
of your restless mind,
if you want peace,
listen to the world,
you will find a common
tongue,into which
all seem to lull,
that is your peace.

silence,an infinite voice,
stands as a single voice,
listen to it at all
times,peace shall be ye.

about love

May 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

who holds love as their work,
who can ever own love,even quark
smaller?the infinite energy
which blows through universe,
is a veracious power,which
falls to the maya of love.
illusion covers the love,
which is present as a venom
in all,the progenies of the infinity.
the transformation one faces,
when hit by a arrow,
one which sends phantasmagoria
of euphoria and nostalgia,
is an illusion which turns real.
when lost in a sea,you become
a sojourn treasure,even if
you are a manifestation of
ever-infinity.while the self
seeks infinity,the hate-love,
love-hate of light illusive
penetrates one and draws
one into the mystic love.
if not for love,if not
for ecstasy,there will never be
a race,but only a single face.
yet love is the power
we all need,for its energy,
which shows pain and threads
us to mortal relations is
the pinnacle suit for realisation,
as mortal duties are experience
which are needed for renouncement.

love is constant,
love is infinite,
all of us own it,
none of us own it,
something owns it,
all of us are everything,
all of us are something,
all of us are nothing,
in the end it began
in infinity
and shall rest in infinity.

an impulse

May 17, 2008 § 11 Comments

an impulse lifted his mood,
an impulse made him lift the hood,
an impulse made him less crude,
an impulse made him more shrewd.

from no where,a lost creature,
found its light,when precariously,
doodling in a rhetoric melancholy;
from deep inside-a gift from nature.

as time ticked by ,
the piece grew longer,
it was the one which made him stronger,
a lost turtle found the sea light.

slowly each word was scribbled,
slowly as he realized,
that he was no more what he had been,
but something special and unseen.

a new strength rose in him,
inspiration, he drank and in it he swam,
a new reality was formed,
in which he wouldn’t be harmed.

he threw his old shell,
he bid his old life farewell,
he forgave all those who had been cruel,
he added to his life a purpose,more fuel.

what destiny might hold,i do not know,
but the impulse which sowed and will sow,
inspiration and life into me,
is something beyond me.

if not for the impulse,
where will i be?
if not for that impulse,
what will i be?

from a frail being in an armor,
through which light was dim,
an impulse broke the shackles;
it was the best of all miracles.

let the gut -destiny
lead me to infinity.

prompt from

writer’s island.

thoughts on the world

May 5, 2008 § 16 Comments

we need world peace,
someone needs to teach
everyone how to live,
in peace.someone needs
to give a hand,
for others to take
and with love teach
that unity is better
than animosity.
someone needs to fetch
what we all know-
the love and unity.
what do we gain
by killing others?
what do we gain
by hurting others?
once a great race
has been reduced
to such immoral lows,
that no more is there
shame in causing suffering.

and that someone is you.

all of us have a penance,
we need to put back our race.
it is all we owe
to our origin.
what went wrong ,went wrong,
everyone is equally guilty,
the wounds have been severe,
a few who were notorious and clever,
have mislead the race with a wager.

as i write i think again what is love,
what is friendship?
what is all this anyway?
why do all this?
finally we all end somewhere?
the only thing which stands
is that,it is what i owe,
it will not be sin if i don’t
but misery to others is
misery to self,
without a free universe,
there will be no verse left.

lack of pain is not possible,
yet we all choose our own salt,
let it be just the right amount.

few reflections

May 4, 2008 § 13 Comments

what can life give,
unless we give life?
what can earth give,
unless we give earth?
what can the world give,
unless we give the world?

every seed we sow,
is what that grows,
into the trees which
satisfy our wants-
for every want
we need to sow more.

what we expect from life,
we need to give to life,
if we want joy,
we need to spread joy,
if we want peace,
we need to spread peace.

the world gives what you want
and you give the world
what it wants,the more
you ask,the more you give,
see deeper into what you want,
we are the universe.

life is nothing if there is nothing
to die for.unless our hearts
are drenched in love
and our guts filled with fear
and our minds with unpredictable
dangers,there is no life.

there needs to be a reason behind everything,
that reason we all seek.
few bother chasing the questions,
few try proving their non-existence,
few their existence,
few just blindly follow.

if nothing was there,
then why all this?
because there is all this,
why the belief?
life is just the moments
of freedom between
life and death.

it is a fantasy,
where we are own
villains and hero,
where we are god,
where we create the
forces,just to reflect.

i don’t know why i write,
nor do i know why i do anything,
yet there is a reason,
asking the question is all i bother,
the answers hopefully will bother
showing up soon.


April 17, 2008 § 6 Comments

what words cannot say
images can.
what words cannot cut,
images can.
what words cannot heal,
images can.

the mirror reflects,
the body inoculates,
the mind rebels,
the heart compels,
the soul dwells;
all reflect you,
and your need
to perform those deeds
which will help
you become a full
picture.a blank
page has space,
one with colors
has no space;
an eraser can rub
what is on paper
but not what is
in your mind.
a sorry can erase
the animosity
but not the damage.

reflect and respond,
images and words
together speak
about the picture.

the light shines the brightest.

peeking into the corners

April 14, 2008 § 13 Comments

every corner has a demon lurking,
every day involves fighting,
running and hiding.

at every turn,
we burn,we yearn,
we heal and learn.

every step is another leap,
it is better to weep,
for nothing can seep
into our sleep
and sweep our dreams.

belief is strength,
courage is wealth-
yet a warrior’s wealth
needs judgment,
for indecision
can cause inhibition
and a rhetoric resentment.

in our paths we need to fulfill,
we need to live,
need to relive,
we need to realise
that certain things energies
and certain things drain.
experience teaches us to keep away
from all that causes pain,
yet to show we are insane
and life is not mundane
we need to take on the demons,
for otherwise,
we might never know the way to heavens.

dare to peek
into the corners,
dare to seek
and you will reach the peak.
nothing is out of reach,
until you decide it is meek.

man’s work is to break inability,
to achieve it or not is destiny.

love ,energy and infinity

April 6, 2008 § 3 Comments

love is constant.
love is constant.
life is transient,
life is transient.
energy is constant.
energy is constant.

an action,uses energy.
an action causes love.

a movement draws energy,
a movement spreads love.

a moment changes energy,
a moment transforms love.

constant and consistent
they may be,
but actions,movements,
and moments lead
to a transformation
from one form to another-
a metamorphoses.
life is a change,
what we transform
and when we transform
is held by us-
we write our destiny.

universe is a dispersion of infinity.
something is close,
something is far,
but everything runs in light
of the image,
the absolute divine idenity-

the tongue i want to know

April 3, 2008 § 4 Comments

behold the secrets-
listen to them-
the waves rush at
the sight of you.

what tongue
they speak i do
not know,still
avid they pour
their tale at my
it was, but
beyond perception,
i meditated upon
yet nothing sank.
as they saluted
and retreated
i was left with
a feeling that
all that known
was not known
to me and in
me the seeker
left them to
their peace.
i will return,
one day-
and speak to them
and learn the secrets
that all i always
wanted to know.
sea you still inspire me.

presence felt

April 2, 2008 § 14 Comments

it lasted till it did.
the unknown trail
dispersed into the
unknown,its origin
known only to it.
between the clouds,
from the sun,
a message
for all, to cleave
our way.presence
is felt only when absent.

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