Snow White,bollywood style

September 18, 2008 § 12 Comments

Well before we started,all you directors from any wood,if you copy the following post,i am going to sue you,for your entire money,back and white ,if you have something gray,you are lucky.


The following charachter in the story,are purely fictional,resemblence to any person/name, dead or alive,sane or insane,old or young,rich or poor is intentional.


Introduction/prologue (by Nikhil over here)

Once upon a time, there lived a queen who wanted a daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony. She prayed day and night for such a daughter and one fine day, nine months after a particularly raunchy night with the gardener, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

She had blood-red lips but the other two attributes were interchanged. Her skin was as black as ebony and her hair was as white as snow. The King and the Queen had decided to name her Snow White, but now,the name seemed ridiculous. So, they decided to call her Greyhound.

Grief-stricken, the Queen consumed poison and died on the occasion of Greyhound’s first birthday, and the next day, the King put up an ad in the Lonely Hearts columns, asking for an evil stepmother for his beautifully hideous daughter…


The story(copied and pasted,just as i had written in that comment section):-ha well he got a suitable wife and he got busy..he took tips by reading Enchantress of Bollywood…The wife,is like Katrina Kaif and can’t act…and the girl is Deepika(only thing this one’s brighter) so well,he thinks himself to be Vijay Mallaya, and that he can owe everything…but the Girl gets pissed off and after going to Kerala Nambuthri(Akshaya Kumar) she summons her moms ghost…The ghost takes over the wife’s body and plans to get its revenge..but then the king gets wise and adds poison to into his wife’s beer…but well the ghost becomes even cleverer and in the last second escapes and the wife dies…the king is enraged and decides to summon a ghost buster…Imran khan…Who uses his cat attack(mew,mew) to chase away the ghost…the daughter gets damn pissed and summons Abi (small B ) who starts dancing…then to top it a stream of hopeless movies are run through…the king dies of hopeless movies heart induction ,over population syndrome and the daughter takes over the kingdom..but then the ghost of the mom,takes over the daughter and runs the country…again the daughter is pissed off,this time they get SRK ,who uses his abs to take the queen away…finally the minister( Akshaya Khanna) kills everyone and claims himself to be the king…And the story ends with a mystery girl coming in …so that they can have a part 2 P


The Ending:-Well didn’t i tell you there was a part two? But i have better sense,i will write one,only if you want it 😛 


Public Opinion:- Well,you know the comment section is below.Thank you for reading 🙂 


Investment:-Some time,between my studies.

Profit:-Had the pleasure of writing something stupid,after a long time.


Kismat Konnection-movie review

August 16, 2008 § 12 Comments

Boy meets girl.Boy was the most promising one in college,but has no success.Meets girl.She is his lucky charm.well the rest you know i guess.WOW! unbelievable no twists nothing,just simple and straight forward.

But this is worth a watch.For one thing Shahid does his role well.In certain places it was almost like a repeat ok Jab we met,but still it was worth my time,especially since we all had a nice time guessing the story.It had a few laughs here and there and the main highlight of the movie was the speech in the last scene.

I didn’t like any of the songs and why go all the way to CANADA? I agree with what Nita says(though the comment is with respect to another movie,i see it apply here too ) :

Frankly that’s getting boring. I mean, who wants to see the Swiss Alps in Hindi movies again and again and again! Sometimes I wonder if the actors and crew go abroad because they want a foreign holiday or because they want the film to appeal to the NRI market…it certainly isn’t necessary for the story. And I am sure NRI’s would love to see India more than anything else.

For this movie,any Indian city would have been fine.Or is it that the same problems can’t be dealt with here?Or well maybe they all seriously needed a holiday.What do these people get out of making so many flop movies?I mean this kind of stuff isn’t going to sell right? Then why do such things? The main idea behind any business is to make profit and these people are supposed to be doing that.The only thing they are doing is making actors richer and richer ,this is not needed,let them make their money by really entertaining us,not by doing such dumb movies! I understand the message the movie wanted to convey,but having made us forget about using our brain ,how do they expect to put across their message in the last scene of the movie?The intention was good,but to put across your message you need powerful stuff.I am not going to rate this one.

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August 2, 2008 § 11 Comments

Well doing one role is tough alright,but to roles ranging from an old granny to Bush ,from a medieval priest to a scientist,well it takes some doing.Before i start writing a review,i must say that even if you don’t understand tamil,get a CD with the sub-titles and watch it.It is a must watch.

I knew this movie would be good,first thing,it was Kamal movie and second a lot of people didn’t like it.The reason why most people didn’t like is obvious.The movie needs a lot of interpretation.The movie unites people from different cultures,different faith and beliefs all in one final stand off.It was amazing! to say the least.How does the Shivite and Vishnavite fight in the medieval time have to do with the tsunami? That is the profoundity of the movie.The whole movie is based on the chaos theory.

Kamal Hassan is acting is not just superb but more than that.To act in so many different roles and to relate them all is amazing.Except in a few places(very very little) the movie didn’t have any slag.While the makeup was not as convincing in a few roles as others,it was good.In fact i think it was better that way,it had more of a drama feel to it,than a movie.I wonder if it is based on some book,for it had so much intelligence in it .Moneys are sure clever than man!(it has something to do with the move:P )

Asin does a good job too.And Mallika does her cameo well too.The villian,the hero and all most of the important characters played by the same person,it is sure worth spending your three hours.As i said in the beginning ,it is worth watching this movie,so go and see it now 🙂

These two songs have become one of favorites(ya,the never ending list).All the songs were good,but these two (especially the first one stand out for the lyrics).

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