July 20, 2009 § 15 Comments

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Well the weirdest herd ever is back. Frankly the first few minutes , got me all worried. I love the Ice Age movies, nope , no this not how it is supposed to be, the jokes seemed so dry.

But the second Sid falls through the ice , the movie comes alive! Manny is shown as a caring husband and to be father,Deigo is planning to leave the herd , Ellie is about to have a kid and Sid well is Sid. The characters seem to have a human side to it, more like a metaphor to our sterotypes. And in this respect it is almost complete what with the Jack Sparrow wannabe weasel Buck(only the philosopher and the poet are missing , but then guess they don’t fit into humanity 😉 ).

Few of the jokes were out of place in a kids animation movie(lol-the best one was the ad before the movie started-use rubber and stop AIDS,guess it is better to begin when they are young :P). Infact it is Buck who saves the movie’s face.

In all an enjoyable movie,entertaining , especially if you watch it in 3D.

rating- 7/10


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