61 years have gone by

August 15, 2008 § 17 Comments

sixty one years gone by-
an year older at midnight,
as a nation,one step forward,
as a nation,we fought our way-
out of depression and suppression.
Another year just flew by,
the year’s wealth and health
is now embedded for the future,
and will be carried by time and tide.
A country of immense knowledge
and a country of saying and adage-
People of action fight and live;
the breath of nation is it’s people’s will.
The vast lands,might have been parched,
the rivers might have run dried,
the “development” might have killed
the needed balance,to sustain development,
but we can still replant ,with our determination.
The past’s glory and a vibrant culture,
the back bones which makes our state better.
To the world we now give,
and to the world we no more are darkness.
factories and roads compete,
and our businesses reap.
sixty one years of freedom,
which has been fueled by martyrdom
and the ancient wisdom.

Yet a new need has risen,
when we the people,
have to join hands,
to unite and face ourselves,
for the time has come,
when those elected by the people,
exploit the people.Time has come
to reach out and destroy
all that is not needed and imbibe,
the good of the past and the better
of the present,for the sake of the future.
The time has come to light
the lamp,of passion and inspiration.
Until everyone does his or her bit,
until we stop war and shake hands and sit,
we will again again go down the pit.
We need to be untied,
as a people and as a nation,
not just for the country,
but for the sake of whole of humanity.
It might sound impossible,
for differences cause rebels-
so what?
let us live and let live
and forgive.to do that
first know your self
and learn to think and act
for yourself.
A nation is made of people,
and as the pillars of a nation,
we need to first indulge in contemplation,
once done,
our true progress will begin.
So let us join hands
and cause the change,
let us walk together,
to make our nation and world better.

jai Hind!


beauty! oh! beauty!

August 5, 2008 § 12 Comments

beauty,oh! beauty you ask me!
I say it is something that is too sane to be defined,
i say it is something too insane to be defined.
Oh! beauty is the wordless smile,
beauty is the painful eyes,
beauty is here,
beauty is there,
yet there is one beauty and that is
the beauty of the eye.
Why so?
what you see,is what strikes,
what i see makes me like.
What is beauty?
but an innate thing,
what is beauty but a surrender,
where even the ether seems too light,
and the pain of years gone by,
give up and let go and you feel
the old-new sensations.
neither past nor future has value,
everything that is present,
is all that matters
and love oh! love and hate
breath fire and waves of water beat,
but beauty is all and death too
for inspiration is all beauty is a part.
Who can write about beauty,
except express it as something beautiful?
What words can decorate a flower?
what hands can destroy water?
who can blow the sun apart,
who can make the moon dark?
Who can make man ugly?
who can love as love is?
none can for everything is beauty,
in beauty
there is peace,
in beauty a storm,
he or she,
doesn’t matter,only free,free,freedom
does and what would you care for ?
To dance to the songs of the wind and rain,
to just let go and insane.
To think of nothing but peace,
to enjoy nothing but the universe,
everything is something
and beauty is in all,
oh! beauty,beauty,wish i can be lost,
forever,so that i never
need to face the dusted earth
so that i needn’t fight or lose face,
but then all those are you too,
and oH! beauty,
i am breathless,how can you?
How can you?
haunt me like night long nails?
how can you tickle me with feathers?
how can you say good is bad
and bad is good?
how can you lead me ,
with a trust into a never ending race?
Why so ,why so,is it wrong to like
you beauty?Or are you a little devil
in whom i find pleasure like whole of humanity,
what oh! love what it is,
take me to a girl and i want to see
you in her,
i want to be set free,at least let me
escape from your hands,
yet let not,for i crave for your
lust,oh! beauty,i want your love,
i want to reach heavens,
in a matter of seconds,
i want to reign with glory,
on this lifeless body,
i want to imitate your story,
and ape your beauty,
for i too am beauty
but my glory has lead me blind
and i can’t see.
Open my locks,oh! you sweet,
open my heart and it be free,
i don’t like this life among humanity,
all i want is you beauty,
oh! love take me,free me,
save me,
all I wish is that i will be
as you are,beautiful and profound,
i want to reach for the stars
as if it were my life,
i want to hate man more,
so that i can dance to the score.
OH! beauty be yourself,
take me along
let us enchant,
i want to be with you,
take me,take me,
set me free,
i want peace,
and let my assassin be you,
beauty! i love you beauty!

questionable life

June 21, 2008 § 13 Comments

Life itself is questionable,
why live?
Everything in life is questionable,
why live?
It is no more about purposes,
but about one purpose.
I cannot accept it,
as an absolute illusion,
though everything is an illusion.
I do not care,
what happens,but i don’t know
why i should live.
I don’t know what is freedom,
even though people say
i have it.I don’t know what
holds me together,
though i can feel it.
My mind is clogged by mist,
i just wish,
that it will clear,
before i risk.

Everything around me is questionable,
including me.I don’t know what it is,
that makes life be life.
I have a wish to know everything,
yet i don’t want to live,
for it is just what i want to do.
Clarity-when can it come back to me?
i feel like paper,in a torrential rain.
i have many,i have many,
everything is questionable,
yet i am not able to know,
to know, all the answers.
I don’t want to live.


May 3, 2008 § 8 Comments

Barath has tagged me.i am supposed to write what i will do if i get 9 minutes of absolute freedom.and 9 minutes of freedom beings now:-

1) wonder what life is.

2)wonder what freedom is.

3)wonder what am i doing here?

4)search for something interesting.

5)think about the various people i love/hate.

6)think what i did till now.

7)think about what i should do.

8) just sit and listen to “freedom”.

9)conclude that even though i am free,i have responsibility,without which life will be uneaten food,spolit and with a renewed energy get into guys.

and i have more than 9 minutes of freedom.HOW long my friends is it going to take us to throw everything?we are all in full control of our lives,but understand we need to live for something,as i said in a poem “the sea

“Freedom freedom calls everyone
What can that be?
Can you mighty one answer me?
Mystifying it maybe but
Life not a mystery where will I be?
A melancholy moan of a toad?
Or is the nightingale a buzzing bee?
Weird they seem to me.”

anyone is welcome to pick up this tag.All of you have the freedom 🙂

Unlimited wants

April 10, 2008 § 15 Comments

i want to let go and go some where far off.everything around me is boring.
I want an adventure,i want to take on more barriers.I am not being sentimental,but i want to know i am living.I want to know reality.I want to feel the rivers(even though they maybe polluted),i want to listen to the forests,i want to talk to mountains.I want to be free.I want to write a book.I want to be known,yet not known.I want to be a legend.I want to be a humble being.I want to be a leader.I want to be part of a movement.I want to enjoy life.I want to be free.I want to breath.I want to admire nature.I want to admire humans.I want to be a pilot.I want to be a bird.I want to go on a ship.I want to swim till the end of the world.I want to see deserts.I want to see the poles.I want to see the Everest.I want change the world.I want to play my part in the universe.I want to know where everything ends,i want to bungee jump,i want to go drafting,i want to go sky diving,i want to surf,i want to play all the sports on earth.i want to over come cynophobia,i want to satisy myself….

add as much as you can to the list….let us see what all we all want…It is for a purpose…

chances and freedom

March 24, 2008 § 6 Comments

nothing to see,
nothing to feel,
nothing becomes the deal.
everyone tries to think,
but before you blink,
you sink-
into the deep abyss,
with no sight of surface.

In a need to revive,
with the bid to survive,
from deep with in,
you summon,
your dreams and demons
and fight to the top
in hope of better land.

from nowhere comes an energy,
life has chances in trilogy.
with three chances to revive,
three chances to revise
the past and clear
the air,you push against
the tumult storm,
increasing your strenght
as you go along,becoming
stronger and stronger
deriving power from your song,
knowing that good times
aren’t too long.
you rise like a wishing sun,
knowing that the journey
has just begun.

chances maybe three,
but we should be ready,
to use them as we please.
what we dream is
never out of reach,
the sky is there to be breached.
destiny is a mystery,
strung from our needs
and what we give it as feed.
we can read destiny
and succeed with our
clairvoyant beast.

what we feel,
is the deal,
put your seal
and love it with zeal.
three wishes
can never be filled in three chances,
it is left to us to make our choices.
decisions you make,
are the once which will take.
so for destiny’s sake,
we have to make
them ,then we will
never again be broken,
we will be past all
margins,the light
in the midst of the sea,
the gift when
we decide to be free.

where we are slave
to none but infinity,
where our indigenity
is given the respect
which we always expect.
life keeps going on faster,
every second we become freer
and better and fuller.

fervor from freedom

March 22, 2008 § 4 Comments

fervor from freedom,
the spirit of martyrdom.
the need to be free,
and see,
the sweetest of breeze.

fervor from freedom,
the heart of any soverign kingdom.
the need to be clean,
and be seen,
by the greatest serene.

fervor from freedom,
those who fear condemn
for it is freedom,
the right,
the spirit and purpose of living.

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