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So in full charade of the optimism bug, I think it is time to do a tag. Remember tags? You know where in some ‘tags’ you to write about something/answer some questions? The poor thing sure has been buried for a while now, but time to pull it back up 🙂

So this one is from Aarti and is called the 8-tag 🙂

8 TV shows I like to watch:

Premier league 🙂


Champions league

Football(including La Liga,which Unfortunately they aren’t showing now and of course excludes whatever I have mentioned above)


Tennis, F1 etc etc..I love watching sports..


I don’t watch much tele 😛

8 favourite places to eat (and drink)


Anywhere where there is ice cream(whole loads of them)

Kebab factory

Cream center

Little Italy

Gangothri/Ajnabee/shree Mithai/good chaat places..

The place needs to be clean..I have this habit of trying to peek into the kitchen before I order..


8 things I look forward to

Growing a loooong beard.

Finishing my CA inter.




No clue

No clue

Eating and sleeping.

8 things that happened yesterday

Tusnami waves reached Japan(so I heard).

Was jobless enough to bug her in formspring 😛

Got an haircut.

Saw bones for the first time, guess I liked it.

Studied company law.

Jobless discussion on NDTV about Hussain.

Just see wiki, if you really care what happened yesterday 😛

The sun grew a Earth day older 😛

8 things I love about winter









8 things on my wishlist

Oh! so some can buy it for me? Anyway


-Want to Go places.


-can’t disclose.

-A car for sure




8 things I am passionate about








-too many things, so another etc.

8 words or phrases I use often



-the fact is


-boring/am bored.

-I have no clue.

-can’t disclose

-can’t disclose.

8 things I learnt from the past

-Wasting time is fun.

-wasting time is easy.

-people will be people.

-there is no reason why you can’t smile through problems.

-your happiness is in your hands.

-there are too many idiots in this world.

-people are jobless.

-People are too confused.

8 places I would love to go visit or see

-North madras- haven’t seen much of that side of the city.

-Can I have a time machine?

-Swiss..for the chocolates/cheese and diamond studded watches…

-Length and breadth of India.

-South pole(actually want to move there).

-inside your head.



8 things I currently need or want

-I am quite happy at the moment, so don’t get me started.

-anyway, maybe a fun project?

-A party..

-A ferrari..

-new speakers and headphones for the comp..

-extra time.


And now I have to Tag 8 ppl…hmm…well guess anyone can take it up..

The three capsicums

October 1, 2008 § 12 Comments

From misc3

Once upon a time ,well a short while ago,there existed three capsicums,with whom i had a conversation,just before they were chopped and put on top of a pizza and eaten.So lets get going…(click to expand if you aren’t able to read the text)

From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped

As you can see people!They were fighting too much.So we chopped them up and put them on top of the pizza.I should have known,getting brothers to talk would be this bad.So think the next chat will be with Cheese,so until eat your capsicums!And well i think too much of movie influence in the world today!Veges talking about movies!Wow!And they all are really bad too! *sigh

the world shook

May 16, 2008 § 18 Comments

the world shook,
it was the beginning,
it was the ending,
the world shook.

the world shook,
crisis had hit,
nothing looked fit,
the world shook.

the world shook,
it needed to explode,
it needed to deport,
the world shook.

the world shook,
it was the bombs,
it was the quakes,
the world shook.

the world shook,
it was greed,
it was the lack of seed,
the world shook.

the world shook,
there is no food,
there is no good,
the world shook.

the world shook,
there are many gods,
there are many devils,
the world shook.

the world shook,
the world shook.

the world shook,
no more a diamond,
the last panic siren,
the world shook.

the world shook,
the world shook.

the world shook,
the world will shake,
it is man-made,
the world shook.


May 14, 2008 § 9 Comments

ok, i have been unofficially tagged by Nikhil(thats what you get for being happy about not getting a tag,*sigh*)

anyway it is about food and its going to be a tough one for me…

1. What’s your favorite table?

seven table…nine table…duh…dining table…na i watch tele and eat…so must bethe buffet line table…

2. What would you have for your last supper?

now if i knew it was my last supper…i will be out eating all the ice cream in the world…and might be get drunk?(er… i am not yet 18 right? anyway i doubt if i will ever drink)…or well if i donno that it is my last…whatever was the stuff that poisoned me…

3. What’s your poison?

ha poison…i don’t have soft drinks…i have only natural juice…then must be ice tea…oh! ya forgot kapi!

4. Name your three desert island ingredients.

ice cream,chocolate pastry,ice cream…..

5. What would you put in Room 101?

101 flavours of ice-cream….and choco chips and choco sauce….and ya pasta…and paneer tikka….and hell all possible veggie food one the planet!!!

6. Which book gets you cooking?

hmmm….school book just to avoid studying…i do cook sometimes(read make a dosa or sandies or something….or microwave something)…

7. What’s your dream dinner party line up?

pumkin soup….paneer tikka,gobi manchis…chilly potatoes…pav bhajji…dahi poori…pani poori…3 0r 4 salads….nan….paneer sabji(anything with panner yaar!) …navrathan kurma…pasta…baked veggies…noodles…ice cream…fruit salads…cakes…soufflés,pies…apple crumble…ice cream….rasmalai…

oh! i forgot a welcome drink inbetween…peach juice + ginger beer….

8. What was your childhood teatime treat?


9. What was your most memorable meal?

when you eat…remember the taste of the food …why bother about the occasion that much?

10. What was your biggest food disaster?

none till now…ya when some idiot served us prawn instead of cauliflower…

11. What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?


12. Your food hero/food villian?

food hero-mom….food villian- me(hogging up everything before anyone else does)

13. Nigella or Delia?

i knoe only Nigella…so…

14. Vegetarians: genius or madness?

neither i am a vegie because i have always been one…(but i do bite my finger skin)…

15. Fast food or fresh food?

both…depends…but prefer fresh…am not that much of a junkie..

16. Who would you most like to cook for?


17. What would you cook to impress a date?


18. Make a wish.

let everyone in the world get at least one proper meal.

19. I tag…

since it was unofficial…anyone who wants to take it is welcome 🙂

now i am hungry…

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