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April 29, 2010 § 13 Comments

So my exams are a few days away. Nice. Finally! After that, I do not intend to do anything(academic) for the next 6 months at least ,As my sis would put it “oh! the joy of it”. Me being me I would say, ” Finally! I am free…*laugh loudly* ” and then 5 mins later wonder what I should do, half an hour later get frustrated and 5 hrs later  start dreaming of things far beyond me. (Lame?)

I have a huge bucket list and of course inevitably a want list. For all my philosophical accents and poetic penchant, I love spending money and buying expensive stuff(though preferably not with my pocket-money). Well  I sound more and more like a cost center( be happy that I don’t like Tax and auditing much, or you might be yawning by now),but I also have a few ideas which I want to build upon, which may create more inflows than outflows. And hopefully my latent talents haven’t depreciated due to excessive taxing  and repeated auditing thanks to the various laws and standards 😛

Now, surely the last sentence shows that I am studying-like never before. Brain drain, I call it. All those free cells, which were waiting to be filled with wonderous stuff are now filled with desiccated provisions and stupendous standards. I am planning to take time out and forget all those stuff. It won’t make any difference anyway.

My phone bills have hit new highs. I talked for something around 1500 Rs on the mobile and 700 Rs on the landline 😛 (that’s what happens when you choose the wrong plans). I am obsessed with talking, clearly. But you can’t really blame me. All this studying gets on my nerves. But then when in Chennai do what the padips(nerds) do.

Twitter is addictive. This proves that I am in love with it! I am tempted to post a few tweets here, but I shall refrain, because inevitably most of you follow me there anyway 🙂 There are a couple of new blogging tools which I have added to my poetry blog, they deserve posts on their own and I shall try to do justice to them.

I wanted to write about the whole Tharoor-Modi thing, but then didn’t because I was studying. Actually studying is the perfect reason to give for anything and everything. And when I get bored, I tweet/read tweets and follow links to new places. I should to take the effort to compile all that I read and post it here. maybe I should join Stumbleupon or something?

boooooorrrrrreeeeedddd!! on Twitpic

When I get bored, I draw in my mobile. Advantage of having a touch 😛 Height of joblessness? Maybe.

Guess, I should get back to studying now. I told my sister to write a couple of reviews, but she is busy being lazy. This blog needs a few reviews to get the daily hits back on the right side of 100. But then, it has gone through this before and been in worse situations, so it doesn’t mind it.

Oh! and I need 3 more for 250 followers on twitter, so 😉

P.S:- No P.S this time 😛


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March 9, 2009 § 13 Comments

From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped


December 19, 2008 § 21 Comments

Well i am forced to do this right now 😛 Actually i started doing this at about 1,but then felt too sleepy and by the time I rise and shine again5 more words have been added to the list.

This one is from Manushi,Apar and Vimal.First thing,the last tag Apar gave me ,I was supposed to tag only those who wanted to do,ops well lets say I was too eager to pass it on 😉

Rules are the simplest form of planning my text book says,so let me finish the  simplest thing first ,the rules are:-

1)NO Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar.

2)No Shipla Shetty or that fellow who sang Tandoori nights.

3) NO protagonist obscenities or vulgar language,this is not fourth standard for you to call others bastards,don’t corrupt innocent adults.

4) NO making fun of shoes,as they are the holy things reserved for the biggest jacks who spoil the show.

5) Only English is allowed.Breath,speak and talk and dream in English.

6) You can send pictures of you posing in front of the Taj Mahal,even if you have not visited it,but you have to send pictures to people.

7)Not using photoshop is a crime.You shall be booked under which ever law,the government decides to come up with,for terrorism.

8)You cannot pay bribes.But you can black mail others and collect it-flipside.

9)You have to apply your aesthetical cognition and no juxtaposing and out of context commenting,if you are given a balerina,just draw Cristiano Ronaldo.

Well I think that should be the rules ,but still,keeping with the blogging code of conduct,least I have the news channels after me 😉

  1. You must use all the five words given to you by your tagger and draw pictures using paint or GIMP or any other photo editing tool.
  2. Each picture must be self explanatory when you relate it to the given word.
  3. Each word MUST have at least one picture attributed to it.
  4. You have to draw them yourself. No suggestions from a second person.
  5. You need to pass it on to other people with a fresh set of 5 words.


So let me start of with Manushi’s words,as she was the one to tag me first 🙂



From photoshopped

dreams :-

From photoshopped

stranger :-

From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped

Next Vimal’s 5:-

From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped

Profession :-

From photoshopped


From photoshopped

And finally Apar’s 5:-

Light:-This is the only one which is not a sketch!

From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped

At last done! More than an hour gone!So now to the best part,I get to tag people.Of course most of  ’em have done it,so let me find people who haven’t.I am looking forward to the skecthes,as all these people whom i am going to tag are my favorites(ha,but only you people haven’t done it yet!),i.e.(not internet explorer) ,the first blogs I read as soon as i open my reader(not in any particular order 😛 )

Dinesh:-Movie,Bull fighting, Hero,Girl and Love.

Nita:- Pune,journal,expression,politics and balance.

Prerna:-Politician,Art,perfection,equilibrium and knowledge.

Gounder Brownie(and you better do this one !):- Communist,Shakespeare,Gounder,Gender and language.

Priya(you did say you might 😉 ):Boys,displacement,reactions,calculus and friends.

SF:-English,Elephant,cars,life and joy.

and one for seven,

Anshul:- Microsoft,short cuts,development,earth and pollution.

Its a long,long,long,long post!Ha,I look forward to the skecthes!

a ranting and live homework doing and thinking

June 5, 2008 § 11 Comments

note:be warned,if you search for correlation,cohesion or sense,you will not find them(or you might ,if you are good at reading between the lines)

Well at last after a month and something,i touch my books.They have gathered some dust,but that its what worries me now.What is or rather are ,the english hmework,which i have so conveniently postponed till now 🙂 School re-opens tomorrow,i will return to the place which has been my haunt for the past 8 years.But this is year special unlike any.This will be my last year in school.I do not how to react to this/ go out and have fun? er…study? At last a time has come when choices want to play spoilt sport.There is Euro 08  and the Olympics,what am i to do? Exams will become omnipresent in my life for the next 10 months.IT is going to be bugging,i mean,i just cannot get the point of it all? we are all born to do the same thing-study,marry,procreate and die? whats the difference between a bacteria and us? Hell i just invited an anthropologist  to the imaginary diamond jubilee  celebrations of Indian independence.if you are wondering what it is ,it is a report.Why do we even write the same old monotonous reports? Well i think Nita doesn’t do them that way( i just remember,i had comment at wide angle view,today morn).No this is pretty unusual,i do not rant,i usually don’t say much here about school life,it never fit here and never will.I suck at writing reports and am alright at articles(usually poems,turned into sentences courtesy punching-nations.At least this year i have a descent english teacher,my last year teacher well according to her ,”India got independence in 1857″.Excuse me/ and when i pointed that out,she was like “history is not important in english”,can we ask for more hypocrisy?Again what i am doing ranting,hell i am supposed to be writing reports.I am doing a report on derailement,should i say ” the railway minister should stop watching IPL and watch the track?”oh! ya when i am at it,maybe IPL is the main reason for inflation! Thats it people,now everything will stabilize.China will host the olympics,SRK,SALMAN will get their crowd.One by talking about underwear and another by making you look like an ass in front of under four footers.I have spent more than 6 mintues on this.Wait i will write a couple of sentences.The next one is a article,ok,that should be nice,its on unemployment.The contribution of english teachers to world problems-give their students articles  and reports to write,but give “key points” which basically mean write this and that,balh! I don’t care,i feel very rebellious.Might be i should make Idly and not war like Purnima ( ha,i have  added her as an author in YU! now ) .Blogging has made my writing style different,I seem to write ,as if i am writing to people.My heading reads Under informed are unemployed,don’t know if it is right,but well the topic is about students choosing wrong courses.Its dhoom,well the song is,which is playing right now.Its one of the two movies of Abi i like.He sucks other wise.The other is GURU.I watch a lot of hindi movies,without understanding a lot of hindi,but it is improving.Wow! i almost wrote wiki says!!!! i would have become the first to quote wiki pedia for a note book article,talk about being lead by whims and fancies!Well i just thought i will write a couple of sentences,but it is tough now i am writing like destination infinity(the style is really nice,but i think my teacher is going to be pissed off).WOW! ok i am wrote something very much me,a simile between employment,food and stomach and money ,maybe i should put a 😛 next to the thing.My mom says this every now and then ” you are 16 going on 60″.well i just wrote a couple of lines like i was 60,well maybe it is time iretire,but well i still have to write another 75 words(no i didn’t count).till now i have tried to get punching and eating (punctuation ,ya thats a PJ or even worse)right,but i think i have made a lot of mistakes,priya,will again advise me(*sigh*) but as i just wrote “parents and teachers advise goes down the drain and someone needs to put sense!”(yes i wrote that in my book).hell i have had enough,i am leaving for later(i.e. once i go to school),for a guy who writes something every day,a few sentences shouldn’t be tough,but who knows fridays? My hits have stopped at 102 for the past hour or so and i will be able to write again only in the evening tmro.damn.but well hopefully the book review draw people here 🙂 ha that reminds me,i have to get the print out of a review ,i have chosen an equal music( that is the only one which isn’t a best seller,might be i should add the poem which i wrote inspired by it?).WOW! o re piya is playing now,its such a nice song..guess this post has become long enough…so good night(well no actually i might stay up till one)…anyway tc.

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