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November 9, 2009 § 20 Comments

Its been raining Chennai for the past few days. So no classes blah blah. Of course none of the national NEWS channels would have told you that many have died and many more misplaced and that schools and colleges have been closed etc(that doesn’t stop a few colleges and schools from working). Wrote a poem as well(in my poetry blog).

From newcamera2
From newcamera2

More about the second photo later.

I do wonder why rains in Chennai/TN don’t make it to the NEWS. Someone gets crushed by a bus in Delhi and the media is all over the place, someone sneezes in Mumbai and its hot NEWS. I am just curious that is all. After all people with better discretion run those things, the fourth estate etc etc.

We have had a couple of political fiascos going on as well. MNS, breaking microphones and well even trying to assault another leader in the Maharashtra assembly. Cool. We can forget about peace talks and Gandhigiri with such people around. No wonder others think they can lay claim to pieces of our land.

And of course one poor politician getting caught at it. I am a CA student and well the IT act(well a part of it, for my level) is there in the syllabus and  trust me, it is the most complicated thing I have never read/tried to read. As I commented – why don’t we let the IT department go after terrorists? (as per the act, illegal income is also taxable(correct me wise ones). But we all do know, the reality, if not the truth. Come on , where is 1.5 crores and over 2000 crores?

Farmville- well am jobless enough to afford getting caught up in something for a while. So yes, apart from the NEWS channels, this has kept me going(and tweeting and blogging as well). I get detoxed pretty fast, so am not worried about getting addicted etc(though it did feature in my dream yesterday night, does that count?) .

Anyway its been 20 years since the Berlin wall fell. It showed that people can rise together and get what they want. We can learn a lot from history, but ironically the only people who learn it(you and me) don’t care about it(the least popular subject in schools I think).

Once upon a time, I used to dream of making a world a better place etc, but when everyone hung up on making things bad, you can’t really stop anyone. So anyway, the present gen. will long be gone, it won’t be gen. X or Y it will be another one, but surely a human one(hopefully nature doesn’t watch movies/listen to humans-2012?).

What most of don’t realize is that, it is not the planet which needs saving, it is our race. This rock has been here for aeons, what makes you think, a bunch of petty creatures can destroy it? Human vanity, nothing else. And remember we are part of nature as well. Intelligence does weird things to you,  like making you think you have too heavy head. Just use it, stop trying to praise it too much. *and my comp is usually on for about 12 hours a day 😛 *

Lots more to say, but this post is just a random one, so let me end by remind you of the Great Super Heroes Challenge, just scroll down, you will find it.





Et al

September 13, 2009 § 16 Comments

There is a lot going on right now. So much so that I can’t pick one thing and write about it. On one side, we have the jet,set,stop saga going on and on the other side, a guy has been chucked out of school for sporting a beard.

I have a lot of tags pending and yes I got a few awards as well in between, but then, I don’t feeling like doing tags or passing on awards(been trying to do them and end up writing some nonsense, wrote some 3 drafts and got no where).

Book reviews are it. Unlike movie reviews, they keep getting you hits and at the same time you talk about something worth while.

I tried to do some self portraits(using the cam) and well they turned out sour, actually I thought they were good, but then one of my friends told me out right it sucked and I realized it does.

Haven’t sketched in a long time, I have accumulated three refills for my trimax pen, have one in my college bag, one in my shelf and well I think I put the other one somewhere else.

Have these IPCC(erstwhile Inter) – CA classes in the morning(it’s supposed to be for 4 days a week , but well…) , it start at like 7 and goes on till 1- 1:30. It’s interesting,  really and I have joined only for two subjects(accounts and costing) so its kinda fun, since both of them involve calculations. But then I am not an early bird and sleeping at 1-2 am and waking up at 5:30 isn’t, lets say refreshing.

And add to that college, from 2:30 pm to 7:45, rotten. I get to hear stuff like ” I am not a lorry to carry your sorry” , ” refer your book if you have a doubt” and some swearing by another Prof. , who seriously is going to get in trouble with the students.

Mr.Mosquito, is quite irritating, he made us subscribe to the Business Line, blackmailed us, promising us that he won’t pass on our Sem. exam forms. When I have payed I expect them to give me the paper but  we haven’t it yet. The only concession I get out of subscribing for it is that I can recover some more money from the old paper fellow(for the record we by enough NEWS papers and magazines at home and I don’t have enough time/patience to read them all 😛 I use Indiameme.com instead :D) .

Economics is the only class which is even remotely interesting. The English Prof. is okay. The pace at which he takes the lessons is slightly irritating, but then there are many who don’t understand English, so that is understandable.

I am able to survive in college, thanks to a few people- D, A , R, Su, S etc(I don’t really care for anonymity but this is more fashionable I guess, like saying I am doing CA), its fun trying to experiment on a few creatures(asking them questions and listening to answers which unless you are a fellow like me can startle you or even start of a communal war). There is this fellow Tomato , quite a creature. Irritates everybody and (almost) got his faced punched.

And I should but mention the whistlers and the smokers. The smokers are cows, they keep chewing bubble gum or mouth fresheners , no wonder ITC is doing great, so much for govt. responsiblity and the ban on smoking. The whistlers, well they keep whistling to irritate the Profs. They bang benches, scream(and I thought American singers were the worst!!)  shot things etc. So much for them being from good schools, they lack any sort of sense and (sometimes) they give me a headache with their endless eccentricity idiocy.

My violin mater is organizing a celebration for his arts school and my sis and I are going to play in that. Yup, he turned up after like 3 centuries and yes we hadn’t practised in a long time 😛 I am looking forward to this; But I keep forgetting the notes or get mixed up. If only you can see inside my head, you can understand the way in which I try to remember the notes, learning chemistry till 10th(and in my case for another term in 11th) proves to be useful after all.

I have made it a point to update my poetry blog at least once a week. Once upon a time, I wanted more and more people to read my poetry, but now it’s changed, Am happy to show it to people whom I think understand it; The fact that a few poems may go without a comment really doesn’t affect me, in fact it is better that way.

Everyone is turning into an author. I seem to be the only one who hasn’t it. Self publishing is cool, but if no one buys your book, it is going to hurt you, so am staying away from it.

Its been ages since I played football. Bunked college and was kicking around on Friday. It’s scary when you suddenly realize you are becoming fatter. But I can lose weight as fast as I gain it, so no problems I guess.

Comment sections are where I am really putting my views down, now days(no not mine but on other’s post). Then again, I haven’t been reading as many blogs as usually do. I must confess , I have been thinking about leaving this blog to rot, but the fact that this has become an online home, stops me from doing it.

My stand on things haven’t changed, the more I come mingle with the world, the more hopeless it all seems. My optimism might soon peter out. There are moments, when I feel everything here is useless(ya maybe that teeny thing). I feel we can be a catalyst in a change, but then is it worth trying to induce a reaction, when it might lead to your depletion?

Blogging too seems to have lost its purpose. I used to love comments, now I just like them. End of the day, I seem to be reading those blogs, which I find are written by people whom I think write really well. Reading gives you a sense of belonging and I like the comfort, pity though I am too tired and I tend to fall as sleep, the second I feel comfortable.

Talking about feeling tired, strong coffee does it. And yes, it gives you this wonderful feeling, you don’t feel anything, things just flow by.

I want to have fun, real fun. Play football for like 4 hours a day or something. I think this post has gone out control. I should stop I think. I have plenty more to say, but then I don’t want people leaving comments such as “phew! that was long” etc, its fine if you say it a couple of times, you can always ignore my long posts(no offense meant) and comment on the shorter ones, you will still find me commenting in your blog, because I read blogs which I think are worth reading.

As I said I don’t have much time, so I might be late or I might skip a post or two or I might have read it in the google reader and might still be wondering what to comment. Ya, now you do not know which category you fall into, I didn’t read your blog, because I didn’t find it worthwhile or was I busy? Either way you shouldn’t care, I can tell you from experience it is not worth it 😛

I am sure I have made plenty of typos and maybe even a couple of grammatical mistakes(Ya even after using the abc thing). Spellings have never been strongest point, nor grammar, though I always used to well in the grammar part. I prefer poetry. I can write whatever I want and not care about anything, that is why I write in English, its got this thing called poetic licence.

EspnStar is not showing La liga this season, sucks big time. They feel that no one in India is going to watch it. Ya right, they should have at least taken a survey and they would have realized how many of us Barca and Madrid fans , keep awake all might to watch our teams play.

Now I get to watch only Arsenal and Wolfsburg. Yes we(Arsenal) lost two in a row, not to worry we will bounce back(thats what we say every season) . Wolfsburg , well the Bundesliga is tough this season. Bayern are strong, Ribery and Robben together is like a killer combo. Only an Idiot like Madrid will sell Robben, oh! ya I forgot Chealsea.

*Should I stop?*

my driving licence , yup i am going to get it on Friday(hopefully). But for all you know, I might not get it. I have a feeling there is something mocking me. Things look like they are changing for the better, only to make things worse. When it keeps happening, you just leave it, you never care, you take into your stride.

Yes this it. I am stopping right now, I might write another page or two. This should be a journal entry or something, but who cares? And let me close by saying, I will reply to the comments on the pervious post soon.

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