wishes,dreams and fulfillment

April 9, 2008 § 2 Comments

a thousand wishes
under the moon.
a million wishes
under the sun.
time lost on,
dreaming about

a thousand wishes
to be fulfilled
before the night ends-
no time to waste,
the rat race
has beckoned.

every inch of space
has to be fought for-
every advancement
in another step
towards fulfillment.

wishes are never fulfilled
satisfaction is never reached.
the boundaries need to be breached
and the laws impeached.

a thousand wishes,
a million wishes,
keep on wishing.

satisfaction is never reached,
yearning to be become complete.

unlimited wishes to be fulfilled.

work towards achieving
the wishes you keep dreaming.

seek to fulfill,
every day,
every second.

move on in life,
see beyond what you see,
your wishes beckon.

deep inside,
we need something,
dare to see
and be.

what you wish
you dream,
be serene,
be insane,
go after your dream.

life is in time.
time is spent
in wishing,
and fulfilling.

a thousand wishes
under the moon.
a million wishes
under the sun.
be brave,be insane,
chase your wishes,
life will be fulfilled.

sense of reality

April 1, 2008 § 8 Comments

every night,
every hour,
every minute,
every second,
we yearn
to fulfill our dreams,
which we have always seen.
on the brink of sanity,
trying to earn
through mortality;
lost in a world
filled with insanity,
trying to see beyond vanity,
i wish to see
what i always saw.

every breath
is a tale.
failure and success,
the eye twins.
every taste
is a savour.
bravery and cowardice
the strength of valour.
harsh and kind,
the human behavior,
never constant
but shivering
in fear,of losing
the most dear.
cynicism-to close
to fail or succeed –
never ready to let
go and be free from
what others feel.

if we ever learnt,
then humans we will
never be;see what the stars
shine ,touch your light
and become kind;
learn to feel
what others feel,
harness your roots
to the flickering constant
truth,your greatest loot
will be the one which sooths
and satisfies our minds
when we dream in our sleep.
mortality is lost when
sense of reality is found.

light ,path and and old ability

March 19, 2008 § 6 Comments

an old ability was ricochet,
now we have lost the glass.
death and life
circle around,
we have lost our need for profound.
the past’s dirge still sound,
we are all still in fear,
and not ready to give up-fear.
death took over and kissed
the lands,now when peace we preach,
we have become too sensitive
so that we can’t forgive.

caste and creed
holy and faith,
we think on,
we have forgotten
the oldest song which
keeps the cycle going on and on.

in circle we move,
searching for a clue,
we will know where we started
only if we dare.
those who do so are rare,
for the fear of failure
is just too bright to stare at.
it is a warrior who can
stare at light,
thus he becomes a warrior of light.
the scintillations to the eye,
make him the eye
and above skin and blood,
flesh and transcendent love
he rises to the immortal spirit
who can conquer boundaries,
for he is beyond them.
for one in a system,
the only way to know
is by leaving it.
for that we need to rebel,
shove what we had ,
like any other pebble
and try to understand each syllable.

reality is what we make it to be,
it is not what we just see.
reality can be,
anything that you want it to be.
we have made a reality
as a kind,
one which has driven
it to where it is destined.
it is time to remind
our flamboyant race
that we are its face.
and dreams we need to chase,
for without light there
is no darkness,
and without heat
no cold and without death
no life.Love is constant-
immortal it is,yet dynamic.
for the light which shines,
all that shines is home,
for it has the freedom to roam,
for the light shines the brightest.

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