till i destroyed what i loved- a ballad

June 4, 2008 § 8 Comments

“oh! friend”,i heard a cry,
and i turned back.
there she was my long
lost girl.i was now a “friend”.
years had gone by,
time had just flown by.
yet it seems like yesterday,
that we went hand in hand,
swam through the oceans,
with our life in each others hands.
we knew the world looked,
we knew the world wondered,
how these two were lovers.
Yet we were perfect,
in every way we could be.

till i destroyed what i loved.
All i did was a mistake,
i gambled and lost to fate.
I asked her hand in marriage,
and circumstances blew it apart.
I tore myself till i was raw,
i never forgave myself for being
wrong.I felt i had lost my life,
i left i never needed a wife,
that life was a mistake in
its own right.It took me years
to realize,that i deserved better
and that past was past.

slowly brick by brick,
i broke and saw day light,
it was the best sunshine.
I wept,i had at last seen light.
I knew now nothing was a fight,
all you needed to do was walk
straight.There i found a comfort,
i fell in love,shallow love
and at times still wept with the
sands which surfaced from the
depths.I acted like i found peace,
i made money with avarice greed.
I built a different wall,
i acted like a civilized money.
yet within me something went rot,
i no more could laugh with
the same fearless wrath.

there she was in front of me,
oh! she has come to set me free.
I knew that time will stick us again,
i will find love,though it will be strange,
i will remove the strings across my heart,
the dead being will see life,
not one but many,
for i have learnt a lesson,
and for that let everything be blessed.
i now know that time has a way,
once it does say,
never try to break;
a lesson learnt ironically in time,
yet all that ends well is fine.
I saw straight into her eye,
both she and me started to cry.
I knew she too had died,
both of us saw life.
i stretched my arm
and so did she,
both of us set each other free.
we died on the shore,
now we live there.


an impulse

May 17, 2008 § 11 Comments

an impulse lifted his mood,
an impulse made him lift the hood,
an impulse made him less crude,
an impulse made him more shrewd.

from no where,a lost creature,
found its light,when precariously,
doodling in a rhetoric melancholy;
from deep inside-a gift from nature.

as time ticked by ,
the piece grew longer,
it was the one which made him stronger,
a lost turtle found the sea light.

slowly each word was scribbled,
slowly as he realized,
that he was no more what he had been,
but something special and unseen.

a new strength rose in him,
inspiration, he drank and in it he swam,
a new reality was formed,
in which he wouldn’t be harmed.

he threw his old shell,
he bid his old life farewell,
he forgave all those who had been cruel,
he added to his life a purpose,more fuel.

what destiny might hold,i do not know,
but the impulse which sowed and will sow,
inspiration and life into me,
is something beyond me.

if not for the impulse,
where will i be?
if not for that impulse,
what will i be?

from a frail being in an armor,
through which light was dim,
an impulse broke the shackles;
it was the best of all miracles.

let the gut -destiny
lead me to infinity.

prompt from

writer’s island.

a faithful wager

May 10, 2008 § 13 Comments

with full faith-
life moves.
and so did his.
with a love wager
he lived with
a gambled faith,
his stake
was that faith pays.

the devil’s stake
was that love fails
to keep faith,
that it is bubble
to water,slave of
wind,destined to burst.

the devil was none
but him,one a faithful
hand,the other a loyal
wily,who worked the
death of his master.

quintessence was
a girl,one who was
the catalyst,the arm
of god,who would
push or pull the wager,
and will decide
if life was merrier
or shun to the horrors
of a broken heart.

as he approached,
one arm yearned
to propose,while
the other drew
the leg straight
trying to porch
the butterfly heart.

he bent down and bowed
with full might vowed
that she was his lass,
and she held his heart,
would she lend her
love to complete the
one and to shun another?

her eyes spoke,
the devil was revoked,
but not disposed,
he knew the time’s spokes,
they poke,the provoke,
but in the end, leave the better broke.
time would tell,
if their’s was all well,
or was it a illusive sell,
just to prove the beaten
path was not to be outgrown?

as they walked,
the devil sat watching,
the better touched laughing,
as the sun set,
everyone deep inside knew time will let.

prompt from –writers island

humpty dumpty like ride

April 15, 2008 § 5 Comments

there are ups and downs,
there are highs and lows,
some decide to flow
others decide to row
in the opposite direction.

at some point all of reach,
the knife edge like place,
where we decide,
which side is more wide
or which side is better to hide.
once we dive,
there is no way back,
all we have of the past track,
are a bunch of memories,
valuable as history-
to be in awe and learn.

upon a peak,
which looks like world’s end,
we face the world with no fence
and leave behind the world which defends.
every step we take,
we see the back brighter
and those who belong there wiser.
to many the plunge is a fall,
yet to a few it is a jump
to glory and peace,
the ultimate victory.
yet a few return refreshed,
by their inner self blessed
and ready to start a new quest.

every step you take,
front or back, you make
and destroy destiny;
with tenacity
you go against the tide
and decide not to hide.
the ride will have obstacles,
yet with belief we make miracles,
when we reach the destination,
we get a satisfaction.

we look back and reflect,
we no more need to deflect
what hurt us.we know
the world will be kinder
for it knows we are stronger
and better and diviner.

my reaction to this post –here

peeking into the corners

April 14, 2008 § 13 Comments

every corner has a demon lurking,
every day involves fighting,
running and hiding.

at every turn,
we burn,we yearn,
we heal and learn.

every step is another leap,
it is better to weep,
for nothing can seep
into our sleep
and sweep our dreams.

belief is strength,
courage is wealth-
yet a warrior’s wealth
needs judgment,
for indecision
can cause inhibition
and a rhetoric resentment.

in our paths we need to fulfill,
we need to live,
need to relive,
we need to realise
that certain things energies
and certain things drain.
experience teaches us to keep away
from all that causes pain,
yet to show we are insane
and life is not mundane
we need to take on the demons,
for otherwise,
we might never know the way to heavens.

dare to peek
into the corners,
dare to seek
and you will reach the peak.
nothing is out of reach,
until you decide it is meek.

man’s work is to break inability,
to achieve it or not is destiny.

life in infinity

March 29, 2008 § 11 Comments

today is another day,
tomorrow and yesterday
are far away.
life seems a drag,
you have become a rag,
for reality is sad.
when we blame ourselves,
we forget that there were others.
when we blame others,
we forget ourselves.
when we think we were right,
we are all ready to bite,
and even  stab beloved with a knife.
saga called life,
never seems to be kind,
“god” oh! my god is blind!
blind-till you see ,
till you understand you are  a kin,
of the universe’s being.
all that you are seeing,
the haughty human being
and earthy things
are all an illusion,
which help crack the delusion.
illumination comes from within,
from abyss to top,
life just begins
all over again.
the past pains,
all will help us gain,
the confidence and belief
that we have the right to believe,
and be us not somebody.
strength derived from within
will help breaking
whatever we thought was forsaken,
the shortest way
is the closest way,
speed thrills,
life has spills,
and wills,
on the path to infinity,
we write our own destiny.

chances and freedom

March 24, 2008 § 6 Comments

nothing to see,
nothing to feel,
nothing becomes the deal.
everyone tries to think,
but before you blink,
you sink-
into the deep abyss,
with no sight of surface.

In a need to revive,
with the bid to survive,
from deep with in,
you summon,
your dreams and demons
and fight to the top
in hope of better land.

from nowhere comes an energy,
life has chances in trilogy.
with three chances to revive,
three chances to revise
the past and clear
the air,you push against
the tumult storm,
increasing your strenght
as you go along,becoming
stronger and stronger
deriving power from your song,
knowing that good times
aren’t too long.
you rise like a wishing sun,
knowing that the journey
has just begun.

chances maybe three,
but we should be ready,
to use them as we please.
what we dream is
never out of reach,
the sky is there to be breached.
destiny is a mystery,
strung from our needs
and what we give it as feed.
we can read destiny
and succeed with our
clairvoyant beast.

what we feel,
is the deal,
put your seal
and love it with zeal.
three wishes
can never be filled in three chances,
it is left to us to make our choices.
decisions you make,
are the once which will take.
so for destiny’s sake,
we have to make
them ,then we will
never again be broken,
we will be past all
margins,the light
in the midst of the sea,
the gift when
we decide to be free.

where we are slave
to none but infinity,
where our indigenity
is given the respect
which we always expect.
life keeps going on faster,
every second we become freer
and better and fuller.

living and destiny

March 16, 2008 § 9 Comments

past is past,
present is present,
it is left to us
to make life pleasant
with full of joyous

happiness and sorrow,
both we need not borrow.
everyday is another morrow,
it is left to us to throw
ourselves and show,
what we are-not shallow
but hallow.

time embeds life into itself,
it is left to us not to be a elf,
but our true self.
experience is wealth,
our mind is our shelf,
our heart our guide
and soul something too wide.

truth survives,
after many lives.
soul lives on,
untainted by any,
it is same for all,
one represented
as many.the universe
sings on,equivalent to infinity,
man’s work is to break inability,
to achieve it or not is destiny.

decorations and destiny

March 11, 2008 § 5 Comments

decoration for the mind,
behind makeups we hide.
thoughts which never
entered, now cycle
inside,to bother us,
oh! what we chide.

day by day,
hour by hour,
the earth goes on,
the world goes on,
the humanity steps,
we humans step,
into a reality,
which is beyond legibility.

day and night,
sight and blind,
clear and misty,
hot and cold,
wishes and remorse,
a day we try
to find where our
fores went stray.
together we think
what we can make,
while sunshines bright-
baking and wishing
but never reaching
and still fighting,
decorated and hiding.

united or divided,
culled or hailed,
it is in our hands
to face and
save our race,
before it was said,
but we never wed.
its time now
to sow,
or there will be
no one to row,
and no future show.

destiny is not premeditated,
but incidence upon incidence
slated by us as we go,
threaded as we flow,
it is left to us to row
and be the show,
or something low.


March 3, 2008 § 8 Comments

Demand your right.
Execute your duty.
Satisfy your purpose.
Teach your body.
Induce your spirit.
Nothing can change
You,you will be you.

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