Unity indeed

September 9, 2008 § 14 Comments

we are all united indeed,
we hate each other mutually.
It is no more my country,
everyone is hungry,
to see the other deceased.
One mouth lesser to feed,
it is the survival of your creed.
every action and deed,
are purposefully levied,
into sowing the seed-
of hatred and communal greed.
Who cares if people are injured?
who cares if children are hurt?
The past was dense,
with death and ugliness immense.
The present is covered by this unjust menace,
but is to take it up and do the penance?
The future generations,
are the ones,who will feel-
that the nation lacks toleration.
In the name of good God and religion,
we do acts,by the devil’s commission.
How does religion matter,
when lives are being shattered?
how do caste and status ,relate,
when life is cheated by faith?
Whose peace,should they seek?
what right,for this lawless beak?
In the name of selfless interest,
in the name of the people’s interest,
comrades are being hurt,culled like pest.
When in need,where is the unity -indeed?
there in a need,and let us help with our deed.
As people of a nation,
let us remove this God damn depression.
No God will say,kill in my name.
No God,will hurt,for all are just the same.

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July 15, 2008 § 9 Comments

Cowardice teaches you bravery,
Anger teaches you patience,
greed teaches you poverty,
hate teaches you love,
disrespect teaches you respect,
tears teach you to smile,
depression teaches you elevation,
suppression teaches you emancipation,
failure teaches you success,
death teaches you life,
illusions teach you reality,
misery teaches you joy,
division teaches you unison,
one teaches you unity,
negative teaches you positive,
darkness teaches you light,
black teaches you white,
strife teaches you peace,
humanity teaches you inhumanity,
touchwood or serendipity
you just need to discover
and understand the other.


July 5, 2008 § 5 Comments

Gone are the days of contemplation
and thinking out the right equation.
Rushing,reckless and rusting; no retrospection
to think out what caused self-annihilation.
Modernization,the right of every modern nation,
also the lock of self suppression.

Is it our fault,that we hate ourselves?
Is it our fault that we no longer feel that brethren
is the best way for a civilization to show togetherness?
Why is it our (the so called modern children) fault,
that a lot of us end in depression?
Why as a race we have progressed,
but when we see the world,we get depressed.

depressed at the sight of life’s
value being quantified.
Depressed because we have no time
to sit and think,for as quick as wink,
the world wants us to swim or sink.
Why what do we have for ‘I’?
and do i have for ‘we’?

Fights,quarrels,aggression and humiliation.
Why on one side we are preached,
and the other side we are ordered,
now neither path seems greener,
for the truly green path is the
less beaten one.Why time has been
made faster and we all last longer.

No time to love and give respect.
No time to take love and respect.
No time to understand.
No time to explain,just don’t be a pain,
get things done-haste is not vain.
Try anything else,
you are branded from hell-insane.

Why modern religion all preach war,
all of them put love and humans far
apart.Why a few sing in praise
of a good God,but a few more,
sing praise of self-proclaimed
creatures-exploitation,the essence
of modernization.

Why being modern means so much more,
have your fire and cook,
have your oven and bake,
why get out and have more sake,
but cut out the fake,
unneeded airy waves,
too much of it will kill the race.

change your clothes.
It doesn’t mean cover up more.
All i ask is do as you really wish.
be yourself and understand the
pasts wish and the futures
desire to be rich-not in terms of money,
but in happiness and unity.

Sing your song-
not someone else’s lament.
Why you too are a human.
It is your tale which is important
and it is for your betterment.
Unless you are right,
the world will never be.

Build a factory,
let it not destroy one for another.
Build it with stones which suit you
and remember that you can
have only what is yours.
Your factor
should rewrite history.

Make your own way.
Dare,dare and dare,
cleave your path
and fill your wants,
but remember to remember
those who were and those
who are.For to dare is to see.

Let modernization be,
a new rebirth,
a renaissance,
one which will have the best-
of the past,present and the future.
Dynamic is our need,
and the food needs to be made ready.

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June 29, 2008 § 11 Comments

I am jumping,jumping and bouncing and blabbering,yes i caught my blog as it got its 10000th hit πŸ™‚ Yup it isn’t 10008 yet,but then 9 & 7 are my lucky numbers πŸ™‚ So 10008 add then you get 9 subtract them and you get 7 πŸ™‚ This is really amazing,mainly because my original blog still hasn’t reached 8000 after 2 years and this has got 10000 πŸ˜€

And so Another tag πŸ™‚ This one is about people i hate and comes from Arvind! It is pretty funny,for right now i love everyone πŸ™‚ The 10008 has got me so happy,that even a human hater like me is in love with humanity πŸ™‚ But anyway i am going to tell my super fast mind to chill a bit,it does need to keep awake till 2( Spain VS Germany! tonight) and get to think of why i hate my own race πŸ™‚

>i don’t know if it is because of too many movies/cartoons/books with the idea of having people hate their own race,but I hate humans because they are humans,they seem to think they know everything.these beings who call them selves as adults,try to spoil young minds by controlling them.While all the movie heroes might hate the word “sorry”,i hate the word MISBEHAVE.I hate it i tell you,for that is what you get for just letting your mind out πŸ™‚ ( was about to say hair down,but then according to my mom, I misbehave if I grow my hair 😦 so i wear my hair really short).why so many creatures will be jea of humans for their ‘intelligence’ ,these stupid creatures always believe in making “kids”(the far intelligent yet innocent and free ) the same as they were.The only rope we kids have is the gen. gap.

>Ok,so i covered most of humanity in my first point.So the second point should be more pointing.so the next kind,is ” I am so emotional and get depressed ,i just go wild or just sit and cry”.Ok so that makes me hate myself.I hate the part of me,which is always ready to feel sad and dejected.But i love it too,for that is me ,it is the outer cover for the still innocent child in me πŸ™‚

> now i am seriously running out of people! I covered the world,i covered me,now where for the third step? Anyone willing to lend your head and ruling the under world? Well got it.It is those who don’t appreciate other religions and most of all their own.” It is what our religion says that is what i follow”,I believe blind faith comes only when you don’t appreciate anything and those who appreciate will just follow what they want and not impose things on others and not hate other religions.Anyway blind faithΒ  is owed to a lot of people in the 1st point.No religion ever preaches that you hate every other religion.religion has become the tool for people to being used.(those who use it come later ) but it is the people’s willingness to be used,which causes them to be used.I remember stories in my tamil class,where my teacher with pride would tell us that the erstwhile kings of our country would rather die,than live under someone or thing ,they don’t believe in.And for that you don’t go destroy what is not yours and that which is not yours is everything.For the body too is a cage and the cage has a right to be broken.( i am not promoting suicide,but i am not against it)

> Those who use others.And i too am guilty of this.But i try to avoid it,i usually do it to people who try to use me,so it is a kind of symbiosis.No one has a right to crush another.yet we have the people who treat humans as if they were born for slavery.while those who are crushed come from a family which wasn’t bale to withhold, even if you are under someone you should be your own master.But our system is such that one leads and everyone follows and that is the safest too.So A leader is one who understands all his comrades and will be able to sort the problems among them.And yet for leaders we have avarice,lusty cynical brutes for whom “me and I” are the paradise .I am not telling you to be more charitable and empathize ,you have right to love and be yourself,but remember that a workers hand is also a hand and that his eyes are also eyes.His duty is to do that,for he is not you,so appreciate his work and he will not covet for your work.

> Now i have seriously gone into a frenzy,so the last of humanity i hate.While i have covered more than a fifth,this would make it more than whole.I hate humanity for not understanding itself.Why so as we call ’em our mortal mother and father Adam and Eve or whatever they maybe,never thought about why we were here? Were they lost in a thought so profound,that the fruit they eat was in thought and not in real?Why have they given us a world which we would never be able to appreciate with our tiny eyes and why did they give us this world which we will never understand?

For humanity is meant to suffer,

for life was never meant to be,

but a mistake created by its own

mistake,which we all now justify?

Fir happiness is a state of life and

so ecstasy is not infinity

but the state of supreme individuality.

For sorrow,

will last only till morrow,

and it needn’t be borrowed,

it will be crushed

by our own virtue of being humans?

Now i need to pass this on.I am not sure of how many of you hate humans or at least a few kinds of them.i think i will give it toAyushi,Nikhil and well anyone who wants to do it( i admit i have been passing too many and a lot of you haven’t done the ones which i have passed on ) So am not going to bug you all.

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