Cut the ropes

December 7, 2008 § 13 Comments

pull the noose so tight,
that to kill,it feels it has no right.
cut the ropes which bind
and take it away from the fiend.

No one can own
and for our sake we have borne
many an insult and hapless innuendo
but now this our life our crescendo.

The world shall be the world
and it can say it wants about us,herald
people can,passing on gossip,
but this our path,our trip.

Never drop the courage,
it is the best among the ripe vintage.
In you ,you know you are the strongest
and the light shines the brightest!



October 27, 2008 § 18 Comments

Courage it is and courage it shall be,
and to conquer all that is to be.
The world is waiting to be roamed
and life at every step is formed
and the roots grow,
and boulders are broken through
or passed over and their existence’s
value is left to be pondered.
A maverick’s heart,it takes,
to fight the world and the fakes.
Creation is the will,
and hypocrisy its contradiction.
And that  shall come to an end,
when we have the courage,
to accept that  we are free
to do as we please,as long as
we follow the light
and question every step
and understand what is right.
A thousand dreams,the birds
have wings and beak,
we have the mind and hands,
to bake mud into bricks
and understand the illusion and tricks.
And courage,it takes,
to go against those think otherwise,
for sometimes the strength of vice
is such that,in you it lies.
And so we have the candle,
the light exists everywhere
all we need to do is,
light it upon the flame
and after that it won’t be the same
and there is no shame
and glow everything will in your name.
Courage,it takes
and courage it will be,
to know what is really free.

the light shines the brightest

Till the end..

September 4, 2008 § 8 Comments

When all you wish,is that you can reach.
When all you wish,it that you have some peace.
The torrents make you feel faint,
the storms make it all seem vain.
Sunshine seems to burn you life away,
you just wish that everything would end by the day.
Emotions fail to be named,
sometimes you think it a conspiracy and you are framed.
Thoughts of the past flow,
all the while you wish to let go.
You know you the courage to catch all the life throws,
but then something within you says suppose.
Ordered things seem organized,
and chaos seems a to rule life,
and in pain ,you cry and wish you can die,
so that you can preserve yourself(not suicide.)
In the corner ,of your world
in the corner of the universe,shriveled ,
you wish to crack the unnamed code.
With everything closed and no door
to be opened,you sit within
and think of nothing,thoughts don’t seem to begin.
Lost for hours in the misery,
you know that whatever is the mystery,
you are following your own path,
and that you shall be true,till the last.
One day,everything might end,
but till then you know you have the right to defend,
nothing is dependent,
as long as you know you are independent.
Till the end,you can shine,
for nothing shall you bow to,nothing shall bind.
Till the end,you want to live,
till the end you shall live.

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