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August 10, 2008 § 6 Comments

Order and Beauty.

For this one there were four entires 🙂 And here they are:-


A Nose in a Rose

She ordered a rose and it was a beauty
She powdered her nose and used it profusely.
She ordered her servant to bring it to sniff –
“I won’t” said the maid, and said it quite snooty.
Her mistress just then had a tickle and wheeze
And out of her nose there came a great sneeze:
The orderly napkins and trimmings for tea
Arrayed on her table to stunning degree
They shuddered and shook and then flew in the air –

“That sure was a beauty,” the maid did declare.


I see ur face
in the beauty
of this phase
of sun’s duty
The shining ball
far behind the hall
tells me ur grief
of what i never wanted to be the chief


1st pic: (with the 2 long white stems)
He was a young lad who held his head high, like he had two huge, white horns- hIS ego never gave him a chance to KISS..
2′nd pic:(with teh pink flower)
She was a full-bloom lady with bright pink cheeks- the pink cheeked MISS.
3′rd pic: (the floral arrangement)
Marriages are made in heaven, and the two of them got into an ARRANGED alliance of BLISS.
4′TH pic: (fulla pretty flowers)
The two of them loved each other and their love took physical shape in the form of 10 KIDS.
5′TH pic: (the chair with stars and holes in the back support)
They soon became one with the stars and gaping holes in the sky. The world without them became an empty chair and a sad ABYSS.
6′TH pic: (the skies, dusk, shadows and electricity lines)
But even today, when you look into the starless sky, their love plays a beautiful shadow on the dusky, monotone background. Then, you feel their love, and an electric chill gives your spine a nostalgic, whacky KISS..


One moment led to a Buddha, a Gandhi, an OshO.
Rendering them such power, a nation they could steeR.
Depriving themselves form petty desires,their souls they freeD
Enduring all odds, reached the highest pinnacles with easE.
Reticence not being a virtue, words were their speaR
Austerity being the media,they penetrated all human stratA
Noble in their approach, yet they forced all into deliberatioN.
Dictators and imperialists too felt compelled to pay them heeD.
Baffled by them are many,many try to wear that garB
Enlightenment evades them, as the truth they fail to seE
Alacrity with reticent desires would lead to it’s alohA
Ubiquitous are their teachings,waiting to be learned by yoU
Treading on their path will not be easy,it’s a very long fighT
Yearning to be enlightened will not do, my friend,you have to trY

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So,those where the four entries for this week.I know a few of you asked me to place the poll on the sidebar,i promise to do it the next time( i am not able to find the right widget).Anyway you can vote till Tuesday evening(IST 6:00 pm) 🙂 after which i will publish the results! So who do vote for this time?

Order and beauty-contest

August 3, 2008 § 16 Comments

First the last week’s winners… It was a tie between Sameera and Manoj 🙂 Congratulations you two !! 🙂

Now for this week’s contest:-

Beauty and Order are the words.Using these two words  write a poem/story/prose. If you want you can use the pictures below to complete your writing 🙂

The contest is open till Friday 6:00 pm ISD.After which there will be a poll to decide the winner 🙂

All the best everyone 🙂

the pictures:-






1..2..3 contest -poll

August 1, 2008 § 19 Comments

Ok,well i think the topic itself was very say not the ordinary type…There were totally four entries,so have read and vote for the one you think was the best 🙂


the beautiful attractive flowers as they r
tell me something so silently
some deep thot gets provoked inside
me wen I see u
i feel i need to watch only 1 goal in ma life
just 1 aim to shoot and not 2 as 2 scatters my depth, my penetration to the inside
and my 1 goal to stop injustice in the world
can only be done
if I watch the world
after removing the rose tinted glasses
i wore till now.


A tribute to all the people who lost their lives in the recent bomb blasts:

Let the budding spirit bloom like “a flower”,
in this time of gory and violent hour,
to see the humanity atleast from far.

Let the spirit envisage the “blossom of power”,
that helps us put two and two together,
and find out the ones that made our nation wither.

Let the eternal”hope” spread its colour,
on our “spirit” and our “power”,
as we pray for the peace to shower!

PS: The first flower is our Spirit, the other flower in the second photo is our Power, and the three colourful flowers in the third photo are Hope, Spirit and Power.


When I am all alone,
I lose my color and tone.

When I have her, its love,
Where others will take a bow.

When our children blossom,
The colors will shine this mausam. (hindi)


She lived a colorless life,doing what she was supposed to do.Deep within,she hoped one day there would come someone to paint her dull canvas.

Seasons passed,and yet came none.Still,she carried on with a smile on her face and a spring in her step.She knew happiness is in giving,and she gave with all her heart.

Wherever she went,she left behind fragrance,one that emanated from the depths of her soul.Many a face she lit up,many a joy she conjured.

And then one day,when she woke up,she saw she was not plain anymore.The canvas had been filled with the colors of her soul.

So who do you vote for?

update:-Contest closed.It is a tie between Sameera and manoj.


July 28, 2008 § 9 Comments

Time to get creative 🙂 Below are three pictures,write a story/poem involving all three.No word limits.There will be a poll,after the contest closes…so give it your best shot.

Dead line:-30/07/08,5 PM IST.

And for those of you who like to add something more,you can add one more photo of your choice(from anywhere in the web) to complete your entry 🙂

All the best!

P.S:- this is the first time i am trying something like this.This is a contest ,so that you give it your best shot,it is not for rating anyone as a good writer or a bad one.

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