A shot at the world record for the most number of participants in a live painting competition

January 29, 2010 § 18 Comments

The Rotary Club of Madras Central organized a drawing competition, “Chithiram Pesuthadi”. The competition aimed to break the existing world record for the most number of participants in a live painting competition(Guinness  record) .  About 16000-20000 students participated and I guess that should do it(the official numbers should be submitted to Guinness before conformation).

From rotarydrawing

Probably the only place in the city, which can hold so many people at the same time, is the Chepauk Stadium. The event co-sponsored by Abirami Mega mall was inaugurated by The Mayor of Chennai, M.Subramaniam and the governor of Rotary District 3230. The competition kicked off at about 11:30 and got over at about 1:00 pm.

It was well organized and thought out. Wooden stands and cardboards were placed in front of the seats, to make it easier for the children to paint. Paints, brushes, pencils , erasers, papers etc were provided by the organizers along with snacks and water.

From rotarydrawing
From rotarydrawing

It was a breath-taking site, to see so many young artists paint at the same time. The event saw both private schools as well as corporation schools taking part(the latter being more disciplined). It was a humongous event, especially considering the logistics involved.

Special buses were organised, organizers recruited and of course preparing the painting stands and making sure every child gets a proper chance at painting. And the children did justice to the opportunity provided. The differently abled children should get a special mention, especially this boy:-

From rotarydrawing

And this kid too:-

From rotarydrawing

Funny, none of the television channels seemed to have covered it(correct me if I am wrong). After all it is not every day such an event is going to take place. As mentioned the corporation school kids were way better- kids from private schools started flinging the cardboards provided on to the ground and the teachers and volunteers couldn’t do anything about it. Fortunately, nothing went out of control.

In all the event was a big success. The police and the corporation of Chennai should get a special mention. The results will be announced soon.


October 8, 2009 § 33 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Bloggers and non-bloggers, Facebookers(?) and tweeples , yes it’s finally here – THE GREAT SUPER HEROES CONTEST!!

What’s the deal?

You are to create your super hero with super powers, super vehicles etc etc (and yes a super story! 😛 ) and post it in your blog or FB(as notes) and leave us the link. WE will then have a voting to decide which hero wins 😉

Sounds easy right?

Rules and Conditions:-

1) Be nice to Earthlings.

2) No plagiarizing(we will be doing some searches before the voting) , so if you are borrowing ideas/heros do give the credit or even better nominate that person!

3) You can do cartoons/video posts/animation/ picture posts/comic strip/ whatever you can think of 🙂

4) Old posts will be accepted(*ha there I can see a few already digging..what written in 1956? Whats that companies act? Super powers ? 😛 )

5) Try to maintain an audience rating of A I mean U 😛

6) Yes we are Indians and yes rules are meant to be broken, but it ain’t fun when it is going to hurt you! So do try to be sensible 😛

7)  Rules/ conditions would be added as and when we feel there is a need to add one.

Time Line(speculative) :-

Entries will be accepted from now(the moment this post is posted) to 21:00 IST 15/11/09

After which , we judges will contemplate , categorize and do the other things needed to make voting easy for you guys.

Voting will be from 22/11/09 to 20/12/09(plenty of time).

Results will be announced on Christmas Day 😀


Depends on the no. of participants. More the people, bigger the prize(prizes) 😀

The judges:)

Hitchy and Crafty have decided to help me on this one, Thanks a million guys! And yes this one is in association with Indiameme.com , Be ahead with the latest Headlines! 😀

So what you waiting for? Have fun saving the day people!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😆 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

The great LOL challenge – winners!!

July 15, 2009 § 189 Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen!

*drum rolls*

So finally , yes finally we have the results of the great LOL challenge 🙂 Before I announce I would like to thank Indyeah and Solilo 🙂 Without them this wouldn’t have gone anywhere 🙂 Indi a big thanks for your help in organising this 🙂 And of course Solilo thanks for the wonderful badges 🙂

Now , first I would like to announce the honorary awards(yes you didn’t see that one coming did you ? )..

They are Quirky Indian and Gauri 😀

Next , the LOL cartoons/illustrations winner 🙂 The winner is a dancer , singer and of course now a housekeeper….

…and the winner is…OG 🙂 For his post “Desi Touch”.

Next we have the short posts , category 🙂 The only video entry for the contest ..and I should apologize to him as well , because I forgot about the links he mailed me 🙂 Anyway

..the winner is…. Vimal for the video shot in his office.. 🙂

Well now we have the winner for the long post category..The winner tries to be first where ever he goes…yes yes guessed it

….the winner is…. Hitch/Dhiren for his post “the times of fatherhood”..

And finally, finally ,we come to the big one…The jester among us..the person who makes us laugh day in and day out..It was a close race this…

*tigers roar*

The winner is…Dhiren! ( as OG suggested you have to do a post on cross border terrorism!)

Thank you , thank you everyone participating 🙂 Without you this wouldn’t have been a “success” . But as they say things should come to an end…Hopefully we are back with another LOL challenge soon 🙂 Till then Laugh on ya people! And again congrats to all the winners! 😀

The great LOL challenge – votes please!

June 11, 2009 § 40 Comments

Latea vandalum latesta varnum (Even if you come late , you should come with the latest ) and so with typical Indianess( latitudes and longitudes don’t have any bearing on that)  , we(Solilo , Indyeah and me) have finally managed to choose and categorize the posts , so without any further dialogues or sceneu here we go…er forgot , the last day to put your vote in is 5st of July(plently of time 😉 ) … anyway another important thing , if you feel someone else nominated earlier deserves the vote , you can say so in the comment section(and if a lot of you say so and if that is greater than the winner in the poll , that person wins 😀 )  , so even if we have made a mistake , it is corrected .

Cartoons : –

1)kokonad’s – http://www.themattefinish.com/blog/2009/03/gadgets-become-self-aware/



Short Posts

1)http://allabtpj.blogspot.com/2008/07/i-luv-u.html (PJ’s)

2)http://vimalsparadise.blogspot.com/2009/01/scariest-movie-part-8.html (Vimmuu)


4)http://www.themattefinish.com/blog/2009/03/gadgets-become-self-aware/ (Kokonad)

5)http://ambitextrous.blogspot.com/2009/04/slumber-party-ii-return-of-pjs.html (Rukmani Ram)

6) http://indianhomemaker.wordpress.com/2008/10/16/so-how-old-are-you/ (IHM)

7) http://www.phoenixritu.com/2008/07/27/my-elder-sons-wedding-part-2/ (Ritu)

3)http://vinodksharma.blogspot.com/2009/04/vote-banks-and-mothers-wars.html (Vinod Sharma)

4)http://orangeicecandy.blogspot.com/2009/01/where-are-you-from.html (Parul)

Jester’s :-






Important : – Leave the topic you want the winning jester to write about in the comments!!

The great LOL challenge – update 3

May 19, 2009 § 12 Comments

Thank you for participating in the great LOL challenge 😀 Frankly I didn’t expect this kind of response but thanks to Indyeah (the smiley lady) the response has been something which has put a huge smile upon my face . I presonally have had a great time reading all the posts 🙂 I can surely say it is has been a great success . 

Now the hardest part begins for us . We need to categorize and choose posts for the poll . So while we take the next couple of days(okay , I am a bad liar , lets say it might take anywhere close to 100-150 hours 😆 ) to do all that , there will be a final category for nominations , THE JESTER OF BLOGOSPHERE .  

You can nominate the blog of your choice for this category in the comment section of this post (the comments in the other post is closed) . Oh! well lets make this interesting , the winning  jester will have to do a special show ‘ post ‘ on the topic given by the voters (LOL 😛 want to nominate yourself ? 😉 .

So once again thank you all for participating ! 😀

The great LOL challenge – update 2

May 15, 2009 § 11 Comments

First of all thanks for the great response everyone! Second of all sorry for disappearing , went on an unplanned ‘holiday’ for the last couple of days(and needed that too! 😀 ) So now back with my batteries recharged (and ready to be humoured 😆 ) .

So back to business , seeing the amount of entries we have decided now to extend the deadline to Monday (18th) 21:00 hrs ISD . So all those of you who have been busy/lasy to submit your entires , get going now 😀 

And since by tomorrow by this time our country will have a new P.M. , we are going to allow all those with political wit to have their say ( make sure it is good taste though ) . The only condition on this being , that no old posts are allowed for this ( as I am sure all of you will be writing about it anyway 😉  ) .

For those of you who don’t know yet , submit your links here.

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

The great LOL challenge – update

May 8, 2009 § 19 Comments

Well since , we haven’t recieved many entries till now , I guess it is time to let old posts be counted as well 😉 That means you can nominate your/others  older posts for the challenge 😀 So time to think about those old jokes again 😉   . 


And with regards to rule no.1 and 2 , i.e.

1) The jokes should be clean , i.e. No dirty jokes ,no Adult jokes .

2) Try to make share/make jokes which won’t hurt anyone . Use your sense and judgement .

Just do your post and if we feel it ain’t that bad,we will allow it (just write it anyway , you are going to make people laugh!) . 

So happy laughing only 7 more days to go! Get contributing people! (leave the link as a comment in this post) . 


😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

The great LOL challenge

May 1, 2009 § 88 Comments

Well now that the smiley lady is back , we have decided to lauch the blog-o-sphere’s first LOL (laugh out loud) challenge  🙂 . 

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


So it is time for all you cartoonists , writers , video makers or well anyone  , who has taken to blogging to come out with your best and for the next two weeks make everyone laugh their heads out . After the two weeks we will have a poll to decide who is the best jester around (if we get enough entries , we might even have category wise polling ) . 

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

The rules:-

1) The jokes should be clean , i.e. No dirty jokes ,no Adult jokes . 
2) Try to make share/make jokes which won’t hurt anyone . Use your sense and judgement .
3) Give links to all copy righted materials you use . 
4)You can share anything you want , just that it should make people laugh . The more you make people laugh , remember more the chance you might get people’s vote . 
5) Originilaity is encouraged . So if you are good at telling jokes , record and post . If you are good at coming up with cartoons , share them!
6) remember to laugh along . 

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

The time period:–  Now( 14:15 GMT , May 1st) to May 15th(00:00 GMT).

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 

The phases:-

1) May 1st – 15th . Posting and leaving the link here. 

2) May 15th to May 22nd . Polling.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 



So what you waiting for ? Come on let us laugh out our stress , worries and whatever stupid thing life throws at us . For the next two weeks , let blogosphere be a place of happiness 🙂 

And for those of you who aren’t exactly jesters but want to take part , you can try to compose posts using videos / pictures etc which you can find . Remember the only criteria is you should make us laugh and ya rule #3 . 

Come laugh along!


From new camera1

🙂 🙂 😆 😆 😀 😀


August 20, 2008 § 15 Comments

Oh ya,tagged again!I got hit by Aaarti this time 🙂 So first the rules
“” Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set. ”

So the first one:-


My oldest memory:-Hmm…thinking,thinking…Ha i remember,when we were moving from Chennai to Bangalore when i was 3 or something(ya ya i lived there for supposedly a year),there was truck which had all our stuff in it and i was telling ti bye 😛 ..hmm…i think i might remember something more ancient…well but an interesting one is,i remember a girl in LKG(long story made short-it is history floks 😛 ) and i remember liking her the second i saw her 😀

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Studying in 2nd grade!Ya and i had my Upanyasam(ya the sacred thread ceremony,blah haven’t done anything about it since,just change it on the day one day in the year and whenever it just breaks 😛 ) .
Hmm…and ya that girl was still in my class and i had a big time crush on her 🙂


Your first thought today morning:
How many hits on my blog…lol 😛 Well i checked the time ASIGU(as soon as i got up) and was relived that i won’t be late for my school’s annual day practice.(i hate being late )

If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

Chocolates,strawberries…ice cream…food….lol k 😛 i would take it back to the beginning of civilization and see what Adam and Eve are like and tell them…K leave it 😛 (Ok,i have realized i am under the influence,but of what?) And ya i might re visit my KG days and well ste thing right so that the girl and i stick to each other 😛

This year:-
Oh! an year has flown by ya?Waat ra,haven’t published your book aa? Waat you doing CA wa?Good ra..Adjually i knew da…

Hari Om! 🙂

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

OMG,14 years…thats a long time from now..Well 14 years ..I have lots of plans..but hate putting plans on paper…I just don’t like it 😛 I never write any plans and time line stuff,have it all up there 😛 It saves me the trouble of remembering 😛 (ya if i forget i don’t need to remember,blissful ignorace i say! )

Now i have to tag someone…hmm….

3)Small star
4)well anyone else…:P
Oh ya the contest Nationalism-peace and destruction is extended till this Friday.Only two entries till now,come on guys !

Nationalism-peace and destruction,contest

August 15, 2008 § 8 Comments

First of all for the Order and beauty contest’s winner 🙂 And the winner is …Siddharth.Congrats ! 🙂 Now for the next contest-

Going along with the fervor around me,the topics for this one are

1)Nationalism and peace.


2)Nationalism and destruction.

You are welcome to interpret the topics in anyway and share whatever you feel about either of the two or both of them.Since both the topics are ‘opposites’ ,your entry can contain arguments posted by others(but those which take a dig on the person,shall be deleted.)Of course poems are welcome too :)And those good at block and tackle,can post an entry on those lines too 🙂

deadline:-18:00 hrs,IST,20th of August. 🙂

Again the contest is intended just for the sake of writing 🙂

All the best everyone!

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