A new beginning

May 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

And this transition, metamorphose  is not self-made. There are many to whom I am thankful to- My parents, grand parents, my sister, friends(especially those who are patient enough to listen to me and point out things) and blogging friends. There are some people who are more than a friend.

And when I think back, a few people who are here(in the blogging world), who have inspired me and helped me  are NitaKeshiPaul,  SakhiReemaAartiMahakShaktiGB, IndyeahShivaDIand  Priya,  among others. I want to thank you all. I learnt things through your blogs and the conversations we have had.



Change(55 word fiction)

July 26, 2009 § 13 Comments

How are we ever going to change all this?

You can’t change it.

What do you mean? That we are helpless , useless? We don’t have a right , that our love has no value , that we are…

You don’t get it..we can’t be the change , we can only be the catalysts to a change.


We all want a change!

February 22, 2009 § 13 Comments

An art,
A mirage,
A state,
A nation!
we all want a change,
we all want a change!

You and me,
I and you,
The people who make the nation
Have had enough and now want a renovation!
We all want a change,
We all want a change!

years have gone by,
And all we have seen is lie after lie!
Corruption and poverty
Did someone just say equality? 
With some dirty politics
And crude and gross tricks,
the value of people is gone sick
And no where can we be free,
Everything seems a lie
And for this we are born to die? 
The time has come for inspiration
The clock just sturck a new tone,
Let us shed the old and let the dirt be gone!
We all want a change,
we all want a change!
We all want a change!
No more of this blame game,
No more of these corrupt convicts,
We want to see the nation rise,
We don’t want something filled with vice
And more and more lies!
Together we all will stand,
Now is our time and let us begin,
Try to understand,
That this not the way it has been,
To be be heard be seen!
And now is time to make our nation lush
and remove the dirt and old dust!
No more do we want reservations,
No more do we want caste and creed separations
we all feel we can stand together,
We all feel we are a nation!
And united we all will make this better,
We all want a change,
We all want a change!
Wake up and see,
The sight is not worth your pity!
Dirty rivers and lusty officials,
power has gone to their head
And the people are being mislead!
While the skyscrapers scrape the sky,
beneath them ,beneath the colours and dyes,
There is an ugly world,
All curled and now it says and heralds,
That it is its world
and owes every boy and girl!
Wake and see,
Together we need to be,
To fight,the dark night
And lend light,
To our nation and make it alive!
We all want a change,
And before it is too late
And everything becomes just the same,
We need to change
And work together ,
the forces need to be alive
And for us and for the future,
Let us set things right!
We all want a change,
We all want a change!
We all want a change!

P.S: Ya not my best 🙂


June 14, 2008 § 6 Comments

my world-
i have inherited it.
It is full of all that
is not needed.
My world-
i have borrowed it,
from the future.

I have a world,
i wish to make it better.
i wish to make it better,
i want to add all that i can,
which will get it rid,
of all that is too salty
to let growth be growth.

i have a world which needs change-
people need to know love,
people should know how to bow,
with respect for themselves.

Animosity is the biggest vice,
its avarice has been filled by
poverty and illiteracy.

I have a world,
i want to change it.
I want it to be a suite,
filled with everything nice.
There should be no more lies,
there should be no more bias.

I have a world,
it needs many a changes,
i wish to eradicate jealousy.
I want people to see,
that they are what they are
meant to be.It means try to strive,
try to rise,but don’t indulge in
jealousy,for what is not your’s will
never be.

I have a world,
it is filled with burden,
of blind faith,
and illicit baits,
which draw the heroes
and make them late.

I have a world,
it needs some advise,
and to preach,
i need to practice,
so i try to understand
what goes by.

The world
needs something good,
first let it be food.
A few hoard them and
when questioned,people
are beaten.

I have a world
it needs change.
There is war,
there is misery,
i search for a
way to remove them.
a plant needs its sunlight,
and we have become so huge,
that our eyes no more
can see the perennial
light,so our rivers have run dry.

i have a world to save,
it is for the future’s sake.
It is left to you,
who i trust and me to make
it a better place,
not just for our race,
but for everyone’s sake.
It is time we strengthen our base,
correct our ways,
and come out of this phrase.
For the sake of a better tomorrow.
Let not our future cry,
while we die ,
let earth be the place of life.

Inspired by this post.

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