Dear Girlfriend

February 12, 2010 § 22 Comments

Now, now I have got you an amazing gift, you are absolutely going to love it. But then, you want to get me something right? Let me help you out, lest you waste your money unnecessarily.   I have booked a table for us(ha but I refuse you tell you where 😉 ) and yes before that…ha you will love it trust me 😉

I am grateful for the fact that you asked me 🙂 Here are five things I can do with 🙂  See we need to be practical as well. We shouldn’t buy stuff, for the sake of buying. Roses are lovely, but why pluck them? I have put down five things, not in any particular order, it’s left to you 🙂 But even if you get me something else(or even nothing) , it doesn’t matter. After all, love isn’t dependent on materiality right?

1) A mobile:- You know, I like surprises. I was over the moon for a week, when you got me that book !!

A mobile a day, keeps boredom away! Am serious. I would love you to choose a nice mobile for me. You didn’t like my present one, right? I sort of think N97 is nice. Oh! but Sony’s new  Satio, Xperia and Aino also seem naaaice…And being a google fan, nexus should be fine too. But you decide. You know me and you have good taste na 🙂

2) A watch:- I love my watch. I hate any other sort of ornaments/stuff on me. I am a simple person, you know that. Now while the mobile can tell me the time, I can’t keep glancing at it every now and then can I? Tissot looks lovely. But then again, there are so so many many brands out there. It will be nice if the watch can call you and yes play our favorite songs too 😉

3) Shoes:- Now, now, I love shoes. They are more than just something to protect my feet. When I wear nice shoes, I feel more confident, more like a gentleman, I am. See haven’t you told me, you like the way I stand tall and broad? Shoes help in that, trust me. As long as it isn’t pink(pink trust me looks gorgeous on you, my love) I don’t mind 😉

4)A camera:- Now, I know you. we need to take photos, lots of photos,right?  That ruby looks awesome, but shouldn’t we preserve it and show it to others as well? You gorgeous 😉

And my, I know you love the sunset, how can I capture it for you? And yes, I need to see you, when you aren’t around. I need to see before I go to sleep, so A nice DSLR, should do. Take me along and we will see which one can shoot you the best 😉

5) A car:- See this is sort of going for the kill. But after you love me right? I love you more than I love anyone else on Earth!(or even the universe!!) You are adorable. I love you, truly. Didn’t you say you want me change my car? How about you get it for me? You know something which I can take you around in? Say a Ferrari? Ops, too costly? No problem, how about a BMW or even a Volks would choice daring, what’s suits you the best? 😀

As I said, love, it doesn’t matter what you get me. It is your choice. Do wear that wonderful dress you wore on your first date, you looked gorgeous and I am sure the….(ops 😉 Shhh…)

Anyway will call you tonight, it’s been a while since I wrote a letter, so I know it has no structure and stuff, so do forgive me(but you do look really really cute, when you shout at me for these things 😉 ).

Your love,


Hugs and kisses.Flowers and wishes 🙂


1) The only reason I wrote this, is because I don’t have a girlfriend.

2) Girls, no don’t run away, I don’t expect those things.

3) No, no I will never write something like this to a girl.

On the fast lane…(story?)

September 25, 2008 § 10 Comments

Before we get started,let me make onething clear.I can do without saying this,but i can’t resist it can i?

Question :Recent studies have shown blah blah……that youth of today don’t show interest in “teaching,services” blah blah blah…Express your views in an article highlighting  blah blah blah blah lack of sensitivity to the nation issue.” 

An extract: I and T ,two letter take all the youth away from the country,who is going to address the remaning 24 letters? 

😛 yup i wrote something similar to that in my English paper 😀 I want to look at my English teacher’s reaction to this one 😀 This is surely going to be a test ,to see if she really is broad minded 😀 


Now to the post 😀 

From misc3


The time is 12,midnight.All in alone in a huge car,you are on a very very dark highway.your only source of comfort is the headlight of your car.You see that the road is empty and you start going faster and faster.You dream of that pretty girl and wish that she was with you.But you know,she hates you .You then try to think of something else.You think about those people,in those old times,when there were no cars,you think how peaceful they were and then you think about you great,great ,great,great,great,great,great,great grand father,whose grand father might have been Adam or Kuppusami or Sri Sri Bigthondiyananda(thondi=stomach) or some Ramarangarajaraja thiru Nayana Srinivasa chari and the fact that he had about 2 dozen kids,who further went on to enhance the population by another dozen or so each.You then think,where all those people might be.If they still had the traditional value,of saying vango,pongo or bingo or if they still found veshti confortable or if they ever knew Sandyavanam(your version being-To whom so ever it concers,my name is this,my father name is this,if you don’t know me get lost,if you know me,you know the rest already,so spare me the trouble,i can’t remember that between intergration and all that stuff) .You then think,how much you have evolved.You don’t sport the big stomach,you don’t have 3 kids,infact you still haven’t even found a girl(that great to the power whatever had about 5 kids when he was your age!) ,you are supposedly broad minded and you aren’t a hypocrite.Then you consider the fact,that you might get married to only one girl and not to well 2 or 3,like your greats did.You then see some old rocks,which the head light throws light upon and you think of those child hood stories,when big Rakshashas lifted those things and went about destorying stuff,you draw an anology to the present and realize the fact,that even today we had those people,the only thing we lack is the presence of Lord Vishnu(might be garuda is on a vaction,in planet #47437545324 in The universe SDJO4543.) and the other Gods,to save us,they have retired or we haven’t provided them with good infrastructure or they are just holidaying in some other planet,getting tan.Then you see the outline of the a mountain and another story comes to your mind,about Indra cutting the mountains’ wings,you realize that nuclear weapons have the power to destory countries and the world,what an improvement you conclude.You drive on further,still alone.Something walks across the road-another childhood story passes across,ghosts,which stops you and ask you for a ride and then kill you,but your mind refuses to indulge in such stuff and quickly moves on the fact,it was some Idiot,who lacked any sense, walking across,but feeling bored and searching for some comfort you propose to yourself that it might been one of those Rishies who are still alive,walking across.At that your mind returns to thier love life.You push that away,when the thought of Krishna strikes you.The guy with, GOD(he) knows how many wives.You wonder,how he managed to keep so many girls,when you can’t find one.He must have been some guy,with a lot of strength.He was addicted to butter,might be that was the secret(you make a mental note,that you better contact your friend in some weird orgainsation like Sundown Indian Culture Limited,whose findings if published,would put bollywood to shame and for that reason you decide against it).And you think of Rama,funny,that rama preceded krishna,he was the one who saw only one girl,he must be the dream guy,not Krishna,surely? But well you figure,out that even those men in those weird times,couldn’t but help like the idea of going behind so many girls at the same time,that is why they made Krishna come after Rama.And going on to complete the series,you jump to Buddha.He had a kingdom and a wife and a kid,before,going in search of peace.So we are to become like his then?But then that was his purpose.then you question the very existence of everything,what is fiction,what is reality? You are stunned at the fact that life is so complicated.But at least people 50 years back,had the time to grow beards and grow hair and think about such stuff.They lacked motivation? No,they didn’t they always moved on the next level,never staying in one thing.And then you think of your immideate past gen.What have they done,you question? They were once who know how sad wars are,they know the meaning of struggle,but what did they do? They left the country in the hands of sad politicans.You swear it off,you don’t want to think about that now,something fun…something fun..

Suddenly,Something does happen.You lose sense of your self,the wheels move on their own,you lose control,you hear a laughter and you turn to that mantra which gives you comfort and as you resign to fate and faith,you see the sense it all can make,but the force is too great and you just let go.You are awake but don’t know,what is happening.Panic,comfort,security,fear all at the same time.You hear a voice telling,”I am here now” Over come,you let go.Blank.

From misc3

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