Dear Girlfriend

February 12, 2010 § 22 Comments

Now, now I have got you an amazing gift, you are absolutely going to love it. But then, you want to get me something right? Let me help you out, lest you waste your money unnecessarily.   I have booked a table for us(ha but I refuse you tell you where 😉 ) and yes before that…ha you will love it trust me 😉

I am grateful for the fact that you asked me 🙂 Here are five things I can do with 🙂  See we need to be practical as well. We shouldn’t buy stuff, for the sake of buying. Roses are lovely, but why pluck them? I have put down five things, not in any particular order, it’s left to you 🙂 But even if you get me something else(or even nothing) , it doesn’t matter. After all, love isn’t dependent on materiality right?

1) A mobile:- You know, I like surprises. I was over the moon for a week, when you got me that book !!

A mobile a day, keeps boredom away! Am serious. I would love you to choose a nice mobile for me. You didn’t like my present one, right? I sort of think N97 is nice. Oh! but Sony’s new  Satio, Xperia and Aino also seem naaaice…And being a google fan, nexus should be fine too. But you decide. You know me and you have good taste na 🙂

2) A watch:- I love my watch. I hate any other sort of ornaments/stuff on me. I am a simple person, you know that. Now while the mobile can tell me the time, I can’t keep glancing at it every now and then can I? Tissot looks lovely. But then again, there are so so many many brands out there. It will be nice if the watch can call you and yes play our favorite songs too 😉

3) Shoes:- Now, now, I love shoes. They are more than just something to protect my feet. When I wear nice shoes, I feel more confident, more like a gentleman, I am. See haven’t you told me, you like the way I stand tall and broad? Shoes help in that, trust me. As long as it isn’t pink(pink trust me looks gorgeous on you, my love) I don’t mind 😉

4)A camera:- Now, I know you. we need to take photos, lots of photos,right?  That ruby looks awesome, but shouldn’t we preserve it and show it to others as well? You gorgeous 😉

And my, I know you love the sunset, how can I capture it for you? And yes, I need to see you, when you aren’t around. I need to see before I go to sleep, so A nice DSLR, should do. Take me along and we will see which one can shoot you the best 😉

5) A car:- See this is sort of going for the kill. But after you love me right? I love you more than I love anyone else on Earth!(or even the universe!!) You are adorable. I love you, truly. Didn’t you say you want me change my car? How about you get it for me? You know something which I can take you around in? Say a Ferrari? Ops, too costly? No problem, how about a BMW or even a Volks would choice daring, what’s suits you the best? 😀

As I said, love, it doesn’t matter what you get me. It is your choice. Do wear that wonderful dress you wore on your first date, you looked gorgeous and I am sure the….(ops 😉 Shhh…)

Anyway will call you tonight, it’s been a while since I wrote a letter, so I know it has no structure and stuff, so do forgive me(but you do look really really cute, when you shout at me for these things 😉 ).

Your love,


Hugs and kisses.Flowers and wishes 🙂


1) The only reason I wrote this, is because I don’t have a girlfriend.

2) Girls, no don’t run away, I don’t expect those things.

3) No, no I will never write something like this to a girl.



April 21, 2009 § 17 Comments

Since I got my new camera , I got back to my old love of taking photos of flowers….I like this cam better than my old one , Its focus is better and the macros too is better(of course it should be ,considering there is a gap of four years between them) . I like the 4th and 5th..guess next time I should experiment more with the ISO speeds 🙂 

From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1

when you want something

April 22, 2008 § 8 Comments

when you want something,
you need to wish for it.
wish with all your might,
from deep inside,
so that universe knows
that you want it.
don’t be afraid to ask,
if you don’t,
you will never get it.
wishes are unlimited
yet when we reflect
they disappear-
just like a mirage,
leaving only what
we really want-
the surface.
the surface reflects
the ground-
what it contains,
your wants reflect
you,so think what
you really want
and wish for it.
once you wish,
you tell yourself
to work for it-
to get it.
without wants
and without wishes
progress is never
is in what and how
much we want.

and i want a new camera now -lol 😉 any suggestions ?

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