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June 22, 2009 § 41 Comments

Yup on Sunday 21 June 2009 (yesterday ) I completed three years of blogging . I have learnt a lot through this place including (sorry I can no more stop myself from being euphemistic about this) the fact that people will be people , where ever they are ( I am talking about Youth Unite) . I kept quiet and didn’t bother doing a post about completing one year and of late I have lost any sort of expectations . In fact I am planning to shut it down , better gone than open every time I double click on Chrome . Anyway I haven’t done that yet( still can’t do it , I guess , but soon will come around to it) and no this is not some sort of ” blackmail” (after all most of you never responded to my mails in the first place) , I have almost made up my mind . Just let me know , if think I shouldn’t do it (and give reasons with it ) .

On the brighter side I have met some wonderful people and have seen old friends leave and new ones come 🙂 Till date I have enjoyed blogging . I love the freedom it offers and the way we can discuss things which concern us .

I want to thank all those who read my blogs and all those who have commented ( they do mean something to me ) . I know before long , a few people might stop and new people might start blogging . But each blog is a book and it will be compete if not today , some day .

Happy Blogging 🙂

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