does my existence on this earth matter to you?

September 15, 2008 § 14 Comments

So does what i think,matter? Well to me it surely does and to people with whom i interact it does.Even if it doesn’t matter to those around,it surely matters to me and i will give my opinion in any matter i please and no i am not going to give reasons for ,I do it,simple because i feel like doing it. Now does my existence matter,to people around me? Instead of me answering this,i think i should let people around me answer it.See this post to know what i am talking about here.

On a larger perpective,I feel everyone has a part to play.Every drop has its value in a ocean.Everything,has an influence on everything else.As Paulo says ” When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” 

As a society too,what everyone thinks matters.And mostly people’s thinking is affected by what people around them think.History has seen many inspiring speeches which have lead to inspired actions.

An action in one thing,surely is going to induce a reaction.And like in a pond, even when a small pebble is thrown,there are ripples caused.

So again “does my existence on this earth matter to you? “

What is the greatest virtue?

August 31, 2008 § 21 Comments

question:What is the greatest virtue?

Am i Thinking too much?

August 29, 2008 § 31 Comments

Since whole of humanity thinks i think too much..Can someone answer me?It is really irritating to hear everyone say that,one person(no not here ,not in blogosphere) went as far as telling me ,”don’t be like this”(actually it was like,” don’t be soooo philosophical”,but well let me take it as thinking here),anyway,i was left wondering how else should i think,so tell me…no i do not assure you i will change or something,forget it 😛 i just want to know,what you think? Am i thinking too much?

what is the truth?

August 18, 2008 § 16 Comments

We all keep discovering things.Humanity has been propelled forward by the great discoveries and inventions.true enough.Yet there are so many people who say that it is man’s mistake that everything around us either dead or dieing.True we have caused everything to decay progressively,but then isn’t that man’s nature?
If we weren’t supposed to do all that,then why did we discover it? For so many things we say it is destiny ,fate etc,but why not for this?We are part of nature too aren’t we? We are nature aren’t we?Then what ever is happening is natural and aren’t we supposed to be letting it happen?Does being slightly more “sensible” mean that we should stop what nature has told us to do?I.e. destroy everything?So why fight over saving things which we ourselves have been so happily destroying?

Maybe earth will import something after we die.It might start life all over again.And well we have realized it.So it the fact that we relaized that we are killing ourselves slowly ,the reason,we started all the “nature” talks and things?Are we all doing all this,for the sake of ourselves in fear?

Just see around you.If you see,you will find everything is perfect.The air is filled with pollution,the ground around your house is cemented ,the road is tarred and the climate is changing as fast as the sun rises.So why should we bother about the green old days? We all are anyway going to die,so why not make it faster?Why not choke in your fire,than you neighbors?

Well the only reason why i think we are into this saving thing is because we discovered that too i guess,or maybe we just ran out of ideas and things to discover.One of these days,we will come up a perfect plan to save it all.Yup,it will be the idea of the century.The T.V shall have interviews by the genius of the age,the newspapers will have yards of columns written about the wonderful new thing.And once that is done,we all will think about what is next.Someone then will decide that we need more fun and start blowing someone else apart and finally we all will anyway end up fried.So what is the use of this saving thing anyway? The future gen.? Next Gen.Saving the planet for our future?On one side everyone talks about population explosion on the other about the next gen.Am I losing something.Who has got the right to decide who can make the future?Aren’t all that we have found out till now insignificant,considering the fact,that we still haven’t found a way to keep living forever?What is the use anyway? the only reason i can think of for all this is entertainment.We all are bored and need a reason to live.Simple.

Well i like the idea of saving.All those super heroes are cool,but those who go around saving things are cooler,sounds nice doesn’t it ?So what do i want to save anyway?

The one thing i truly want to save is the truth.I think that is the only thing worth saving.But what is the truth?i have asked a lot of questions in this post,but then this is the question i want you all to answer,what is the truth?


hide like a flower?

August 5, 2008 § 11 Comments

What do think this flower is doing?If you were it,what would you be thinking(taking that the flower can think! )

detachment in attachment?

August 4, 2008 § 14 Comments

This question came to me suddenly and have pondering it since morning,what do you think is detachment in attachment?

It does sound vague to a lot of people but i did managed to make a few people think.The funny thing was who ever i asked the question,thought i knew the answers and were reluctant to answer the question.

Anyway we read everywhere,that we need to be detached from everything.But the true meaning i have see is that while we love we need to be detached too.Now this is pretty vague,but the way i see it is this-you need to willing to separate from should be ready to share.This is what Gibran says

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were.

But i think it can mean so much more,So what do you think detachment in attachment can mean?

And if do you think you can give up what you have?

On the fast lane

August 1, 2008 § 6 Comments

The road rushes by as we travel.All of us have asked the question,”are we traveling too fast? ”

So what do think? Are we moving too fast?

I think that this is normal.We are moving faster and faster because we are supposed to do so.Someday there will be a stop and we are going faster to it.Maybe this is nature’s way of saving itself from humans.We humans call ourselves special even though we too are a part of nature.Now that with our intelligence we have found out we are heading towards doom faster,what are we going to do?What will it take to get rid of us-tsunami,earthquake ,cyclones,heat waves,cold waves,drought,flood….? What can we do to stop our destruction?Will we ever realize that we needn’t cling to our lives ?Will we realize that survival isn’t everything,living.I know we all will but will it be too late?

Will our haste,make us into waste?Is it time to slow down,if yes how can we?

Questions and questioning

July 30, 2008 § 12 Comments

questions….questions and more questions…How do we ask so many questions?

Asking Questions is really really easy,isn’t it? Yet it is an art to ask them.You first of need to understand what is either going or not going on first.Why do i say what is going or what not is going on?

When Asking a question in class,you can do it only if you either understand the subject or if you have no clue what is going on(e.g,why sir,is 1*1=1?)Similarly when you are outside you ask questions to people,like what is happening,why is this happening,etc.

So why do we question anyway?We question so that we get to know something more.Simple isn’t it?Yet we human have come up with really weird questions and managed to answer a few of them too.

It isn’t normal for a person to question when something which has always being happening happens.For eg,an apple falling from a tree.What led to one person thinking about it differently? What made him question why it falls and not the moon? So what we need to notice is what he questioned and the way he questioned it.He could have asked why is it falling,answered himself with the age old answer,cause it is supposed too.Well more than me saying ,a quote would help here,so here it is:

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

-Albert Einstein

and another one from him,

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I have written about questioning many times before,but the reason why i am writing again is because i want to see what I think about questioning now.There are times in school,when my friends make fun of me for asking questions.If they want to stop the class,they turn to me and ask me to ask questions.It always makes me wonder how come people can never come with questions.Of course it is not that they are not capable nor am i trying to ridicule them ,but how is it that It is easy for a few to ask questions,while others never have questions?

Questioning is an art.The only ones who can question are the ones who are brave.You need to brave to ask the questions.The answers never come to you like a lighting flash.Once you have asked the question you need to try and understand what is it you want to know.You need to search for the door,which will take you to the answer.Now it is important not to get over whelmed by the question.You need to sleep over it(or well do something else with it) so that the question or problem isn’t as big as it seems.The main problem is that we are all used to seeing things the way they are,so we first need to let our mind see it the way it wants to.To do this,we need to register what we see in our subconscious mind,not that we don’t normally do it,it is always happening,we just need to realize that it is happening.Once your sub has got it,you just need to forget about the problem and let the sub deal with it.When we think on our own,we think about a given problem with our limited knowledge,but our sub has more knowledge,so it is capable of getting things done.Once it is done,it will ping you.

So what happens when you have asked the right question and let your sub on it? Well the answer is simple,more questions.Sometimes questions keep on coming.But that is the beauty of it.As you solve one question another pops up.Maybe it is because we use a very little part of our brain.

Anyway,I will leave you all with a few questions to ponder…

What/who is god? Don’t you think,that it can be a creation of our mind?I.e. a huge illusion,which was conceived by one person and became so popular that everyone fell under it?What do you think might be reality? How have we humans managed to think?Why are we what we are- a thoughtful race(as we think)?What is the universe doing?What are you doing?Why are you here?What are you supposed to be doing?Who are you?what are you?why should we study?How were people a 100 years back?

solutions are created before problems.

What do you think?

quotes from here.

Life is a…

June 23, 2008 § 3 Comments

“Life is a candle . . . light it!

Life is a game . . . play it!

Life is a challenge . . . accept it!

Life is a lock . . . open it!

Life is a puzzle . . . solve it!

Life is a book . . . read it!

Life is a quest to seek the Truth . . . live it! ”

Is what Raj said on my post Questionable life.
ops and Handmaiden added that

” Life is being human…revel in it! ”

What i want to know :-

If life being all that was said,
then where is a place for the dead?
throughout our life we are fed,
and towards infinity led,
yet what makes life? what makes
it clear? What form of it is ,
purer that water?what form of it
is more clearer than love?
What is life,when everything else
is an illusion?

To light a candle we need fire. ?
to play a game we need to know the rules. ?
To solve a puzzle,we need to see it. ?
To read a book we need to know how to read it. ?
To live life which seeks the truth we need to know life. ?
And to revel in humanity,we need to be human. ?

questionable life

June 21, 2008 § 13 Comments

Life itself is questionable,
why live?
Everything in life is questionable,
why live?
It is no more about purposes,
but about one purpose.
I cannot accept it,
as an absolute illusion,
though everything is an illusion.
I do not care,
what happens,but i don’t know
why i should live.
I don’t know what is freedom,
even though people say
i have it.I don’t know what
holds me together,
though i can feel it.
My mind is clogged by mist,
i just wish,
that it will clear,
before i risk.

Everything around me is questionable,
including me.I don’t know what it is,
that makes life be life.
I have a wish to know everything,
yet i don’t want to live,
for it is just what i want to do.
Clarity-when can it come back to me?
i feel like paper,in a torrential rain.
i have many,i have many,
everything is questionable,
yet i am not able to know,
to know, all the answers.
I don’t want to live.

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