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February 12, 2009 § 17 Comments

Ops first of all,on Feb 7th ,this blog turned a year old.Of course I have been blogging since June 06,but I have met a lot of people only after I moved to WP.So I would to thank all my readers,subscribers,friends and all those who haven’t read my blog for their support and time 🙂 


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I am not really happy with my hits 🙂 But as all those who have heard me rant about it would tell you,I don’t write many movie reviews.And as it would happen it is a movie review which tops the charts:-


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If you want to read the LONG POEMS I have written during the year,click here  . So again thank you all for your comments ( 🙂 ) and do keep visiting me 🙂 


And yes a question,

Is religion a needed?


Terrorism-a shadow?

December 8, 2008 § 13 Comments

From photoshopped

This is going to be a super short post,just a question,

Is terrorism the shadow of our society?

A or B?

September 6, 2008 § 22 Comments

From aaphoto3
From aaphoto3

Which photo do you choose?Why?


September 3, 2008 § 9 Comments

When see above,everything seems nothing.What are we? What is our purpose? What is all this? Who? What? When? How? The W’s surely always win.Sometimes the problem is that we can’t frame the question,while other times it is that we cannot answer them.What are the questions you have found are tough to answer? And what are the questions,which you found/find are tough to come out?

clear water?

August 18, 2008 § 21 Comments

This photo was taken about 4 years back 🙂 It is a close up snap of the water flowing in the river Tunga( Correct me if i am wrong,it is the river which flows through Sringeri right?) So how would you relate this with your life ?And the way we think?


August 7, 2008 § 22 Comments


I just love this photo.I took this one about 3 years back,when i visited Mumbai 🙂

I have always wondered what is on the ‘other side’,i.e. beyond the horizon.So for a second let go of your reality and think about things which might lie on the ‘other side’.Also what if you controlled sun,what will you do?

On the fast lane

August 1, 2008 § 6 Comments

The road rushes by as we travel.All of us have asked the question,”are we traveling too fast? ”

So what do think? Are we moving too fast?

I think that this is normal.We are moving faster and faster because we are supposed to do so.Someday there will be a stop and we are going faster to it.Maybe this is nature’s way of saving itself from humans.We humans call ourselves special even though we too are a part of nature.Now that with our intelligence we have found out we are heading towards doom faster,what are we going to do?What will it take to get rid of us-tsunami,earthquake ,cyclones,heat waves,cold waves,drought,flood….? What can we do to stop our destruction?Will we ever realize that we needn’t cling to our lives ?Will we realize that survival isn’t everything,living.I know we all will but will it be too late?

Will our haste,make us into waste?Is it time to slow down,if yes how can we?

Questions and questioning

July 30, 2008 § 12 Comments

questions….questions and more questions…How do we ask so many questions?

Asking Questions is really really easy,isn’t it? Yet it is an art to ask them.You first of need to understand what is either going or not going on first.Why do i say what is going or what not is going on?

When Asking a question in class,you can do it only if you either understand the subject or if you have no clue what is going on(e.g,why sir,is 1*1=1?)Similarly when you are outside you ask questions to people,like what is happening,why is this happening,etc.

So why do we question anyway?We question so that we get to know something more.Simple isn’t it?Yet we human have come up with really weird questions and managed to answer a few of them too.

It isn’t normal for a person to question when something which has always being happening happens.For eg,an apple falling from a tree.What led to one person thinking about it differently? What made him question why it falls and not the moon? So what we need to notice is what he questioned and the way he questioned it.He could have asked why is it falling,answered himself with the age old answer,cause it is supposed too.Well more than me saying ,a quote would help here,so here it is:

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

-Albert Einstein

and another one from him,

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I have written about questioning many times before,but the reason why i am writing again is because i want to see what I think about questioning now.There are times in school,when my friends make fun of me for asking questions.If they want to stop the class,they turn to me and ask me to ask questions.It always makes me wonder how come people can never come with questions.Of course it is not that they are not capable nor am i trying to ridicule them ,but how is it that It is easy for a few to ask questions,while others never have questions?

Questioning is an art.The only ones who can question are the ones who are brave.You need to brave to ask the questions.The answers never come to you like a lighting flash.Once you have asked the question you need to try and understand what is it you want to know.You need to search for the door,which will take you to the answer.Now it is important not to get over whelmed by the question.You need to sleep over it(or well do something else with it) so that the question or problem isn’t as big as it seems.The main problem is that we are all used to seeing things the way they are,so we first need to let our mind see it the way it wants to.To do this,we need to register what we see in our subconscious mind,not that we don’t normally do it,it is always happening,we just need to realize that it is happening.Once your sub has got it,you just need to forget about the problem and let the sub deal with it.When we think on our own,we think about a given problem with our limited knowledge,but our sub has more knowledge,so it is capable of getting things done.Once it is done,it will ping you.

So what happens when you have asked the right question and let your sub on it? Well the answer is simple,more questions.Sometimes questions keep on coming.But that is the beauty of it.As you solve one question another pops up.Maybe it is because we use a very little part of our brain.

Anyway,I will leave you all with a few questions to ponder…

What/who is god? Don’t you think,that it can be a creation of our mind?I.e. a huge illusion,which was conceived by one person and became so popular that everyone fell under it?What do you think might be reality? How have we humans managed to think?Why are we what we are- a thoughtful race(as we think)?What is the universe doing?What are you doing?Why are you here?What are you supposed to be doing?Who are you?what are you?why should we study?How were people a 100 years back?

solutions are created before problems.

What do you think?

quotes from here.


July 29, 2008 § 10 Comments

Why is it easier to hate than love?

Why is it easier to hurt than protect?

Why do we all always want to hate?

why do we never love and understand it?

Why do we want to hurt?

why do we never try to understand and preserve?

Why do we want others to hate us?

why do we want to hurt ourselves?

Why do we never try to accept love,

why are we never satisfied until the person hates us?

Why are we happy only when we hurt others or are hurt?

What pleasure do we get in pain?

why do we always seek that pain?

why do we never try to understand what we want?

why do we never understand that we don’t need all the pain?

Is it because we all seek the end,

which always depends on what we do?

why,why do we say a few people are great?

They too hurt people,they too were hated,

yet they are great,

thanks to fate.

Why do we never try to admire the difference in others?

why do we never learn that people are always different?

Why,why all this anyway?

IS this what is life?

Hating and hurting?

I don’t know…


lack of understanding…



the end….


stop it!let there be peace…

July 27, 2008 § 12 Comments

What is the worth of human life?
what is the worth of human life?

Why what would you get by taking it away?
What would you get by not showing another day?
Why would you want to kill?
Why would you want to suppress people?
What will you get if you hurt others?
What will you get if you split lovers?
What will you get if you break a leg?
What will you get if you make others beg?
Why would anyone want to kill?
why would you want people to freeze still?

Is fear the right rule?
why kill others to satisfy your duel?

Why, is it fair to harm others,
is it right to spoil the creators?
What gain is worth so much blood?
what gain is worth, by raining down a hellish flood?

What bad did the people do?
What bad did the people do?
except being innocent and nothing to do with you.

Is fighting worth it?
Does chopping a couple of heads settle it?
whose life are they anyway?
for you to relish and throw away?
Whose life is it anyway?
for to weigh and say?
Why do you want to kill,
and send down panic shrill?

The world has many other ways,
haven’t battles been won with peaceful says?

Please we understand you have been hurt,
please understand that we all are also being hurt,

we are willing to help you,
for it is the same fire in us,which is in you.
We are willing to help you,
We will teach you,
that we humans are capable of love too.
So stop this,let us settle our dues,through
not  blood or pain,
for when life is lost it can’t come back again,

so let us understand each other,
let us notice what we did was not for the better.

this is not for me or for you-not for us,
but for your dear future.If you want them to love us,
and see as good predecessors,
let us not call ourselves bombers or killers,
but as lovers.Let us not hurt each other,
let us all call each other as brothers and sisters.

let us learn the language of love,
there is nothing below or above.
Let us all forget hypocrisy
let us relish that we are a part of humanity.
Let us celebrate the worth of life,

let us just for a change be nice.
So we will drop our guards
and you drop your weapons.
No one will kill ever again.
No one will ever kill again,
no this is not a dream,
this is the will of the ever lasting stream,
the stream,which beat down in ancient times,
the stream which stores all the rimes,
so to flow with the flow,
let us let go,
of violence,let us savor,
a new,profound understanding silence.

Live and let live,
but love and let others love.

the light shines the brightest.

This is my reaction to the recent serial bombings in Bangalore and Ahmadabad and also the book “A Thousand Splendid Suns.”

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