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March 9, 2010 § 8 Comments

So this is a sort of tag. Thomas came up with it and did it on FB as a note. And here is my attempt at it.

You are supposed to write down people who inspire you. It’s fun and yes you do realize a few things in between all that 🙂

Shelley and Ayn Rand.

Well guess they are sort of opposites. Yet they do meet somewhere, maybe it is at freedom of expression and well in inspiring me 😛 I came across Shelley in my 10th textbook and his Ode to the West Wind inspired me to start writing poetry. I came across Rand in 12th, when my school librarian recommended her to me. She started a new revolution within, helping me form a stronger base about myself.

Enid Blyton and Agatha Christy

I wasn’t much of a bookie, till about 4th or 5th. Like many in my gen. I was more of a cartoon and T.V. fan. But my mom somehow managed to make me start reading. While I did read a lot of different authors like Perry Mason, Hardy Boys etc, these two stood out. Fatty is one of all time favourites and am still try to learn a bit of ventriloquism. Of course the various Canines in her books might party be responsible for me not hating dogs even though I fear them. In fact I respect them 😛

While I was never a fan of Miss Marple but Poirot! I think I have finished them all. Guess the epitome of her writing was The Murder in The Orient Express. “Sex sells” but then she never wrote anything “sexy” and yet is one of the world’s most read authors.

Vikram Seth and Amitav Ghosh.

While I am tempted to add Rushdie to the list, I stopped with these two. Probably because their style and way of writing opened my eyes to a whole new world and specially a whole new way to write.

Seth’s Equal Music drew me. It also showed me a whole new world- Western Classical Music. It also opened me to a new way in which to pen emotions. His Suitable Boy, again is a classic. When I completed the book, I knew somewhere within, that I had finally learnt how to draw a complete picture.

Ghosh again is an inspiration. I can still see the way in which he introduces the heroine(think Pia was her name). I have read about 4-5 of his books and love them all. His narrative never tends to be boring and his work always seems to combine emotions, imagery and action all at the same time.

Khalil Gibran and Paulo Coelho.

Coelho thought me to believe in myself. Gibran reaffirmed the belief and sort of kindled something within.

Jonny Depp, Will Smith, Amir Khan and Kamal Hassan

One thing which will come to your mind, when you see the above list is the sheer variety of roles the above take up. Who would have thought Willy Wonka is Captain Jack Sparrow. Will Smith is a solid actor. Guess his best performance was in Pursuit of Happyness. Amir again is someone who fills the screen and brings the character to life. Kamal, well there are many memorable movies, again it’s his acting.

Heath Ledger.

Yes he gets a special mention. I have a couple of his movies. But the Joker. OMG! I was left in awe and for about a week I tried pretending to the Joker.

Tchaikovsky and Beethoven

There are many a poems which have been written under their influence. Whenever I lack the inspiration and feel downcast, I turn to these two. No words to describe them. Their music takes you along and you sway and feel the pulse and everything feels so so different.

MS Subbulakshmi

The dedication and the devotion. Music is about throwing your soul into it. She did it.

Theirry Henry, Leo Messi, C Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Zizou.

There are many many great players out there. And this might, really not be final list. But I like for various reasons. Henry, my favourite player. His dribbling, finishing and well the overall way he plays 🙂  Messi my second favourite. Young, fast and awesome. Timid and does unbelievable stuff. His pass to Inestia , his header in the finals. I almost sprained a leg.

Giggs, must a surprise to many who know me. But I admire him. He has been playing at the top-level since times before I was born!!  Zidane, well every knows him and I love his poise. Ronaldo, well I cannot lie. Come on, everyone tries to do step over like him. Ya I call him a ballerino, but hey! I want to try my hand at dancing too! 😛

Nadal and Justine Henin Hardenne

Nadal is pure power. He is like a bull. I only wish I could keep running like him. Henin well, she is grace, elegance and class. Some how I have never been a fan of Roger, but this lady seems to make for the class bit.

Meryl Streep

Am not much of a movie person, but some how I seem to have seen a few movies of hers. She has this thing about her. Something subtle, something that makes you notice and admire.

Calvin and Naruto

Calvin is a legend. Naruto, well it is the only manga I read. Calvin makes you realize all those small things and reminds me of the time I was a kid. Naruto well, the energy, the belief and the attitude.

-TO BE Continued-

I know, I know abrupt way to end this. But there probably are too many people who inspire me. Truthfully I am someone who looks for inspiration in everything. Probably why if someone is angry/sad, it climbs on me too. I guess I am sort of sensitive to everything around me. That’s a lot of “I”s I guess 😛 Anyway maybe I should update this list every now and then. As you can see I haven’t mentioned friends/family. There are many who would make it into such a list without second thought, but I have sort of kept it to people whom I haven’t met.

If you want to do this, you can 🙂

The absurd list(its not just another list)

January 2, 2009 § 19 Comments

I have never been made any new year resolutions,after all isn’t it better to get to the solution at the first attempt then the re-solution? Hmm..does sound like a whole bunch of nonsense,but the title gurantees abusrdity,to the Nth degree of an indefinite line(whatever that is).So let me make this wonderful list,which made a sally and haunted me,till I resolved to write this post.

And since this is absurd,don’t factor in time here.The probability of these things,is perfectly elasitic (or inelastic) ,i.e.,one/all of the thing mentioned in the list might  happen within the next second(it hasn’t) or when I am senile old man,with false teeth,asking my grandson/great great grand daughter,how to use some new machine,which probably would be made by a guy who flunked LKG.So lets get to this wonderful list.

+- Publish a book.Until recently this found a place in the to do list.I moved it out (into this list) ,after reading a few famous books.While it is possible for any Ramaswami/Sighania/Tom who happens to write about some “teeny” love story to sell,what i write will never sell,unless,I grow a beard and have a six pack or a big belly.

+- Play football for Arsenal/Barca/Wolfsburg.Not that I would turn down an offer from some other club.But these are my favs in the respective leagues.But considering the fact that 16 years in the age at which most Arsenal player’s start their carrer,I am too old.So that leaves Barca and Wolfsburg.One has too many good players and the other,hmm…I just don’t speak German(nor Spanish).So there ends my football millions before my first Nike deal(please buy the shirt with my name and #7 or #9 on it).

+-Make a movie with Jonny Depp,Amir Khan and Kamal Hassan with Heath Ledger as the villian( Jack Sparrow shall take us to world’s end to bring back the villain!).The ladies shall be Deepika and Priyanka and for the sake of my wonderful friends Jessica Beil.You will not be able to guess who is Amir,Jonny and Kamal,until the last scene(they will be look alike triplets).So that leaves a female lead short,no there shall be no Pandava style sharing,one of them will find a lady drowning and rescue her(the lady shall be Kamal and the man shall be Kamal,a double roll,he does deserve,after all he did manage to do 10!).

+-Create world peace.If only master card could by world peace.But apparently,they too are going to go bankrupt soon,people came to the conclusion that buying priceless things was the best way to utilize their unlimited credit facility.And of course,thanks to too much of inflation,peas costs are high,that’s why countries use nukes.Or we can use the bottled chemicals aka soft drinks,the only thing soft about them might be that they use soft water,which 5 star hotels sell above the MRP.

+-Come first in something(except being first to reach school).This is something which has evaded me.I never manage to come first in anything(or rather,I forgot the last time,I came first in something).So time to get the aces-4 aces and a joker,will ensure I win.Though the probability is pretty low.

+-Go and visit,every square millimeter of earth.Going on a world tour,has become too common and journey to center of the earth,has already been done.So before Guinness runs out of records,let me create this one.I shall start soon.(Apparently,my great grandfather used to walk everywhere and I want to add to that,no joking, I am serious about this,though this is in the absurd list.)

+-Become the PM/president of the country.I think being a president would be more fun.You know,going on a holiday,when the country is getting bombed,how romantic.PM means,you can get kicked out of office anytime,but no one cares about the president,the roadies wouldn’t know your name nor would the people watching it.

+-Listen to all of Beethoven,Tchaikovsky,Rachmaninoff and other classics.

+- Compose some music.

+- Write an anthem,which would be more popular that another brick in the wall.

+- Build the world’s largest ,tallest,biggest and the best building.I am searching for some land,so if any of you are selling,hold on,let me make some money and i will buy it from you soon.

+- Invent something,anything.Let it be some weird theorem or something super useful like orkut(please don’t tell me you don’t get this one).

+- Make everyone in the world think.By far the most absurd.As long as MTV is what people watch,there is no hope.

+-Make this blog the most read.Hmm…thanks for contributing to this,by reading this far 😀 

+- Write something short.(  🙂  ) 

+- Create a new language.

+- Or at least a world and make it more widely used that fuck.

+- Finish writing takes of thondiraja.

+- Try to remember all the absurd things.

So now I am going to add tags.I am not entirely happy nor are my ardent readers,at me writing such nonsense.But unlike my senselessness grapevine( wouldn’t you all prefer wine?) stories,there is more of heart and thought in this.It should actually be longer,but considering the fact,that I want to eat something,I cut this short.

Now all those of you came here,through a search engine,keep visiting me.I am not capable of cashing in,on the vogue,day in and day out.After all,before pink returns,we might have more people with pink slips and Indians talking without a an American accent(ya,we all know its fake,unless you were born there).

I like this word- macabre.And funnily enough the wordpress spell check,is pointing out that the word blog doesn’t exist,that shouldn’t be happening right,Mark?

And since,this is long enough,to not welcome comments,the post ends here.I shall respond to the comments,on the older posts soon,so don’t leave without commenting!

Just a thought,why do we never begin conversation with good night,like with good morning and good afternoon?

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