An awesome few days!!

December 14, 2009 § 14 Comments

Victory can do funny things to you. Yes, it wasn’t the Olympics, but it still helped me a lot- much more than even I thought. For once lady luck seemed to have smiled on me. I thank her, thank you miss, where you are, what ever you are upto.

I have never felt this confident. I feel a new belief, I am more than optimistic, I believe in my own ability to believe and have belief in my ability. It doesn’t matter if it was an easy contest, or whatever, but at least I didn’t screw up this time. It feels great to have some luck and actually do something worthwhile.

I should thank my friends for believing in me. Maybe they brought in the luck part. A huge thanks to all- especially Dhruva and AKR. We(my department) won three “culturals” in three days( held by various departments of Loyola) and well one which we won on the final day was specially special- we participated in 4 events, came first 3 and second in 1 and won it. I should mention this fellow called TTV – the fellow won something like 6 or 7 events in two days- damn good. And yes I should thank my seniors as well, for trusting us.

And everything else also seems to be falling in place(except for studies? Ha, well have to start studying again 😛 ). It’s been awesome.  That’s what this poem is about(for those follow my poetry blog as well).

Well Lady(luck that’s you) do stick around for a while, can do with your help 😀

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Day two- after winning big bucks(no cash though 😛 )

Questions and questioning

July 30, 2008 § 12 Comments

questions….questions and more questions…How do we ask so many questions?

Asking Questions is really really easy,isn’t it? Yet it is an art to ask them.You first of need to understand what is either going or not going on first.Why do i say what is going or what not is going on?

When Asking a question in class,you can do it only if you either understand the subject or if you have no clue what is going on(e.g,why sir,is 1*1=1?)Similarly when you are outside you ask questions to people,like what is happening,why is this happening,etc.

So why do we question anyway?We question so that we get to know something more.Simple isn’t it?Yet we human have come up with really weird questions and managed to answer a few of them too.

It isn’t normal for a person to question when something which has always being happening happens.For eg,an apple falling from a tree.What led to one person thinking about it differently? What made him question why it falls and not the moon? So what we need to notice is what he questioned and the way he questioned it.He could have asked why is it falling,answered himself with the age old answer,cause it is supposed too.Well more than me saying ,a quote would help here,so here it is:

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

-Albert Einstein

and another one from him,

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I have written about questioning many times before,but the reason why i am writing again is because i want to see what I think about questioning now.There are times in school,when my friends make fun of me for asking questions.If they want to stop the class,they turn to me and ask me to ask questions.It always makes me wonder how come people can never come with questions.Of course it is not that they are not capable nor am i trying to ridicule them ,but how is it that It is easy for a few to ask questions,while others never have questions?

Questioning is an art.The only ones who can question are the ones who are brave.You need to brave to ask the questions.The answers never come to you like a lighting flash.Once you have asked the question you need to try and understand what is it you want to know.You need to search for the door,which will take you to the answer.Now it is important not to get over whelmed by the question.You need to sleep over it(or well do something else with it) so that the question or problem isn’t as big as it seems.The main problem is that we are all used to seeing things the way they are,so we first need to let our mind see it the way it wants to.To do this,we need to register what we see in our subconscious mind,not that we don’t normally do it,it is always happening,we just need to realize that it is happening.Once your sub has got it,you just need to forget about the problem and let the sub deal with it.When we think on our own,we think about a given problem with our limited knowledge,but our sub has more knowledge,so it is capable of getting things done.Once it is done,it will ping you.

So what happens when you have asked the right question and let your sub on it? Well the answer is simple,more questions.Sometimes questions keep on coming.But that is the beauty of it.As you solve one question another pops up.Maybe it is because we use a very little part of our brain.

Anyway,I will leave you all with a few questions to ponder…

What/who is god? Don’t you think,that it can be a creation of our mind?I.e. a huge illusion,which was conceived by one person and became so popular that everyone fell under it?What do you think might be reality? How have we humans managed to think?Why are we what we are- a thoughtful race(as we think)?What is the universe doing?What are you doing?Why are you here?What are you supposed to be doing?Who are you?what are you?why should we study?How were people a 100 years back?

solutions are created before problems.

What do you think?

quotes from here.

old ability

April 11, 2008 § 4 Comments

seeking something
which was seen
in the beginning.
experience and earth
have created froth-
covering all that
was known,making
us a half empty
ocean.the need
to be full,to be
complete makes
us drive and strive
with energy.
seeking something-
it could be anything
or nothing
but it is something.

innate in us
is an ability.
IT is past magnanimity,
beyond puissant
bravery and narcissistic
cynicism-it is
a part of divinity-
something which
rejuvenates the roots
the ability to revive
and resurface.

light ,path and and old ability

March 19, 2008 § 6 Comments

an old ability was ricochet,
now we have lost the glass.
death and life
circle around,
we have lost our need for profound.
the past’s dirge still sound,
we are all still in fear,
and not ready to give up-fear.
death took over and kissed
the lands,now when peace we preach,
we have become too sensitive
so that we can’t forgive.

caste and creed
holy and faith,
we think on,
we have forgotten
the oldest song which
keeps the cycle going on and on.

in circle we move,
searching for a clue,
we will know where we started
only if we dare.
those who do so are rare,
for the fear of failure
is just too bright to stare at.
it is a warrior who can
stare at light,
thus he becomes a warrior of light.
the scintillations to the eye,
make him the eye
and above skin and blood,
flesh and transcendent love
he rises to the immortal spirit
who can conquer boundaries,
for he is beyond them.
for one in a system,
the only way to know
is by leaving it.
for that we need to rebel,
shove what we had ,
like any other pebble
and try to understand each syllable.

reality is what we make it to be,
it is not what we just see.
reality can be,
anything that you want it to be.
we have made a reality
as a kind,
one which has driven
it to where it is destined.
it is time to remind
our flamboyant race
that we are its face.
and dreams we need to chase,
for without light there
is no darkness,
and without heat
no cold and without death
no life.Love is constant-
immortal it is,yet dynamic.
for the light which shines,
all that shines is home,
for it has the freedom to roam,
for the light shines the brightest.

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