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Well the weirdest herd ever is back. Frankly the first few minutes , got me all worried. I love the Ice Age movies, nope , no this not how it is supposed to be, the jokes seemed so dry.

But the second Sid falls through the ice , the movie comes alive! Manny is shown as a caring husband and to be father,Deigo is planning to leave the herd , Ellie is about to have a kid and Sid well is Sid. The characters seem to have a human side to it, more like a metaphor to our sterotypes. And in this respect it is almost complete what with the Jack Sparrow wannabe weasel Buck(only the philosopher and the poet are missing , but then guess they don’t fit into humanity 😉 ).

Few of the jokes were out of place in a kids animation movie(lol-the best one was the ad before the movie started-use rubber and stop AIDS,guess it is better to begin when they are young :P). Infact it is Buck who saves the movie’s face.

In all an enjoyable movie,entertaining , especially if you watch it in 3D.

rating- 7/10


Journey to the center of the earth-movie review

September 28, 2008 § 22 Comments

Put on your 3D glasses and get set to travel to the center of the earth.The movie is about how,three people -Prof.Trevor Anderson(Brendan Fraser),his nephew Sean(Josh Hutcherson) and Hannah(Anita Briem) end up at the center of the earth.The movie is based on Jules Verne’s classic,’Journey to the center of the earth.’
Beneath the earth surface lies a world,which once was on the top.The journey begins,when Sean,comes to Trevor’s home,with a few of his father’s(Trevor’s brother) collection.In it is a copy of the book(Journey to the center of the earth),with notes scribbled on the side.The professor,who is in search of the a way to the center of the earth,finds the solution,in the notes.They go to Iceland,where they meet Hannah.They get caught in a thunder storm,while trying to find clues and get shut into a cave.From there on the journey to the center begins.

The movie is one surely worth a watch.The acting is pretty good,i liked  Josh Hutcherson’s(Sean) acting the best.A movie which one can enjoy.It invovles a bit of rock science and a few ancient creatures.I haven’t read the book,so i am off to get it.Once i read the book,i will be able to make a comparison between it and the movie,but am sure,the book will be better.I will give it a 4/5.


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