About Democracy,hypocrisy and unity

July 4, 2008 § 10 Comments

I am feeling damn irritated right now.Well might be the fact that my hits are down today,well know i was pissed off even before that,so what is it?Was it the fact that i paid Rs.70 for the 5-6 kms journey from school to home? Or is it because i am seeing a lot of hypocrisy around me?I think that must be it.

So people this is about democracy now.What is democracy?

According to me it is the biggest hypocrisy.Why where do i find people choosing what they want? Why the ‘society’ seems to have its own way.The majority is right,seems to be notion.Democracy is where you can smoke under a no smoking board.democratic nation is one which,people are divided into clusters and galaxies and constellations and lose all sense of nation pride.I have written a few poems on India.Why infact the poem which set me into serious writing was on India.Yet for all i love my country and its heritage,the hypocrisy which i live in between seriously make me wonder is this what we all deserve.Why ,is one religion superior to another? Now when i say religion in India,it means so many things.We have the cine gods,we have the sports idols and we have the political czars.Each one has their own cult.Now that is not a problem,we have influential people right.But the problem is what they do.The word “Secular” in our preamble,comes to my mind.I don’t need to say more.Then we have the problem of corruption.Ha,well now all of us have gone through this isn’t it? Then we have the problem of sharing among states.Then we have the problem of terrorism.then we have the problem of child abuse,then gender inequality,then well if i were to write it would be an endless list but
The problem lies in the fact that,people cannot appreciate their own identity.Now why would i care,about my nation when my window is so small that i only see myself and the cynical world around me? We can write books upon books,article upon article on the pride of our ancient nation,but do the lovely writers of these wonderful books,even know that people who can afford to read these books are very few? Why the masses are a political tool,if you really have faith in what you say,get out and hold the mike and spread the message.You the great economists and artists and writers and what not what else should know that the only way to get people together is by weaving the magic of words.Why you all even go as far to write about Gandhiji ,didn’t he speak ? Didn’t he come out? Why isn’t the pulpit the best place for spreading the message? until you do that,all you have written will be garbage.Your articles/books gets its worth only when you act and when you show.If you all think that we need to spread the message of unity,then get out there and spread the message of unity.The anti-socials have already done it.They infest and harvest young minds faster than our agriculture sector is growing.Soon they might take over us and we will become the anti-social.So get out and get going.

To conclude :

My nation,
is full of fascination.
Yet it needs a little bit of emancipation.
For this we need life to be elevated,
view to be appreciated.
inequality eliminated
and freedom harvested,
faster then we get polluted.
For unity to be forged,
we need to adore,
each other and what ever is our abode,
we need to invent our approach.
For understanding to be reached,
things shouldn’t be preached,
but put to everyone’s reach.
For the sake of our nation,
let us be in unison.
unity will be our strength,
we will not depend,
and we will not bend,
India a nation of a billion.

Door mats and handkerchiefs who serve humanity

June 30, 2008 § 14 Comments

Do we really need to care? What is the use of caring for others anyway? I mean what do i gain? All i ever get by belonging to society is security.For if i didn’t give a damn to things around me,my existence will not be noticed,even if it is,i will be a door mat for people to leave the dirt on.Not that caring gives you anything better,it only makes people see you as a handkerchief rather a door mat.

So what are you a door mat or a handkerchief?

If you are a door mat,you live life in a ‘why should i care?’ delirium always freaking out and just snubbing people and not giving a thought to the fact that the pathetic creature which is facing you has something called “sense” and that you might be hurting it.Now i cannot call these really door mats,for they are made of expensive things,but they still are door mats.All people do at the sight of these is smile,smile and smile,for they cannot do anything else.For they can’t afford to do anything else,they can’t buy them and walk on them and trash them.Their real door mat identity takes the dirt only when they leave.You see once the brand name goes,there is no difference between a Tommy and a road side Tee.People will swear and tear these door mats,even if they don’t feel it then and there.They will feel the rag and rubbish they have taken,someday when they have their faces against the society,stripped and raw and ready to get rubbished.We have another variety of door mats,the not so lucky door mats.These door mats get away with a few things.They all don’t care alright,but then they aren’t all that expensive.So while a few might admire them and their ‘cool’ attitude,dirty shoes are soon bound to stamp them and flatten them.

Then you have the absolute door mats.These require a little more space.Some washing and drying out in the sun will do them good.They have taken the society’s rubbish.In fact for generations they have been taking rubbish.They aren’t door mats because they chose to be,but because the society made them to be.They are door mats because rubbish gives them life,it gives them food.Who has time to care about others when you don’t have food? Not that i have faced this,but then ,even if i skip as meal (a meal and meal only), i become extremely frustrated and cranky. Now to think they have been hungry for generations,naturally they are not going to care.Why what is electricity to them and what are planes to them? These door mats are not happy at being door mats,but then who can help them? For after all they don’t care,neither for the world nor for themselves.We already have enough door mats don’t we?

Then the handkerchiefs.Ha,so you are one? Now while the door mats just take the dirt,handkerchiefs take a heavier load.They take the mucus,the sweat,the tears,the emotions ,the dirt etc.These things get washed more regularily that is the only difference.They get a larger variety of rubbish from within and outside a person.Why all they decided was that to be more kind and empathize , sympathize , care and love.Now surely they deserve better? But no ,all they get are loads and loads and loads of unwanted things.They are supposed to solve all problems.School students make them into soft balls for playing,people sneeze ,people cough,people sweat and a few just carry them around.these things fill into any shoe.For they are scared they will become door mats.They are happy that they live in the pockets and hands of humanity rather than the foot.They are at a higher level,that is all.They suffer for they care.

So if you are either a door mat or a handkerchief you suffer,for the dirt of humanity.Humans sure do pollute a lot.Both door mats and kerchiefs serve their purpose.Now if ever we are going to make humans pollute less,then the door mats and kerchiefs better stop talking their load of dirt.If they do,humans will have to clean up on their own.Who knows,being a lazy race,they might stop being so dirty and see that dirt is not needed.After all they do believe in ‘perfection’ and dirt never reflects cleanliness and perfection does it? Now when you do stop working all you door mats and kerchiefs what will you do?After all you need to engage yourselves into something right? I have an idea,try maintaining your perfection,make your homes more clean and green and well for your food,now that you don’t need to take dirt,take food-fresh,clean and cooked by mother nature.

International day against drug abuse

June 27, 2008 § 12 Comments

Today is international day against drug abuse. Drugs addiction includes from addiction to marijuana to cough syrups.In my school,we received pamphlets from the Narcotics Control Bureau of India.

drugs are one of the major cause crimes and also spread of diseases like HIV. Drug abuse is defined as

Drug abuse has a wide range of definitions related to taking a psychoactive drug or performance enhancing drug for a non-therapeutic or non-medical effect. All of these definitions imply a negative judgement of the drug use in question (compare with the term responsible drug use for alternative views). Some of the drugs most often associated with this term include alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methaqualone, and opium alkaloids. Use of these drugs may lead to criminal penalty in addition to possible physical, social, and psychological harm, both strongly depending on local jurisdiction.[2] Other definitions of drug abuse fall into four main categories: public health definitions, mass communication and vernacular usage, medical definitions, and political and criminal justice definitions.

From Wikipedia.

Drugs affect our nervous system and also other systems. for example

Cocaine (benzoylmethyl ecgonine) is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant.[5] The name comes from “coca” in addition to the alkaloid suffix -ine, forming cocaine. It is both a stimulant of the central nervous system and an appetite suppressant. Specifically, it is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Because of the way it affects the mesolimbic reward pathway, cocaine is addictive.

from Wikipedia.

And according to the pamphlet we received:-

So as a society we need to battle against drugs and their use.Doing drugs isn’t going to make you look cool .Nor is it doing you or anyone any good.Sometimes people who are feeling depressed or have been mentally affected by some problems might take to drugs.If someone doesn’t talk with them and help them,then we are setting up a time bomb among us.Also drugs like date rape drug can be used to commit various crimes.Governments do put laws and it is illegal but still drugs are out there.So we need to protect everyone whom we know from drugs.It can be done only through educating people about drugs.And for doing so we need to arm our selves with a lot of self confidence and a unbiased attitude.It is not going to help ,if we are all prejudiced.While i have come across a few addicts,no one whom i know personally is into drugs.

the government of India surely does its part.i don’t know if kids in slums and rural areas get all these pamphlets and talks and seminars but at least they are spreading the message.A few years back we had the anti-tobacco seminars which sure made me confident in talking to people who smoke and telling them not to lite when i am around.

The only way to get these unwanted junk away from our future,is by facing them and killing them.I feel like communicable diseases these too need active “vaccinations” .It is not about the past but about today and tomorrow.

A bacteria’s view of population explosion

June 24, 2008 § 16 Comments

So i am sitting here to write something.And as i write this so much is happening out there:-

1)the human race is expanding.

2) more people are dieing.

3) The level of pollution is increasing.

4) the food prices are rising.

5) More hate is being created through war.

6)More and more kids are being nurtured to hate each other.

7) there are the natural disasters.

8)there are the man made disasters.

9) And a lot more too.

Yet in what way can i influence them? I have a English teacher(who also happens to be my vice-principal) who keeps on going about the fact that the human population in the world is becoming larger and larger.Now i seriously wonder what can we do about?
When we talk about population explosion,illiteracy,poverty all tag along.So we are all aware it is a cyclic process,right.So what can we do? NO this is not right,i am asking the same question again and again?

So i am going to try and answer it.First of all,i think we are all,including me,too scared of ourselves.

We cannot face what we are all.so to help myself over come that,i am

going to become something else.
I choose to be a bacteria.

Now being a bacteria,my main aim in life,is to help my species become larger in number.By creating a humongous population,we can rule earth.All other creatures how ever big they are,will be controlled,because we will out number and over power them.Yet since i am a bacteria and i haven’t changed much since the beginning,what i thought was a brilliant plan has failed.I find my own brother trying to kill me.We have become so large,that we don’t have enough space and all of us who are equal fight for supremacy.A few of my brethren are weak.

So together, unconsciously or consciously we the bacteria with the power have enslaved them.So to protect themselves,they all live together.Yet they are all still weak,so to increase their security,they try to grow more hands,legs and with that more moths and with that all the problems.And unfortunately they all don’t have the sense ,that they cannot find enough food for all the mouths and a lot of them die-a few once a lot many times over.But,Within them they all have a hope ,that someone created by them,will have the power to over throw all of us.

The problem with them is that,they don’t have the capacity to do anything we require,as they don’t have the brain power.A few of them try to become physically strong ,but then the long years of suppression helps us and we employee them for our own use.They become tools.So well i should talk about bacteria like myself.What did our fore fathers do? They too added more drops to the ocean,only the reason being different.they wanted their legacy to be carried on,and now too many of us exist and our family legacy is split into so many that we have no clue about a few lost brothers.

So now there are a lot of us in the world.And we all fight among ourselves.A few of us are the polished good waters,who try to act as if everything is fine.While a few others are the bad waters,for whom nothing is fine and yet they act as if it is.And then we have the few who know both waters.They try to think of solving everything.Yet the only solution till now,which would be the easiest and fastest is to drop a little bit of some chemical in a few places. Or simple start wars.yet that would be cruel,wouldn’t it? The small fish,needs to become more daring.

And the small fish among us are trying to.They all aspire to become like us “posh”.And

we are trying to set higher and higher standards.Yet one problem remains,the more the bacteria who come out,more are sent down.so how can we solve it? So as a bacteria who is thinking,i come to the conclusion.We need to stop fighting.We all need to appreciate each other and try and help each other.We all shouldn’t feel insecure.We all should love each other.Easier said then done.

You cannot teach everyone.Other bacteria need to understand the need.They all should know that stealing and cheating aren’t the way.If they are truly powerful,then they should be able to challenge what the past has done to our wonderful species.Someone should teach them and that can be done only by people who understand.

When someone hurts you.You don’t hurt them back.For you never know why they did it.All of us are equally guilty for everything.So we should try and understand what happened.If we cannot join together and mitigate our race now and emancipate those who need to be,it might be too late.Who knows there might be no bacteria at all on earth.Then again,the humans might soon die before us,they have nuclear power.Well if that happens,it would be a good example to bacteria.Then we will know what will happen,if we try to rule the world.we should all remember,that what we create will dig our grave.Whether we are going to witter with hate or die with a smile with love,is left to us.

Just giving privileges will not help,everyone should be prepared for shouldering the responsibility of saving our race.


June 15, 2008 § 13 Comments

I am feeling extremely stupid right now.If you are wondering why,it is because i don’t why i feel stupid.No i know it doesn’t make sense,but what am i doing anyway? Living ,might be an answer.But what is the big deal about living? i am Living,alright,so why should i bother about it? What is life anyway?This is what wiki says
“Life is a condition that distinguishes organisms from non-living objects, such as non-life, and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism and reproduction”. Wow,so basically i too am a machine,programmed by something else.No i cannot accept this.Why should be what someone else wants me to be?I am an plagiarist then,writing what someone else has already done,including this.

I am still awe of the world.I just cannot stop being overwhelmed by how huge it is.I want to go out of earth and see it,Pictures aren’t enough.I want to see it with my own eyes.It is not that i don’t believe that earth exists and that it is as the pictures show it,but i want to see it for real.Having lived all my life inside something,i want to go higher.Yet can i ever become bigger than life? i hate being a hypocrite,so i will tell the truth,i still don’t know much about the world.Yes,i write a lot about the world,but i do not know from where it all comes.I feel very uncomfortable calling myself a poet,for i am a tool,yes a mere tool of something that has created me.I badly want to know the real me.What am i really like? What is it that makes a lot of people not like me?

Is it that a tool,is a mere tool and that a few see the beauty and a few the use of it? What is beauty anyway? Starting every sentence with capitals,drawing the eye at the last? Starting from a lower pitch? Who can define beauty? Wiki says ” Beauty is a characteristic of a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology and culture. As a cultural creation, beauty has been extremely commercialized.”

There are times i hate what i write.Yet if i hadn’t started writing,i doubt if i will be living.Writing has meant more for me.It doesn’t matter,that when i write i am not in control of myself,nothing matters to me,especially when i am writing something long.It is when i write that i feel a perennial peace within me.It is when i write,that i feel some purpose for my living.It is when i write,that
the world i live in seems real.Otherwise nothing seems real to me.I still feel like a five year old about my world.I am more matured in accepting a few things and not reacting to insults.

Blogging means a lot to me.As i said before,if not for writing i don’t know what i will be.And i have been to share my feelings ,here openly.I have met a lot of great people.I have met people,who have given me the courage to do things my way.though i still find it difficult to come in terms with life and humans as such,i am able to appreciate,people for what they are.

I have written about 175 poems till now.Each one is different and same in a lot of ways.i do not know,how good a writer i am.I cannot judge,something which comes to the world through me,i have to accept it ,for whatever it is.But i think i am not that good a writer,for i have tried to get my poems published,but all my applications have been turned down.But that doesn’t matter,for if not today,someday.Might be after i die,it might get recogonised.

I should thank the whole world,for its contribution,in helping me realize,what is inside me.i still remember,sitting in class,feeling depressed,in a corner.And then suddenly it came to me,from where i do not know.I wrote my first major poem- MOTHER INDIA.After that came THE SEA.These poems,till today are my favorite.They were my eye opener,in lot of ways.They took away the feeling of uselessness from me.i no more felt like i was useless.They gave me a confidence.And till today that is what keeps me going.

I thank you all,you are all the forces which still teach me.You all are the people who help me keep going.I thank all of you.

decorations and destiny

March 11, 2008 § 5 Comments

decoration for the mind,
behind makeups we hide.
thoughts which never
entered, now cycle
inside,to bother us,
oh! what we chide.

day by day,
hour by hour,
the earth goes on,
the world goes on,
the humanity steps,
we humans step,
into a reality,
which is beyond legibility.

day and night,
sight and blind,
clear and misty,
hot and cold,
wishes and remorse,
a day we try
to find where our
fores went stray.
together we think
what we can make,
while sunshines bright-
baking and wishing
but never reaching
and still fighting,
decorated and hiding.

united or divided,
culled or hailed,
it is in our hands
to face and
save our race,
before it was said,
but we never wed.
its time now
to sow,
or there will be
no one to row,
and no future show.

destiny is not premeditated,
but incidence upon incidence
slated by us as we go,
threaded as we flow,
it is left to us to row
and be the show,
or something low.

if not now maybe never.

February 14, 2008 § 14 Comments

in need for unity,

trying to forget animosity.

in need for comradeship

and love beyond friendship-

in the land of a billions,

the land which showed resilience-

to the empire which never set.

the land which did not rest

now has forgotten what is the best.
we are in search of a leader,

who is not a wager –

who will not gamble

with our preamble.

we built our land

with sweat in our hand,

now we fight our kind,

we have almost lost our mind,

we are in search of a leader,

who is a peace-maker.
all we ask for is one among

all in the throng

to rise and fight

be wise and protect our right.

we all are looking-searching

for one human being.

unity is something we never won,

though we import petrol-a million ton.

brotherhood is something bubble,

the US is ready to give us missile.

language has become our barrier,

KFC and Mc have hit our carrier.

we all are ready to pick a side,

we slaughter animals for their hide.

to ourselves we have lied,

chevy and ford have become our ride.

there are many filthy rich,

poor earn selling fish.

few indulge in champagne

others end up in political campaign.

we have left no one,

soon there shall be no son,

one-who will call this land home,

we all will then be left to moan.

brands have become world wide,

we will have no place to hide,

guns and barriers forged again,

everyone will have nothing but pain,

our homes will all be boo-thank you nuke,

if you have survived it is by fluke,

music will never be the same again,

we all will wonder why this bane-

on the brink of sanity,

unless we forget enimity,

we all shall die,

before we know why.

all we need is unity,

and we need a personality,

why not you ,

why not me,

are we to afraid

and counting fate?

this can be the last sing-song,

very few have done wrong,

there are lots with cloths torn,

while others have borne,

what a few have thrown.

We need a unity,

forget your eccentricity,

we have in our blood,

one common mud.

together we can rise and defend,

it maybe our last chance to mend.

nature talk.

December 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

of late i have been reading and hearing about the condition of earth.The system which holds us together,is falling apart,because we can’t keep quite.Like the nuclear fission,we all are causing the system to break.We are retaining to much of the sun’s heat and we are gaining more and more energy to add to the already existing meele.We are polluting the air,land,water and we take no care to even pay a thought.At most all we do is have a conversation with a few friends.

This is not a new topic.No way We are thought from lower classes-“acid rain”,”pollution”,”poverty”,”drought”,”cyclone”,”global warming” ,”afforestation”,”deforestation” etc.Since the book writers know that an article is not complete without a few suggestions they put across a few.The thing is we all know we are hypocrites.we are ready to say “oh! god” and at the same time destroy a plant,kill a animal or even a human!(well “oh god!! who are you? guess its time for you to send in your peace keeping force”)

Is nature something which is a tool to win polls?is it something for us and lusty humans to satisfy our greed and the need for more?Nature seems just another lost word.Naturist may soon be in the league of the magnanimous ,philanthropists and visionaries who are hard to find.Fine true there are people who are out there who are doing a “job”(well it has become one since if you really aren’t up to it and go out there and do it,you can’t get anywhere),but they are facing a huge army,bigger than ever before,ready to take over the planet and well forget the future,what are they for? have something? sell it.”Effects” is a word meant only for extremely small print.

So what can we do for nature anyway?Well come one WE ARE NATURE!!!!!We have become so stubborn that we think ourselves as another entity? I think we truly are the slow moving neutron which has slowly moved and changed the planet.Time and tide wait for no man,so we better get upto time,it may be that it may take us too much time to invent a time machine.We need to give out the extra energy to become stable again or well we may have to split!

As bloggers i think we should do something,something which changes the world.Can we do it? i think we can.But are you ready?

to earth!


November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

a tool
with something rule.
Puppets in life,
to one master rifle.
the world has lost
its sanity.Roasted
it is-by its own heat.
Are we to see defeat?
Where is the spirit?
Can we rise?
and kill the vice?
are we wise?
are we sane?
humanity –
is a hypocrisy?
can we be thought?
from the wars fought?
history is,
history is-
us.Shall there be
to tell the tale?
or will we fail-
Can we amalgamise
and see adversities eye?
come and be one.
Unity is love.

ram’s creation is ravana for trade?

September 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

image from wikipedia.

no need for to go into details,everyone knows about what’s happening?should the destroy the bridge,which is holy for all religions?

The Adam’s bridge

was supposedly built by Rama and his monkey pals to reach Lanka.It is now been proven that it is nothing more than sand banks twisting for 30km.But should we erode the belief of a country?
I think whatever it maybe,it is a heritage of India.It symbolizes our diversity and also goes to show that everything said in the Ramayana has something in it.

Also the time saved by the project will be about a day.I think for saving a day,we shouldn’t be hurting a billion in a second?

We pride our selves in being a secularist nation,yet now it seems that the policies can be bent to satisfy a few people’s need.Of course the response was strong,but the people who lost their lives were innocent people.If civilians are the victims for the folly of the leaders ,then is our nation in the right track?

What should we do now?Well one thing is obvious it is better to leave things as they are.Nature can take care of it self,and it is our duty to take care of our nation.

trade of course is the pinnacle of human civilisation.Without it we humans wouldn’t have been able to swarm the the trees and smoke the dens.But it is time i think we save something,maybe give tax exempts to MNCs to invest in protecting nature?time we come with feasible and innovative ideas to keep the flourishes.

here is an article from the week-MY RAM,YOUR RAM.

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