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February 14, 2011 § 4 Comments

Congratulations to Egypt and her people. To stand up without ammunitions, with only peace, hope and belief as their weapons, they have achieved something which many of us had written off as impossible.

Like rest of the world, I am just another sympathizer. Fair enough, because it did not happen close to my home or in my country. But when people tweet and retweet, when they post updates on facebook and write about in their blogs, I wonder, why don’t we have the guts to stand up.

Each and every day, I come across stories of horror fueled by corruption and spread by a supposed invincibility. We all know. Most of us dismiss as ‘normal’ and conclude ‘what can I do’. But when people can say things on twitter, when many Indians can waste time on facebook liking pages about TV shows and trying to become tycoons and millionaire farmers, why can’t we stand up? Why can’t we make the buffoons realize that we will not tolerate it.

I am not talking about the poor. I am not talking about those people, who we think do not exist. I am talking about you and me, who are ready enough to bribe a police man when caught, who are ready enough to curse the same police man and at the same time sympathize with him. I am talking about us hypocrites.

We live in a pseudo-democracy. We are in times when newspapers are willing to accept money for publishing articles, when news channels no more report but propagate, when you no more know what is reality.

All of us,know about a particular man who was behind the whole Commonwealth games and what he did. We tweeted, we created facebook pages, but why weren’t we able to do anything about it? Because we accepted it as right. Right of that class of this country to steal and do whatever they want. We are sadly, happy enough to sit in our A/C rooms and cabins and let things pass. We are couch/recliner rebels. We dare not do anything about it- for our rights begin and end with being able to talk about something.

We are expected to believe that one man can steal unbelievable amounts of money. We are willing to let ourselves be divided in every way possible, without doing anything about it. We are willing to accept that it is alright for traffic to be blocked for hours for one person to go.

A certain Sen, can be put behind bars, without 99% of the country having heard about the case. And the media shall show you an actor’s wedding even when there are floods or droughts in another part of the country.

We are in a free country. But every choice has a cost- the cost of choosing to stand up for our rights is increasing even as we brush aside everything as ‘normal’ and go on with it. We cannot support our neighbours when they are pressured by certain people, we cannot fight for those people whose lands are stolen, we cannot even be without paying for a college seat.

It is depressing to think about these things. The choices we have are- a) take the ‘wheel of the bus , b) get out of the bus , c) show support to someone who is willing to take the ‘wheel. Most of us can’t drive a two-wheeler properly, so let alone a bus. We cannot get out of the bus, simply because we are in the middle of a jungle and do not know where to go. But if someone is willing to take the ‘wheel, why don’t you show support?

We do need someone to take the ‘wheel. Unfortunately, to appeal to the masses, to garner support from the educated Indians who work in big offices, you need a lot more than them merely having faced the blunt of the various negative forces. They are like fishes, who refuse to believe that a bigger pond is just a jump away today. Tomorrow our pond is going to become so small, that we are going to die here.

To the usual readers of this blog, these things I say are nothing new. I ask myself what have I done? Nothing. I am just another 19-year-old who refuses to grow up – I still believe in those good things which people said when I was a kid. I wish I can do something. But I have come to realize that that something should be big enough to not fall. It will be hard work, to build this force, brick by brick, but I am willing to do it. What is in my head, stays in my head, till then.

The above might be just to convince myself that I am not turning a blind eye to the things that bother me, but I am hoping that isn’t the case. Youth Unite was an experience. I saw how people react when posed with even a simple thing like writing about what they think on various issues. I will continue to have hope and believe in what I believe.

End of rant. Thank you for reading.


can't think of a title

August 12, 2010 § 7 Comments

I am confused at the moment- do I write a serious post or some utter rubbish, which still sounds serious? Either way, you should know by now, that this post isn’t going to make any sense whatsoever. Truthfully- I have no clue what I’m about to say.

Maybe I should start with spilling and leaking. But then the Americans, the Chinese and yes even we have done it. No use there. It will be wannabe stuff, which will wmake Voldemort, avada kedavara himself. And talking about Voldy, I see a lot of look alikes around me. Guess Voldy will become a stereotype soon.

Or maybe we should wipe away all that is spilt with those toilet papers which cost a couple of lakhs or whatever. Of course, they were purchased exlusively for the bottoms of people who shall run, hop and skip to prove how united the commonwealth really is, so we will not be able to get passed the locked doors guarded by 1411 tigers and to the papers. And yes, those papers might be ‘doctored’ too.

Or there is the  klutz case of Kashmir(yes, it sounds stupid, you don’t need to tell me that) . But then again everyone from a long beard to bald head and ladies decked for the cameras have talked about it. There can be no value addition from me. Not when I know nothing about it- expect that the young ‘stone pelting’ people have had enough of being screwed up and promised and being pulled apart by people sitting in AC offices and mind blowing socialites. And I can no way sympathize or empathize- I sit it a room with the AC milling away to glory even as I write this.

Oh! but then there is this the question of who is an Indian. I remember writing with ado and gust and flowery patriotism, that he is one with a lions heart, a peacocks grace etc, now an Indian probably is one who can ignore corruption and pays bribes without thinking twice. But then again, this has been said too! See we all are awesome at this- we know our problems.

And come on, come on I digress. I was supposed to write something fun, light hearted, which makes everyone crackle in laughter and say, “ha! I shall return to this blog.” “The maple syrup on soft pancakes”, as a certain Siddhu might say.

How I wish I was Peter Pan. If you don’t know who Peter pan is, you probably think I’m Peteru(er..wait let me try explaining can I put this? Thou poor English speaker, Peteru is a Tamil word, believe it or not. Means a fellow talks a lot in Engleesh. Dai! Peteru!). I can write those cute poems and no one will ask me “so you want to become a writer”, or say “so sweet” or ” You shall grow up soon”(dear noble souls- I shall become whatever I become. Just bless me and read my books if I do become a writer).

Anyway, I miss that. I have been told you can’t feel old at 19. Probably. But I have seen my fair share of disasters and events. That’s what the TV. is for. I remember Princess Diana passing away and my mom watching BBC all day long. I never understood why she was so important though. At that moment in life, I might have said “My mom is the prettiest person in this world”(of course now it is my non-existent girlfriend).

Now I have no clue what I’m writing. But hey, this is a blog right? Anyway, maybe I should be more pretentious. Like those tees. Why on earth would someone want to where a “lee” across their chest? I mean this isn’t a movie fellas and you don’t remotely look Chinese or Korean or Japanese or are you a Bruce Lee fan?  Sorry, but I prefer thalivars and superstars and little superstars and young stars and young thalais or whatever variation they prefer(notice that there in only one, only one- Gaptain VJkanth, Mind eet!)

I am trying to be funny these days. Only problem is no one understands stuff like “that’s as bad Satans ass in Strawberry sauce” or “A dead rat trying to burrow in a bottle of wine”.

Oh! wait, I have started working. Yes, yes, don’t you be jealous 🙂 Not that anyone will be. But I’m convinced people should be jealous, God knows for what and get all worked up when they don’t. See I’m being pretentious already.

Once upon a time, I told myself, life is supposed to be great blah blah blah. It probably is great now. All you have to do is don’t give a damn. Cancerous sympathy is only for monkeys with 4 legs and 6 hands or for those pretty women who have nothing to do but shop all day long.

This post is…well is beyond being cohesive now. Not that it particularly matters. You probably came here though twitter and well I know you aren’t even reading this-wait you are still reading this? Congratulations. You must be bored or are a housewife.

I told this stupid pig brain that I shall write a post on how awesome a few sites are(just to earn the brownie points) but guess I will not do it now.

I shall end this post with some advice – hmm…nope, don’t think I have any. Maybe, just maybe, I’m 19.

P.S:- I haven’t clicked on that “ABC” button. Didn’t kow you will care about this post anyway. But if you are one of those thathas(grand dads) who believe in parfecsion, you are welcome to tare this apart and point out the various grammatical and spelling errors.  I like those long comments.

A new beginning

May 28, 2010 § 11 Comments

In another couple of months, I will turn 19. But more than the number of times you have gone around the sun, what is important is how ‘matured’ you are.

A brazen way to begin, alright, but then over the past few months, I have gone through a sort of personal revolution. And moving here, is an out come of that revolution.

I have never felt so confident and strong. I have a new sense of belief. Well summarized by this:-

Unless you believe,
Nothing is possible.
Unless you feel,
Nothing is real.

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I have learnt a lot. Among others- that being open minded means that you should have the ability to see the other person’s point of view without bias.

I am able to do that better now and with a little bit of new found wisdom, I feel a new strength. The old nightmares of being just another face in the crowd, don’t haunt me any more. Neither do the dreams where I dreamt, I was on top of everything. There is a sense of acceptance.

Acceptance. That I am on the right path. That I am not fighting the world, but am a part of it. No more am I trying to be a rebel and at the same time find a place in the system.

I am still that rebel. I refuse to accept things which I feel are wrong, but I know that there is way to solve a problem. The reason why others find your logic unreasonable is because you are not telling them something which suits them.

The puzzle was completed in this book for me. Good can be added to a system, only if you understand the good already present. And ‘evil’ as such is essential. But then what is seen as ‘evil’ to you may not be ‘evil’ to another person.

I say this, not as the person whom people dismissed as being too ‘philosophical’ , but as someone who has in earnest, wants to be a catalyst for something, anything good.

One or two fleeting thoughts do snide but I have found enough belief. Belief, not merely in me, but in the world around me. People will be people- all I need to do is understand them and be good to them. There is no need for me to be afraid of anyone or anything.

And this transition, metamorphose  is not self made. There are many to whom I am thankful to- My parents, grand parents, my sister, friends(especially those who are patient enough to listen to me and point out things) and blogging friends. There are some people who are more than a friend.

And when I think back, a few people who are here(in the blogging world), who have inspired me and helped me  are Nita, Keshi, Paul,  Sakhi, Reema, Aarti, Mahak, Shakti, GB, Indyeah, Shiva, DI and  Priya,  among others. I want to thank you all. I learnt things through your blogs and the conversations we have had.

I can feel it,
I know that,
This is a new beginning.

Read more: The light shines the brightest
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial

Now, I hope to embark on a new journey and hopefully I will do well. I know, I am not alone.

Aim for the quasars and you will at least reach the stars 🙂

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I feel that I can make this world a better place by being the catalyst.

May 21, 2010 § 7 Comments

I feel that, I can make this world a better place, by being the catalyst.

I fail to understand the need for violence, but the cause is so obvious that most miss it bad childhood/upbringing(?). Society while setting expectations, fails to encompass those it shuns(quite obviously).

By looking down upon and trying to keep them down, one day it faces their wrath, simply because they have become too big for it to hold on.

Even as a government fires against its own people, in India, we see a group of Gunmen(Naxals), holding the nation to ransom. It is a pity, that so many lives have to be lost and yet all we care about is what an actor wears/ does.

There are many here(like IHM and Indyeah ) who talk about issues and about the better things in our country. While I am a firm believer in ‘doing’, it is necessary that we have people who write like them. I do wish that better sense could be translated to the country at large by the main stream media.

While on the way back from Chidambaram, I had an interesting conversation with an aunt of mine, about my gen. and the nation. I think every gen. has an onus to carry a nation forward. While a few outstanding personalities may be the actual representatives, it is people who make up the nation.

And among the people, we have trend setters who dare to tame the loose winds of change and purport a silent revolution through their works. Artists aren’t mere call girls of history, they are its pillars who hold, bear and show the whips and scorns of time(so to speak). It is left to these people, graced by wit and hardened by time, to open and reopen paths, which can lead to betterment.

A common theme today is that humans are meant to live in harmony, with themselves and the world around. While this seems a middle class fantasy, the truth is that while stratification is a natural phenomenon, the way the different strata interact with each other is greatly dependent of human virtues.

The presence of myriad castes and haggling Gods, sects, groups etc  ensures that Utopia and Ethiopia are worlds apart. While on one hand diamonds are born out of blood and men drive planes into another country’s purse and take away THE MOST PRICELESS CURRENCY- life, on the other hand, we drive towards a world where a slate no more requires chalk and  a touch opens the world.

Education is a necessity, which like any necessity, depends on how rich you are and how much you can afford. While, public systems exist to inspire equality, its functioning is far from  ergonomic. On one hand, we strive to slash drop out rates and on the other we brand our children, with the pathos of capitalism discrimination. While languages still form a barrier, we try hard to reduce it, yet very little is done to remove the old prejudices.

Schools should aim at opening the minds, so that the rabbit on the moon, is understood to be craters and at the same time the ability to recognize the fact that someone realized that it looked a rabbit. Yet we carry on with a myopic nonchalance and conclude that the previous generations turned out just fine.

Technology more specifically the computer tends to fill in this for those with access(I worry at the thought that the Gods might soon rule this world as well), but from the rest, very few have a chance.

What fails to be recognized, is the fact that potential is developed with nurture, which is made of the twins – emotional and intellectual. There is no science or art, which can be felt and understood without the help of these two.

Yet we hail one and forget the other – making the other one angry. It doesn’t take a genius to notice this. There is a need to heal ourselves. The cunning of exploiters cannot be culled unless every child born in the world, smiles with innocence and feels the warmth of love.

Every war wagged and every man, woman and child suppressed yesterday has led to a situation where  even as a few of us use our intellect for better purpose, others are led into watersheds of hell.

It is time we start exercising, if we do not, tomorrow it our body that will crumble and we will be the suffers. While wisdom can guide, it is the same people with wisdom, who at times seem to stand in our way- no one is right, no one is wrong, but to us the future belongs, remember.

P.S:- These are just my views. You can disagree with it/add to it 🙂 I am always willing to learn 🙂

Why I have to wash my face :P

January 17, 2010 § 9 Comments

Note:- I know, I know, you don’t need to tell me- it is long. To be more precise, about 950 words. Thank you 😀

So with a self imposed mission of trying to break the ‘curse’ or the internal diaspora and integrate those fleeing parts, I sat down to  introspect and concluded that the reason for all that is simple- simpler than this sentence- some how my assumptions have been disturbed.

The effects are the ones which are surprising and not the cause in itself. For I have always believed that everything is based on assumptions. This very post, is based on so many assumptions-  that visceral sounds are assumed to mean such; that when written down, clarity will reveal itself again(albeit the nonchalant pall hanging over my gait) ;  that people do care enough, to read this ; the fact that I have adopted this language(or has the language adopted me?) to write instead of my native tongue; And a billion or trillion more, depending on your preferred currency.

But the point is assumptions are the base of life. They give the mind hard things to compare and accept or reject. The equation of life, is full of variables, and assumptions just about cement them to be more reassuring and constant. But that in itself can act against us. See what this whole business of letting your mind chose its basis to decide and follow(highly influenced and intoxicated by the world, in more candid terms by the adults and adult influenced peers when we are growing up) is that it tries to ab initio remove fear and guilt.

The twins are notorious enough to be the reason(in my humble views) for most of the events in the world. From having a hallo around your head to being fried in the devil’s oils(which flavour do you choose?) all are caused because of these two. And when assumptions are moved by forces stronger than themselves and when cruel reality(again based on other assumptions, nevertheless, supposedly) sets in, along come the twins, with kisses and words that bewitch you and send your hormones in all the wrong directions and steal your brain or it’s acclaimed human rationality.

So my assumptions were struck by a lighting, but fortunately I had bothered to stick a lighting rod out. But sometimes light in itself can lose to a sloth- when it enters a fortress formed by materials which have been hardened with fervour and self belief and not to mention assumptions that I am bound to not see a victory till I turn a new leaf(is it now?), it slows and crawls, but still doesn’t lose the pinch which it brings along, so what really had happened was that I was stunned(thanks to my own need to fend myself against the world’s ever altering assumptions) and now with a fine poem, I have but got rid of it.

But the optimism that I wont possessed has been shaken the most. The lazy bug, without the wonder drug(optimism) has turned lazier and has decided to stay and not vacate its place in the system, to expand. Though it isn’t all that compelling(like this pseudo style, heavily influenced I am sure by God(another assumption?)  knows what!) the bug is quite comforting.

But by writing that very sentence I have managed to sort out a paradox or two and at the same time, kicked the bug a bit, after all I know no one is going to bother to read this, at least entirely. Probably, one of my hopes that was dashed(with a red ink, memories of Tamil papers dawn) was my belief that I would be read and my blog garlanded with words of praise and I would make News and promote optimism and help in rolling the wheels of progress across the oblique course(s).

But that seems pretty stunted and in more ways decaying from neglect, being ignored more so, by those who can give it some spirit. Yes, I have said it, I black and with, well punctuated with commas and fullstops, I seem to lack a belief in people.

Once upon a time, I prided myself in hating humanity. But a sense of hope, that hate can morph into love, existed. But pretence has turned into the present’s love and as I pour my love into my belief about humanity’s greatness (and bits of shallowness and vanity) , the world in return seems to offer more walls than doors(but more doors than before, but being as astute as I am, I can see many other doors being filled with bricks, all red – the capitalist in me, mourns ).

The doors I am willing to take, because I have for a long time now, refused to honour fear and guilt, more than deemed necessary. Visitors are welcome, as long as they follow my dogma and yield to the imposed moratoriums and curfews. But are those the doors I want to take? This is a stark question, the answer, shall go unwritten, at least as of now.

Now my assumptions having been swayed by the lights and developments, are back to their old staunch selves. They again, wish to re-establish their command, having fought the wars with words, wisdom and weapons and have returned with better men and women and not to mention new ways and knowledge.

They face a struggle though, the throne, occupied by the prince, his highness the lazy bug, has to be won. How can you lull someone who is laced by reality and lives in a shell? Probably being a moon child and a crabby person, the waters hold the answer. So simply put- I guess I have to wash my face and get going again 😛

P.S:- why does wp, want me to rewrite this entire post in active voice? hmpf.


December 21, 2009 § 5 Comments

Googling- hagen means noble boy. Well the nobel boys(and girls) of the world, sat down to discuss and (try)  agree upon some common measures. Well it didn’t take a genius to predict the inevitable-nothing positive has come out of it.

Sure, globalization means that we the people of the world, with our wonderful rights to speech, voiced our despair; But no one heard us. Maybe, as the Delhi CM said, when asked about the Commonwealth games, let us pray.

The Accord by the way is this(click on the link to read it). And the flaws just present themselves to you, unless of course,  you don’t happen to understand English. This clearly shows that no one gives a damn. I had mentioned in the podcast, that a solution is going to be tough to arrive at and also discussed some of the problems- well pity our leaders, seem to crying over spilt milk and more bothered about other things- this shows we still cannot see ourselves as humans first.

I am not going to write a huge post, about this, mainly because those who read my blog are clever enough to understand things anyway, but I agree to most of what he has to say.

Recently, I went for a debate, where the topic was ” Climate change a conspiracy against the developing world” and well it seems true now. I had talked about in my podcast- pledging money etc, shows us that the “West” is still after control over the others.

The US portrays itself as a champion of modern “free” values, but it is the main culprit(or so it seems). If you are so wise, why don’t you just set some examples? We have enough hypocrites here and we know how you people work, so if you give a damn about “global warming”(  when your cities are covered in two feet of ice), then you better start doing some work.

Transfer of technology and establishing a fund sounds great, but where is the technology? And USD 100 billion? You mean, that the developing world needs only that much to change, when your companies need more to bail themselves out?

Shifting the burden on the developing world is fine, but the main aim here is to try to provide a square meal a day to our entire population, providing gainful employment(how about cleaning the environment?) etc. If you indeed have the technology, why aren’t you already using it?

I have already mentioned(in my podcast) that this is not about saving Earth, but this is about saving humanity. But the treats are apparently not visible to many. Whether the scientific results are true or not is a question, this is a critical issue. Yesterday we fought over our resources, today we fight over who religion and sects , tomorrow we will be fighting over our waste.

And rationing the amount of energy a person can use is absurdity. Unfortunately we(who have the technology and the rest) use (and emit) more than those who are living in refugee camps and fighting for survival. Maybe as a specie, we will survive through this. But it is not about that, we are talking about living-as “the most intelligent race”, we deserve better(?). Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of humanism among our leaders.

The way forward- come up with “green technology” for the primary industries first- no drying(and polluted) rivers is not going to help reduce the amount of water in the ocean. If nuclear is the way forward, then well better start using to produce energy, before Uncle Sam decides he can’t answer questions and throws one at us, to shut us up and as for the nuclear waste, well I am sure the deserts make a very good dumping yard(hope you get the sarcasm).

Maybe manufacturing goods which last long( just try your international brands here, to make a washing machine work for more than a year, you need waste about  Rs.5000, make calls, threaten to sue etc) and follow some basic norms. Improving public  transportation facilities will help( seeing people hanging from foot boards isn’t let’s say isn’t going to make me take a bus!) and also reducing traffic jams will help. Planting more trees in urban areas, will help lower the temperature(caused due to concrete and metal) and reduce the need for ACs.

I did feel that dividing industries among countries(to avoid duplication of resources), might be a solution, but then it has many flaws. One thing is for sure- time to see ourselves as humans first and the rest.

Well to end this post ,let me quote  Shelley

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!


December 8, 2009 § 19 Comments

Well I have decided to try something new- my first podcast 🙂 I guess I do hesitate here and there, maybe because I was sort of nervous, so do forgive me 🙂 And yes any grammatical inaccuracies is also because I was sort of nervous 🙂

If the audio doesn’t load CLICK HERE.

I know I used the words absurd, stupid etc too many times. This is just my view, or what I could make out of what is happening. If you think I am wrong correct me,  I am ready to learn more. Do share whatever links/sites/articles more on this topic.  I am willing want to understand what is happening, in a better manner, so do tell me what you think?

What can we do? (or) what we can do?

October 30, 2009 § 21 Comments

I feel quirky and verbose enough to write something. Of course I am never the one to face a dearth of words, but posting does take some effort- like making your head think about one thing. If only it was like those good old days, where I wrote a post or two a day. Maybe there is a relationship between posting and the number of comments, but one fact which I should mention is that bloggers now days have become Scrooges- we care too much for our authority and don’t seem to be giving pingbacks any more!

The good old ping seems to be rare, soon we will have a ping market, where we all can trade and we will have terrorists making poor kids give links to their websites to recruit more people(just the thought of it!). I say this with the full interest of bloggers and blogging in my mind- what with the advent of celebrity bloggers and comment box chats, traditional bloggers like me soon will need subsidy to survive. Hope I will be able to keep my 0.0001%(stat from Alexa) share of visitors to the web.

So before I start running, you are expected to stretch your hands- first  raise it up, then side ways, again up and then down(and scroll down). Keep repeating this(yes you can walk when you talk, now you can exercise while you read). So do I see you all doing it-good.

Do this and you can stop your self from being a victim of excessive social networking(gone are the days when bloggers were bloggers, now most of us are caught up in Facebook, twitter(albeit being Christened as “micro blogging” ). Reading blogs might be the only break you take.

Bare not offence either- See, I am only advising you. So don’t tweet “He thinks he is too great, @visheshunni bloggers are not fools!! ” or  something like that. It is quite pitiable that we fail to take offence to things which we should. Or blame it on the ever-changing world-One second it is a fire, the next second a politician and the third an actor, fourth inevitably will an ad.

We read things in the Newspaper and forget it. We vociferously argue and a few seconds later wonder what we were talking about – the days of a modern man are filled, inevitably with hours and hours of being busy. We are convinced that unless we can hang a board from your collars with Busy etched on it, we are incomplete.

Blunt things happen, you forget what you did- can you recall what you wore yesterday? We expect ourselves to do certain things and others add to it. End of the day when your head hits you pillow, your head starts bubbling and you realize how fraught all this is. Personally I hate it when the world looks like a grave yard and haunted with busy quietness. It just does not work. Insanity is needed.

We crack stupid jokes, we have fights over petty things, yet all that energy in you needs to go somewhere. Blogging is a good thing, it helps get away from your usual self. You realize your life has a lot of potential- I like reading good person blogs, it is tough be conceited and funny.

Letting go is really important I guess. After all Atlas might be holding the world, but then he can’t do anything about what the creatures in it do. We can nod our heads at whatever happens but the larger picture is going to take it’s time to change. So should we then be good human beings, as in mind out business and be busy?

To appreciate things, we need to look at them. And you know what maybe it is our business to look at those small things. They might help us understand global warming better, they might help us understand the mentality of neighbours better and yes maybe even understand ourselves better too.

It is fine, to call others mad, crazy and what not, but it takes a lot of guts and a bit of candour to see that they might be right and we might be wrong. No I don’t mean concede your point, just try to see how the other person reasons, who knows you might see the flaw in your argument as well.

I do wonder if we as a world can ever have consensus ad idem. This is not just a question of the good and the bad, but a question of what defines us. The heterogeny is of course too great, but somewhere, in there, we are all humans and most certainly Earthlings. We can wage wars and have raging peace talks, but if we do look at the larger picture more closely( should not be mistaken for looking at smaller things, surely) we will find that beyond all that we can still live in peace.

If  life was a football game, then we surely have a referee to blame. And a referee is needed only when we don’t trust ourselves any more. Of course blood is thicker than water, but surely humanity is bigger than the people alive at one point of time?

Or is it that which divides us? Why should we continue the battles our fore fathers fought? Maybe in this age and time, we should try to appreciate humanism more – instead it is disheartening to find in the name of religion and politics, people hating each other.

There will be enough love in this world, if we can one person, who can show embrace humanity and not a group of people or country. But unfortunately all of us come from varied backgrounds. Whether nature has made us differently or not ( like having our eyes where our spleen is) nurture surely does. But then we all are the special one, do we realize that?

To you and me, poverty maybe a movie or a music video. To someone else the things which we face are non-issues. Every issue is important for after all good health does include happy spirits. There are many initiatives in this world, but more than movements and initiatives, it is our ability to rise above remorse and have the voice to say, “he can be such, but I am better”.

No this is not about showing your other cheek, but rather catching the other person’s hand and showing his reality. We all live in our own little heavens, but do we realize that what we are doing can make the world a hell for others?

We need to let go, of our ego. We need to be willing to stand our ground-look at the world and realize where we are and then see if we are in the right place.  This is a need and not a want.

We need to take offence, when someone tries to disintegrate us. And yes there is something called putting things the right way, today we might have shrunk it down to four letters(more or less) but not everyone can understand what happened to warrant that one word comment. And the right way is not merely fire for fire, but trying to see what caused the fire.

We cannot recall what we did yesterday, but we can of course recall how we were hurt. If you think you should do something to someone who has offended you, do this- stop talking to that person.

Don’t shout, don’t act, just stop talking. That too is an action. Be quiet. Watch the other person. True silence is a weapon. For it removes the enemy or opposition.

The toughest person to face is yourself. When you come across a blank wall, you try to retrace your route, let them try it. I know what I say, is not possible, for I concede , I too might be wrong. I don’t see any harm, for after all I am not hurting anyone(or at least trying not to). Yes I too get furious and angry, every does, but it is just a reaction, we need to respond.

So hope this has given you enough exercise. Pardon me if you have exerted yourself too much. But if you aren’t too tired, do burn some more energy and let me know, what you think.

I might sound rather romantic and Utopian, but every sunrise does mesmerize and makes your day. If I have managed to make even one person happy/appreciate/given belief to then I have got what I want.

Individualism is mistaken- it is not doing those things which will benefit us in the short run alone, it doing those things that will help us become better in the long run. And what is going to do us good, is a good world.

62 and counting

August 15, 2009 § 15 Comments

We all know what day it is today – Yup Independence day.

So we all chirp(and tweet) , Sing(and eat) and finally watch a movie! Jai hind! Another holiday , shops closed(ya right , tell that to Saravana Stores , Pothys etc) , low traffic.

We sing Jana Gana Mana , feel all patriotic , for once forget about our politicians , nod our heads in satisfaction on how the day progresses and again nod our heads in dismay, when we hear terrorists have blow up something ,somewhere.

School kids go marching , Parents go watching, Chief guests go on talking , Impatient vagabonds computer/T.V. addicts they are , wait for the new Rs.1 / Rs.5 only chocolate. Its all really nice , except for the few hours you have the entire day free(and if you bunk , the whole day free).

The country my friend , is something which we have read in the textbooks! All we can see is our school , our friends(and enemies) all with neatly polished shoes(oh! and that girl looks really cute ,dressed up like that to sing , wah! I love her voice…) , Left , right , left..ya we have no clue what the left is or the right is..who cares,we are here, we have this stupid education system , we had stupid people and a few clever ones in between in the past – its all really inspiring to listen to the Chief Guest talk but sir the T.V. beckons – we need to see our Indian brands wish us happy Independence day , we need to see actors talk and maybe we might catch up with how our money was wasted(ya we are cynical , oh! the ruthless heartless bourgeoisie).

Ya I dream of being a politician , removing corruption etc. Mam’ says it can be done and I believe in it. Unwrapping the chocolate, if you are one of those ‘caring’ fellow you search for a dustbin or put in your pocket(otherwise you drop it , along with the national flag). The good boy that you are you go pick up a couple of national flags and feel angry(and happy that you are such a good boy). There , there I have done my bit.

Sometimes things can be misleading – In dependence ? Quite misleading.

But well at least we see one day two days  in a year  where everyone talks about a great nation. Ya! For once we united! India United! Unity in diversity– for one we are united at something other than going at each others throats(its going to be easier to choke people with the masks on!) . None of the reservation nonsense , how can we ! We sing Our Flag song , Nation song , This song , that song , oh! we are pickled in nationalism!

Yes I am kinda nostalgic, for by the time I woke up , our PM had finished his speech(and even if I was awake, I would have understood very little of it , because my hindi is not there yet :O ). But the news channels have got it all wrong , no we are not turning 62 , the country is older than that, a quick history lesson –  the British left us in 1947 , they didn’t create India as a state , nope tried to destroy whatever little was there , by drawing two little lines when they were drunk on the map(forgive me for being so crude , but watching Gandhi, the movie and reading about it does make you feel sick ).

Yes we have recovered , we are one of the largest economies and also the second most populace country in the world. I have the habit of telling people – “yes we got freedom at midnight but now we need to wake up”.

And if we wake up, we will find a few good things and a few bad things-that of course is inevitable. But end of the day , we need to take stock and see if we have moved forward or backward – not in terms of sustainable development or technology(which we sure have) but in terms of social morality and in trying to uphold the principles of equality , equity and comradeship.

The idea of fraternity is of course threatened  by our other more local identities which seem to take a grip of us. But no that is not we dream about is it?  We dream about a nation , which the world is in awe of. We dream of azure forests and tall I.T. parks , we dream of flamboyant places of worship and Ancient architectural marvels. We dream more or less of a nation which will give a sense of security and peace and let us live free.

We know the evils , corruption , vote bank politics , education system which needs updating etc , but somewhere in between all that , most of us hold our identity. People from different parts of the country , might prefer to see themselves as something else first , but days like today vouch for the fact that , we are still a country.

Its not just people in India but Indians through out the world , revere this day. Yes the reason why we have to differentiate is because a lot of Indians have moved away from here, thanks to  many reasons/factors. But today is supposed to be a bright day, where we display our nationalistic view- we are grateful amongst our bickering and trashing to those women , men and children who fought for India. I am grateful that I can write this. I am grateful that I can sit here and write.

From zero to today’s heroes in various field , we have come a long way. How much ever we are aggrieved by the sheer ignorance(and the indignation when faced with any sort of questioning) , our culture has been the backbone. And this culture is not one which is predominated by religion/caste, I mean the methods through which a sense of oneness is created. Our culture includes our lands and terrains , our very spirit – this is what the vote bank politicians of today are trying to break. ‘We’ are being pushed into a narrower lane, so that we fail to see the highways.

But at the same time, we have spread through out the world , our influence can be seen in every field. Many of us feel the responsibility to take this nation forward and it is we together who can ensure that we progress , that we run over and around the problems whatever they may be.

Let me finish with an extract from a poem which I wrote about a year and a half back..

Our land is our religion,
India is our passion,
together we can help in the creation,
of peace
and help in the mitigation,
of violence and aggression.
peace is our mantra,
unity is our goal,
poverty will be a dream,
happiness will be our theme.

When in depression-
we turn to things which gave us salvation,
things which are based on discretion
our roots,our culture which will-
see the greatest amalgamation,
in the future will cause the greatest revolution.
the land of more than a billion
will do the herculean.

India- a name which inspires,
a name which nationalizes,
a name which dominates,
a name which Induces,
the symbol of alacrity,
a name which we salute
and which we will unmute,
through our flute,
the power of youth.

Jai hind!

What are your Identities?

August 13, 2009 § 17 Comments

Something lesser than a dot in the universe.

Something as big as a dot in the galaxy.

A thicker dot in the system.


human being.


A person from the subcontinent.


South Indian.





…….(other identities)

This is the Identity the world(i.e. those who might not know anything about me and also society collectively) would attribute to me…but is it the one I want? Of course I am all that , but I would prefer to be seen as

Something lesser than a dot in the universe.

Something as big as a dot in the galaxy.

A thicker dot in the system.


human being.





A person who believes in equality(equality – when everyone has the same opportunity.)

Writer, more specifically a poet(however good or bad I am at it).

A person who loves music.

An artist(however good or bad I am at the various arts).

Football lover.

Nature lover.

Captialist(more in lines of a Randian).

A teenager.





………..(other identities).

Of course there are a lot more which I might have left out at this point. I might call myself a philosopher and no one else might. But it does show how I perceive myself. Anyway more about this in my next post.Right now I want to know,

What are your identities?

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