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What do business people do apart from business? They exchange visiting cards. Now that we are all moving towards a paperless, virtual society, isn’t time we had a virtual visiting card as well?

And isn’t it annoying that you have to give people your various ids one by one, patiently? Well, how about a place where they can add/follow all of your accounts from one place?

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Well, not to worry, there is  about.me ! The really awesome site which acts like your online visiting card! You can add your own background and choose the services you want to be shown in the card/page.  What is more, it has STATS! You know how many people have seen your page and what they have clicked! So what are you waiting for? get yourself an about.me!

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P.S:- My about.me. Please leave your card below, I shall look at it and nod my head. 😀

Miio – first impression

July 22, 2010 § 12 Comments

Heard of Miio? No? Well it is a new social networking site. Yes, there are dime a dozen sites now and we are spoilt for choice- with FB and Twitter being the compulsory ones, but this stands out.

Though I am slightly apprehensive about joining new social networking sites(albeit joining twitter within a month or so after its launch), I decided to give this a shot.

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So this is what they say about Miio in their about me page:-

With Miio we can

  • Chat about breaking news, music, TV shows, sports, movies, gadgets, celebrities, or just whatever.
  • Share photos, videos, and links.
  • Ask questions. Get answers.
  • Write reviews.
  • And a lot more.

To put it short:

twitter + fb + a bit more = miio. This will be your first impression.

The Good stuff:-

The way the site looks! :- Clean, neat and simple. A bit of colour in the timeline and sidebar- very easy to look at.

Posts:- Similar to facebook you can post anything you want- videos, pics, links etc. And like twitter, this goes into a timeline. And they are nicely packed into boxes- uncluttered.

RSS:- You can add your site’s RSS!! Now that is really cool. At the moment, there are various NEWS sites who are on miio, they seem to be using this feature extensively. You can’t do that on twitter. You have to add networked blogs in FB.

But you can add only one RSS feed at the moment- I have added my google reader’s feed to it now so that it is easier to share the posts which I read.

Costumer Service:- #Epicwin ! they followed me, welcomed me and responded to my queries! Wow! Where do we see that? What with facebook’s service being worse than the airline industries etc , this stands out! You feel welcome!

Managing people:- In FB, you need to go to privacy settings. It probably took you time to realize that, that small button next to ‘following'(in a user’s page) on twitter is actually for mobile updates- no such hassles here. The settings open once you follow someone/ join a group. You can even choose type of updates you see in your ‘dashboard’.

If you use chrome, you might be using the Intersect plugin on twitter(it shows you mutually friends, followers etc). Miio- already does that. No confusion and no need to use filtermanager or other such service to know who is not following you back.

Threads:- Again similar to facebook. When you reply/others reply, a ‘thread’ is formed. This is really nice. We all know the chaos which ensues on twitter with replies!

Alerts:- this is damn clever. You can add key words and when a post is filed related to that, you get a notification. Want to search for something related to India? Just put an alert. No fear of losing it or waiting for people to reply to your requests.

Things I don’t like:-

Dashboard Timeline:- Only 5 posts appear automatically in the dashboard. When it’s only RSS which appear, this is a good thing. But it will be nice to see at least 20 posts appearing.

Sidebar positioning:- It does take some time for you to get used to the sidebar. Especially because of a gap the size of a sidebar on the left. A simple solution would be to move the sidebar and the timeline towards right- that should do it.


This is only a first impression. I still have not yet tested the groups feature(just joined one called ‘bloggers’).

Miio is surely worth giving a shot. Will it compete with twitter and facebook? I don’t think so. But it will have its use- after all it is easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. This will be a good service to add your feeds and share links and info. The probability of missing information which you can use is lesser- especially with alerts. And hopefully even if there aren’t many members, they will be quality members(keep those celebs who tweet about their dog, cat etc out please! ).

Blending FB’s and Twitter’s features might be a master stroke- after all we don’t like to add anyone and everyone on FB and twitter is restricted by 140 characters and of course the Fail Whale.

While it is twitter + fb at the moment, the site can grow if they thrown in a bit of google reader(and other such services). With the thread feature, you can have discussions and stories can become more interactive.

Try it.

P.S:- Again, this is only a first impression.

How to get what you share on google reader to twitter

July 12, 2010 § 6 Comments

One thing Google reader doesn’t have is a twitter share button. While, feedly.com is pretty easy to use, personally I don’t like it that much- it just isn’t as simple looking as the reader.

So googling about- I found a way to get what I share on my google reader to twitter from here.

1) Go to twitterfeed and login.

2)Click on create a new feed. and paste the following in the RSS feed URL box:-


Replace “Yourgoogleid” with your google ID . You can get your google id by:-

a) Open your shared items and from the URL copy the code(underlined in red).

From Drop Box

b) Alternatively, click on the google reader button from the list of sites linked with buzz/notes.

From Drop Box

And copy the id from the URL.

From Drop Box

3)Click on test RSS feed. You will get a message saying ” Feed parsed OK”.

From Drop Box

4)Click on advanced settings and modify what you want to.

TIP:- Use a URL shortner service for twitter- it helps in two things, i)The link is made short. ii) You can track how many people are clicking on what you share. I use bit.ly. If you want to link it to your bit.ly account, add your API details by clicking on the settings button.

5)Click “continue to step 2”.

Now choose the accounts you want to link this with. And click on “all done”.

That’s it. What you share on google reader will appear on twitter now.

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