the craft(sci-fi)

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lashing waves and frivolous passion surrounded him.Aliens were a thing of the past.The fantasies of the lesser civilizations ,which existed a few centuries ago.

They knew these aliens existed,only thing was that they weren’t called aliens.They were no more alien to human beings as they are to themselves.You don’t call your brother a alien do you?not even if he has weird ears.A brother is always a brother.
X __________________________________X
These ‘people’ .Ha!they had many strange things. For one thing,they resembled the cats, they looked more like the “lions”(about which they were had “learnt” at the info center.).They seemed to have no ears and yet they heard things a planet away. This helped during the inter-human or rather inter planet wars(Humans had already settled in mars,venus,jupiter and mercury).Earthians had the advantage of course,they were in the right surroundings for man kind, but they didn’t have the advantage of physically knowing the other planet’s topography and also the secrets.The other planets had the advantage of making bombs,with materials found in their planets.Marsians’ carbon wrap was the most dangerous.What earthians feared the most was losing their watch post-moon.

the advanced defense mechanisms were becoming they had come up with a back up plan-to go to planet Zearth. It was almost like earth and the people were friendly.It was a long way away,they had to zip past venus and take a right all the while turning at 2 arcs of an angle.The Zes’ were there to take the first set of earthians away.

As they boarded,he was helped in by a heavy looking Ze, he politely wished him a zuka zuka and did the “head thinge”(they greeted each other by saying zuka zuka and joining their fore heads and turning them 180 degrees).

the craft was like nothing he had seen.It had a adorable fake E#3#’s’!! for the kids to have some fun.They also had super vision eye gears(for viewing movies).”cool”. he saw his friend enter.


“hi,so even you are up on the first?”

“ya,its boring here,need a little change you know”.

” i thought you will move to mars,where your uncle lives.”

“na….we lost touch.Besides who will want to join them,nasty place.”

“i thought ,you liked it”

“ya, i used to,but it becomes boring and every one keeps calling you earthy”


“ya i know i know”.

“oh! there is the buzzer,lets hop in.”

they went and took their seats.they observed- no straps.they looked around puzzled.The “host” came and told them that,in these crafts they had a special system,which will hold you there.great! they sighed.and the craft took the vertical take route.

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