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September 13, 2009 § 16 Comments

There is a lot going on right now. So much so that I can’t pick one thing and write about it. On one side, we have the jet,set,stop saga going on and on the other side, a guy has been chucked out of school for sporting a beard.

I have a lot of tags pending and yes I got a few awards as well in between, but then, I don’t feeling like doing tags or passing on awards(been trying to do them and end up writing some nonsense, wrote some 3 drafts and got no where).

Book reviews are it. Unlike movie reviews, they keep getting you hits and at the same time you talk about something worth while.

I tried to do some self portraits(using the cam) and well they turned out sour, actually I thought they were good, but then one of my friends told me out right it sucked and I realized it does.

Haven’t sketched in a long time, I have accumulated three refills for my trimax pen, have one in my college bag, one in my shelf and well I think I put the other one somewhere else.

Have these IPCC(erstwhile Inter) – CA classes in the morning(it’s supposed to be for 4 days a week , but well…) , it start at like 7 and goes on till 1- 1:30. It’s interesting,  really and I have joined only for two subjects(accounts and costing) so its kinda fun, since both of them involve calculations. But then I am not an early bird and sleeping at 1-2 am and waking up at 5:30 isn’t, lets say refreshing.

And add to that college, from 2:30 pm to 7:45, rotten. I get to hear stuff like ” I am not a lorry to carry your sorry” , ” refer your book if you have a doubt” and some swearing by another Prof. , who seriously is going to get in trouble with the students.

Mr.Mosquito, is quite irritating, he made us subscribe to the Business Line, blackmailed us, promising us that he won’t pass on our Sem. exam forms. When I have payed I expect them to give me the paper but  we haven’t it yet. The only concession I get out of subscribing for it is that I can recover some more money from the old paper fellow(for the record we by enough NEWS papers and magazines at home and I don’t have enough time/patience to read them all 😛 I use instead :D) .

Economics is the only class which is even remotely interesting. The English Prof. is okay. The pace at which he takes the lessons is slightly irritating, but then there are many who don’t understand English, so that is understandable.

I am able to survive in college, thanks to a few people- D, A , R, Su, S etc(I don’t really care for anonymity but this is more fashionable I guess, like saying I am doing CA), its fun trying to experiment on a few creatures(asking them questions and listening to answers which unless you are a fellow like me can startle you or even start of a communal war). There is this fellow Tomato , quite a creature. Irritates everybody and (almost) got his faced punched.

And I should but mention the whistlers and the smokers. The smokers are cows, they keep chewing bubble gum or mouth fresheners , no wonder ITC is doing great, so much for govt. responsiblity and the ban on smoking. The whistlers, well they keep whistling to irritate the Profs. They bang benches, scream(and I thought American singers were the worst!!)  shot things etc. So much for them being from good schools, they lack any sort of sense and (sometimes) they give me a headache with their endless eccentricity idiocy.

My violin mater is organizing a celebration for his arts school and my sis and I are going to play in that. Yup, he turned up after like 3 centuries and yes we hadn’t practised in a long time 😛 I am looking forward to this; But I keep forgetting the notes or get mixed up. If only you can see inside my head, you can understand the way in which I try to remember the notes, learning chemistry till 10th(and in my case for another term in 11th) proves to be useful after all.

I have made it a point to update my poetry blog at least once a week. Once upon a time, I wanted more and more people to read my poetry, but now it’s changed, Am happy to show it to people whom I think understand it; The fact that a few poems may go without a comment really doesn’t affect me, in fact it is better that way.

Everyone is turning into an author. I seem to be the only one who hasn’t it. Self publishing is cool, but if no one buys your book, it is going to hurt you, so am staying away from it.

Its been ages since I played football. Bunked college and was kicking around on Friday. It’s scary when you suddenly realize you are becoming fatter. But I can lose weight as fast as I gain it, so no problems I guess.

Comment sections are where I am really putting my views down, now days(no not mine but on other’s post). Then again, I haven’t been reading as many blogs as usually do. I must confess , I have been thinking about leaving this blog to rot, but the fact that this has become an online home, stops me from doing it.

My stand on things haven’t changed, the more I come mingle with the world, the more hopeless it all seems. My optimism might soon peter out. There are moments, when I feel everything here is useless(ya maybe that teeny thing). I feel we can be a catalyst in a change, but then is it worth trying to induce a reaction, when it might lead to your depletion?

Blogging too seems to have lost its purpose. I used to love comments, now I just like them. End of the day, I seem to be reading those blogs, which I find are written by people whom I think write really well. Reading gives you a sense of belonging and I like the comfort, pity though I am too tired and I tend to fall as sleep, the second I feel comfortable.

Talking about feeling tired, strong coffee does it. And yes, it gives you this wonderful feeling, you don’t feel anything, things just flow by.

I want to have fun, real fun. Play football for like 4 hours a day or something. I think this post has gone out control. I should stop I think. I have plenty more to say, but then I don’t want people leaving comments such as “phew! that was long” etc, its fine if you say it a couple of times, you can always ignore my long posts(no offense meant) and comment on the shorter ones, you will still find me commenting in your blog, because I read blogs which I think are worth reading.

As I said I don’t have much time, so I might be late or I might skip a post or two or I might have read it in the google reader and might still be wondering what to comment. Ya, now you do not know which category you fall into, I didn’t read your blog, because I didn’t find it worthwhile or was I busy? Either way you shouldn’t care, I can tell you from experience it is not worth it 😛

I am sure I have made plenty of typos and maybe even a couple of grammatical mistakes(Ya even after using the abc thing). Spellings have never been strongest point, nor grammar, though I always used to well in the grammar part. I prefer poetry. I can write whatever I want and not care about anything, that is why I write in English, its got this thing called poetic licence.

EspnStar is not showing La liga this season, sucks big time. They feel that no one in India is going to watch it. Ya right, they should have at least taken a survey and they would have realized how many of us Barca and Madrid fans , keep awake all might to watch our teams play.

Now I get to watch only Arsenal and Wolfsburg. Yes we(Arsenal) lost two in a row, not to worry we will bounce back(thats what we say every season) . Wolfsburg , well the Bundesliga is tough this season. Bayern are strong, Ribery and Robben together is like a killer combo. Only an Idiot like Madrid will sell Robben, oh! ya I forgot Chealsea.

*Should I stop?*

my driving licence , yup i am going to get it on Friday(hopefully). But for all you know, I might not get it. I have a feeling there is something mocking me. Things look like they are changing for the better, only to make things worse. When it keeps happening, you just leave it, you never care, you take into your stride.

Yes this it. I am stopping right now, I might write another page or two. This should be a journal entry or something, but who cares? And let me close by saying, I will reply to the comments on the pervious post soon.


Last day of school

February 18, 2009 § 28 Comments

Today was my last day in school.It felt strange,it all seemed too well,14 years some how has passed by filled with so many things.Though initially I was feeling nostalgic,reality soon set in,many of us are happy that school life is over.

We all never get to choose our schools ,the choice is made for us.Now having done with it,there are a lot of memories,good and bad.

My father just said it was like yesterday,that he dropped in an Ambassador Car.My face is no more that of a sweet baby ,the beard and moush,make me look old 😛 I suddenly felt like singing in school,”I am not a boy,I am not a man yet ” but then of course,the cameras got in the way.A million photos I guess,a little bit of craziness….

I have always been in the “worse class in the school” and yet been the good boy around 😛 (when they did put me in a good class,I had to entertain myself :P) . I have some bad memories of not having a friend for a couple of years etc.
But then the last two years have been amazing,especially the last year,in the “commerce class” .

The school has thought me a lot of things-how people like to stick to groups and they would this without thinking.And of course,what was thought has had a influence on my core values.

A lot of memories about special people as well.Of course,I would be in touch with all the people I want to,but there are certain people with whom I never got along with..and the special ones, 😉

I do not know what I should be doing,no more do I need to wake and wonder about incomplete homework and plan how I am going to finish it.I was happy course to see the last of the bitchy politics go,I hope I never have to get into any of it again.

I have proved to myself,I can write in English,couple of years back,my English would have been as normal as normal can be,but I guess I have managed to change that.But the best thing I guess is that I no more need to worry about those unnecessary people,I can wave my hands at all of them,like a bride groom on top a horse.

I still can’t figure out how 14 years passed by,it seems different now…well I have my exams in all of 12 days time…

Thinking about my identity

July 23, 2008 § 13 Comments

What is the use? what is the use of this world?

It is always amazing,to know that we the significant micro(maybe even smaller) particles who make up the universe have some purpose and a life to live.Why i live my life,in a regimented way,going to school,supposedly learning things.What will it be like to be in another planet? What will I be,if i were in another planet.Would that planet too have death as we have?What is the big deal anyway of being earthling?

Think of the universe,as it is.I know it is too big to fit into my minuscule three dimensional imagination,but whatever little i can ‘see’,leaves me perplexed ,confused and in a dire need for becoming larger than life itself.Why how can something so big exist in the first place? When i was small,the sun was just ‘nature’ something which i was born into.It was a constant,to the mind which was ready to be tinkered ,it saw what what others thought they saw.The moon Always represented an old lady making ‘idly’.the beach was a place where something called waves lashed on endlessly and if i ventured into it alone,i would be eaten by it.My life was of prime importance to me.Being another heir of the mistake stricken ,unwanted humanity,survival was the instinct.

But as i grew up,i slowly realized,that things are different.In fact education does at least that much to you.You are told that we belong to a solar system and that the moon goes around us.The next time i saw the moon,i looked  at it as an entity who was moving around the earth.Now i am digging really deep to feel what i felt then.It is surprising that ‘life’ is so old.What are these memories? So are we a dream,a memory too?

Me writing rather typing,is an memory in more ways than one.Since i am writing i do not care what happens else where around me.Why would i react when i am content,why the moment will always be embedded in me,carved into me,for i am in tune with the reminiscence of the world’s making. Did we go to the heavens because earth never satisfied us? Why when did we realize that we were nothing more that illusive little creatures,who don’t know anything?

On earth everything has the touch of man,as it has of ‘god’.Almost all our fellow creatures,all the flora and fauna which were painted with the magic wand along with us ,have been cut,dissected,bisected,trisected and researched upon. We have arrived at the conclusion that we are the only ones who can think the best.We were after all the once who discovered the existence of God.

Our identity as human beings,has perpetuated from our predecessors.But deep inside all of us know that this is not our absolute identity.When we look at the sky and stare stars and suns ,we feel an old belonging ,the sight of home,after an hiatus to hibernation. Since we are the clever modern super humans in terms of an ever expanding brain and since we know about the big bang and such and such,we run a particle accelerator inside our cramped cavity,reproducing with a eerie contentment,what we feel is the origin of the universe.We revel in it for a few spectacular moments,we run the jocund clowns of happiness in us to such speeds that ecstasy is what we pronounce.We are all happy to be home,we wish to keep seeing our Gods for longer,but the ever severing mind,declares that you have to break the bonds,to live life and produce yourself to sacrifice for the betterment of man.You don’t want it.Who wants to move from home,after a long voyage?Who wants to travel,when travel is all he has done?Who wants to swim,when he has all the while swam?Yet since you are the mind,with a rhetoric puffed up displeasure you try to satisfy your real want with a chronic happiness ,which is at most momentary and small enough to displease the materialistic narcissistic in you and carry on with it.I am trying to write something and all the while i am thinking of the wonderous world,whose width widens my perspective.I am here and i am not.

What is my identity?Am i a lost sibling of a distant star,for whom if i am found,i will look the same as when i landed on Eden? Or have i crossed an Adam’s bridge,to burn all that was bad and mortal? Am i an entity for whom this body was a lease,lent by earth to write off her ever lasting loans?Or am i, simply an animal,a tainted beast,with the curse of thought and want of fantastical fantasies to suit my ill-tempered unbalanced mind?What am i anyway?

Yes,i feel lost.Yes i feel lost here too.Yet i can hear the world,but i can’t see it.I can hear the old song,but my eyes have grown used to this,so that the old song,is a poignant, nostalgic de -javu.i dream up lands,i build my castles.I am a man,a human,who has written tales upon tales with fairies and fun and frolic but i am also the man who writes edifices and breaths the voice of an enigmatic Satan,a suitable tool ,one sprung during my autumn,to sooth the God in me.yet i know,i do not need him,for i was the one who gave god a face,which he can hold high and i was the one who taught him to write,so that he can say what he felt.I lent a being bigger than me,i lent it not one but two identity,i created a juxtapose of the good and the bad,of light and night,of God and Satan,yet i fail at lending myself a single identity.I call myself the third.I am happy to pull the strings of the first too.Yet my fingers move without my knowledge in my sleep,they want home and what they see is that destruction can retrace me,to where i belong.

There is music playing in the background.The song is melodious.It is a classic,it breaths life into the creature,whose identity is his name and his music.Why what caused him to play and create music?Did he realize that if he struck his strings and quietened the world with symphonies ,he might be able to shriek out for his lost sibling?Or did he realize that when he played his music,he could be himself ,free and inheritor of freedom,the absolute transparent being,who could smile away adversity and sleep ugly to beauty? I am listening to his and with gusto summoning my aesthetic consciousness to appreciate his ballades.I try to feel the same joy he felt when his fingers were let lose upon the keys,to key in the codes of his disparity among humanity.But his code was always good,for such is the magic,of the hands who are at home,always,poor pathetic things,they can’t see nor hear,they are slaves whose only wish is to satisfy their master, as they feel that is their duty and destiny.

Movements.The breeze tickles the trees.Those gigantic beings let out giggles.Why among humanity their existence is varied.One day they are paraphrased as the basic need for the survival of humanity’s earth,the next day,they are cut by the very hands,oh! pathetic hands,they are the only ones who want to get us home.

If my hands know my home,then why don’t I?Should i close my eyes,for all eternity,so that the reality has a chance to roll the dice and bring me home to see its son?I wish i could,but i have a mind,who is a ardent appraiser of the rebellious me.I am torn by my hands,physically and by my mind mentally.I ask you both,i think of either home or heaven-hell only when i am felt free,to my peace.They refuse.I shut my eyes.The hands sway the puppets of infinity,they try to hail home closer.The mind eats into me,they ruthlessly try to disrupt the harmony and bleed my namesake into surrender,but they fail ,neither will give up,i am the used,i am the user,i am between myself.I am still wondering about me and my true reality,one thing is for sure,i will lose mortality when i find the reality,let it be soon.Mortality is lost,when sense of reality is found.

May the world be in peace.Home is not far away,the darkest night,is the last of winter,the coldest water is one before the hot.Let the world exist at it should,let every man reach his harbor and let every flight end at home,may the world be in peace,i go to sleep….

about me ,thinking and questioning

July 2, 2008 § 10 Comments

I am what i am.That is it.Do i think too much? Well i don’t know,but if i didn’t think,then i will not be me.It isn’t supposed to be two posts about me,i wasn’t planning this,but then it struck me that i need to clarify a few things.

A lot of you ask me,am i really 16? It is easier to laugh this one out.I wonder why people think i am not 16 .The reason might be that i think differently.Now i wonder why i think differently. The fact that i think differently from the majority of people in my age group is tough to accept.To me,there is nothing strange in asking questions,questioning is life.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Questions,questions and more questions exist in this world.As Einstein says,there is no limit to asking questions.I ask myself why do i question? And the replies i get are infinite,for my mind can think without rest.I try to let my mind think all its want.I like dreams,i like the impossible ,i like fantasies to say the least.
So why should I come back to this so called “reality” of yours? I am pretty comfortable with where I am.If you want come with me and i will show you the way i think,but it isn’t easy for me to accept what you think.I love to watch clouds.I love the silence of night.I love to dream.And most of all ,i love it when my brain and heart churn out must be the greatest feeling to get answers,but then all answers lead to more questions and so think more.

Look at all the sentences which seem true and question them.

David Reisman

Now i haven’t progressed much here.I am still caught up.I am still trying to think out if i should be writing this.As i said i am very happy in the world i live.When someone says a no to something,i believe it can mean a yes.i believe that i can find solutions to the perennial problems of humanity,for i can think.yet thinking does lead to dead ends.Those are the times when you are left desperate,that is when you press your mind to think harder and you wish and think that you can think that one out.

Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.

Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

this is one of the most truest sayings.And so i shall end this with a few questions:

why all this?
why life?
why god?
what for?
why live?
why die?
why think?
why not think?
why hurt?
why love?
why a end?
why a beginning?
why a nation?
why humiliation?
why hunger?
why poverty?
why education?
why earth?
why universe?
why big bang?
why creation?
why everything?

and here is what i think about everything


Door mats and handkerchiefs who serve humanity

June 30, 2008 § 14 Comments

Do we really need to care? What is the use of caring for others anyway? I mean what do i gain? All i ever get by belonging to society is security.For if i didn’t give a damn to things around me,my existence will not be noticed,even if it is,i will be a door mat for people to leave the dirt on.Not that caring gives you anything better,it only makes people see you as a handkerchief rather a door mat.

So what are you a door mat or a handkerchief?

If you are a door mat,you live life in a ‘why should i care?’ delirium always freaking out and just snubbing people and not giving a thought to the fact that the pathetic creature which is facing you has something called “sense” and that you might be hurting it.Now i cannot call these really door mats,for they are made of expensive things,but they still are door mats.All people do at the sight of these is smile,smile and smile,for they cannot do anything else.For they can’t afford to do anything else,they can’t buy them and walk on them and trash them.Their real door mat identity takes the dirt only when they leave.You see once the brand name goes,there is no difference between a Tommy and a road side Tee.People will swear and tear these door mats,even if they don’t feel it then and there.They will feel the rag and rubbish they have taken,someday when they have their faces against the society,stripped and raw and ready to get rubbished.We have another variety of door mats,the not so lucky door mats.These door mats get away with a few things.They all don’t care alright,but then they aren’t all that expensive.So while a few might admire them and their ‘cool’ attitude,dirty shoes are soon bound to stamp them and flatten them.

Then you have the absolute door mats.These require a little more space.Some washing and drying out in the sun will do them good.They have taken the society’s rubbish.In fact for generations they have been taking rubbish.They aren’t door mats because they chose to be,but because the society made them to be.They are door mats because rubbish gives them life,it gives them food.Who has time to care about others when you don’t have food? Not that i have faced this,but then ,even if i skip as meal (a meal and meal only), i become extremely frustrated and cranky. Now to think they have been hungry for generations,naturally they are not going to care.Why what is electricity to them and what are planes to them? These door mats are not happy at being door mats,but then who can help them? For after all they don’t care,neither for the world nor for themselves.We already have enough door mats don’t we?

Then the handkerchiefs.Ha,so you are one? Now while the door mats just take the dirt,handkerchiefs take a heavier load.They take the mucus,the sweat,the tears,the emotions ,the dirt etc.These things get washed more regularily that is the only difference.They get a larger variety of rubbish from within and outside a person.Why all they decided was that to be more kind and empathize , sympathize , care and love.Now surely they deserve better? But no ,all they get are loads and loads and loads of unwanted things.They are supposed to solve all problems.School students make them into soft balls for playing,people sneeze ,people cough,people sweat and a few just carry them around.these things fill into any shoe.For they are scared they will become door mats.They are happy that they live in the pockets and hands of humanity rather than the foot.They are at a higher level,that is all.They suffer for they care.

So if you are either a door mat or a handkerchief you suffer,for the dirt of humanity.Humans sure do pollute a lot.Both door mats and kerchiefs serve their purpose.Now if ever we are going to make humans pollute less,then the door mats and kerchiefs better stop talking their load of dirt.If they do,humans will have to clean up on their own.Who knows,being a lazy race,they might stop being so dirty and see that dirt is not needed.After all they do believe in ‘perfection’ and dirt never reflects cleanliness and perfection does it? Now when you do stop working all you door mats and kerchiefs what will you do?After all you need to engage yourselves into something right? I have an idea,try maintaining your perfection,make your homes more clean and green and well for your food,now that you don’t need to take dirt,take food-fresh,clean and cooked by mother nature.

International day against drug abuse

June 27, 2008 § 12 Comments

Today is international day against drug abuse. Drugs addiction includes from addiction to marijuana to cough syrups.In my school,we received pamphlets from the Narcotics Control Bureau of India.

drugs are one of the major cause crimes and also spread of diseases like HIV. Drug abuse is defined as

Drug abuse has a wide range of definitions related to taking a psychoactive drug or performance enhancing drug for a non-therapeutic or non-medical effect. All of these definitions imply a negative judgement of the drug use in question (compare with the term responsible drug use for alternative views). Some of the drugs most often associated with this term include alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methaqualone, and opium alkaloids. Use of these drugs may lead to criminal penalty in addition to possible physical, social, and psychological harm, both strongly depending on local jurisdiction.[2] Other definitions of drug abuse fall into four main categories: public health definitions, mass communication and vernacular usage, medical definitions, and political and criminal justice definitions.

From Wikipedia.

Drugs affect our nervous system and also other systems. for example

Cocaine (benzoylmethyl ecgonine) is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant.[5] The name comes from “coca” in addition to the alkaloid suffix -ine, forming cocaine. It is both a stimulant of the central nervous system and an appetite suppressant. Specifically, it is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Because of the way it affects the mesolimbic reward pathway, cocaine is addictive.

from Wikipedia.

And according to the pamphlet we received:-

So as a society we need to battle against drugs and their use.Doing drugs isn’t going to make you look cool .Nor is it doing you or anyone any good.Sometimes people who are feeling depressed or have been mentally affected by some problems might take to drugs.If someone doesn’t talk with them and help them,then we are setting up a time bomb among us.Also drugs like date rape drug can be used to commit various crimes.Governments do put laws and it is illegal but still drugs are out there.So we need to protect everyone whom we know from drugs.It can be done only through educating people about drugs.And for doing so we need to arm our selves with a lot of self confidence and a unbiased attitude.It is not going to help ,if we are all prejudiced.While i have come across a few addicts,no one whom i know personally is into drugs.

the government of India surely does its part.i don’t know if kids in slums and rural areas get all these pamphlets and talks and seminars but at least they are spreading the message.A few years back we had the anti-tobacco seminars which sure made me confident in talking to people who smoke and telling them not to lite when i am around.

The only way to get these unwanted junk away from our future,is by facing them and killing them.I feel like communicable diseases these too need active “vaccinations” .It is not about the past but about today and tomorrow.

A bacteria’s view of population explosion

June 24, 2008 § 16 Comments

So i am sitting here to write something.And as i write this so much is happening out there:-

1)the human race is expanding.

2) more people are dieing.

3) The level of pollution is increasing.

4) the food prices are rising.

5) More hate is being created through war.

6)More and more kids are being nurtured to hate each other.

7) there are the natural disasters.

8)there are the man made disasters.

9) And a lot more too.

Yet in what way can i influence them? I have a English teacher(who also happens to be my vice-principal) who keeps on going about the fact that the human population in the world is becoming larger and larger.Now i seriously wonder what can we do about?
When we talk about population explosion,illiteracy,poverty all tag along.So we are all aware it is a cyclic process,right.So what can we do? NO this is not right,i am asking the same question again and again?

So i am going to try and answer it.First of all,i think we are all,including me,too scared of ourselves.

We cannot face what we are to help myself over come that,i am

going to become something else.
I choose to be a bacteria.

Now being a bacteria,my main aim in life,is to help my species become larger in number.By creating a humongous population,we can rule earth.All other creatures how ever big they are,will be controlled,because we will out number and over power them.Yet since i am a bacteria and i haven’t changed much since the beginning,what i thought was a brilliant plan has failed.I find my own brother trying to kill me.We have become so large,that we don’t have enough space and all of us who are equal fight for supremacy.A few of my brethren are weak.

So together, unconsciously or consciously we the bacteria with the power have enslaved them.So to protect themselves,they all live together.Yet they are all still weak,so to increase their security,they try to grow more hands,legs and with that more moths and with that all the problems.And unfortunately they all don’t have the sense ,that they cannot find enough food for all the mouths and a lot of them die-a few once a lot many times over.But,Within them they all have a hope ,that someone created by them,will have the power to over throw all of us.

The problem with them is that,they don’t have the capacity to do anything we require,as they don’t have the brain power.A few of them try to become physically strong ,but then the long years of suppression helps us and we employee them for our own use.They become tools.So well i should talk about bacteria like myself.What did our fore fathers do? They too added more drops to the ocean,only the reason being different.they wanted their legacy to be carried on,and now too many of us exist and our family legacy is split into so many that we have no clue about a few lost brothers.

So now there are a lot of us in the world.And we all fight among ourselves.A few of us are the polished good waters,who try to act as if everything is fine.While a few others are the bad waters,for whom nothing is fine and yet they act as if it is.And then we have the few who know both waters.They try to think of solving everything.Yet the only solution till now,which would be the easiest and fastest is to drop a little bit of some chemical in a few places. Or simple start wars.yet that would be cruel,wouldn’t it? The small fish,needs to become more daring.

And the small fish among us are trying to.They all aspire to become like us “posh”.And

we are trying to set higher and higher standards.Yet one problem remains,the more the bacteria who come out,more are sent how can we solve it? So as a bacteria who is thinking,i come to the conclusion.We need to stop fighting.We all need to appreciate each other and try and help each other.We all shouldn’t feel insecure.We all should love each other.Easier said then done.

You cannot teach everyone.Other bacteria need to understand the need.They all should know that stealing and cheating aren’t the way.If they are truly powerful,then they should be able to challenge what the past has done to our wonderful species.Someone should teach them and that can be done only by people who understand.

When someone hurts you.You don’t hurt them back.For you never know why they did it.All of us are equally guilty for everything.So we should try and understand what happened.If we cannot join together and mitigate our race now and emancipate those who need to be,it might be too late.Who knows there might be no bacteria at all on earth.Then again,the humans might soon die before us,they have nuclear power.Well if that happens,it would be a good example to bacteria.Then we will know what will happen,if we try to rule the world.we should all remember,that what we create will dig our grave.Whether we are going to witter with hate or die with a smile with love,is left to us.

Just giving privileges will not help,everyone should be prepared for shouldering the responsibility of saving our race.


June 11, 2008 § 14 Comments

In a second a life can be made,
in a second life can be saved,
in a second death can be ebbed,
in a second all might get bread.
In a second,earth might be caved.
In a second the world can be crunched.
In a second,lesser than it,
the whole known world, began.
In a second bigger than it,
life still keeps its pun.

So what can be done,
when life is about to run
and the last second has begun?
Will you try to save it?
or will you try to live it?
or will you try to give it?
or will you try to fill it?
what choice can be made,
that will be the best,
that which will be the cleverest?

What will you choose to do,if you have only one second left? And well a few of you might know what is the above picture ,but still what is it?

a ranting and live homework doing and thinking

June 5, 2008 § 11 Comments

note:be warned,if you search for correlation,cohesion or sense,you will not find them(or you might ,if you are good at reading between the lines)

Well at last after a month and something,i touch my books.They have gathered some dust,but that its what worries me now.What is or rather are ,the english hmework,which i have so conveniently postponed till now 🙂 School re-opens tomorrow,i will return to the place which has been my haunt for the past 8 years.But this is year special unlike any.This will be my last year in school.I do not how to react to this/ go out and have fun? er…study? At last a time has come when choices want to play spoilt sport.There is Euro 08  and the Olympics,what am i to do? Exams will become omnipresent in my life for the next 10 months.IT is going to be bugging,i mean,i just cannot get the point of it all? we are all born to do the same thing-study,marry,procreate and die? whats the difference between a bacteria and us? Hell i just invited an anthropologist  to the imaginary diamond jubilee  celebrations of Indian independence.if you are wondering what it is ,it is a report.Why do we even write the same old monotonous reports? Well i think Nita doesn’t do them that way( i just remember,i had comment at wide angle view,today morn).No this is pretty unusual,i do not rant,i usually don’t say much here about school life,it never fit here and never will.I suck at writing reports and am alright at articles(usually poems,turned into sentences courtesy punching-nations.At least this year i have a descent english teacher,my last year teacher well according to her ,”India got independence in 1857″.Excuse me/ and when i pointed that out,she was like “history is not important in english”,can we ask for more hypocrisy?Again what i am doing ranting,hell i am supposed to be writing reports.I am doing a report on derailement,should i say ” the railway minister should stop watching IPL and watch the track?”oh! ya when i am at it,maybe IPL is the main reason for inflation! Thats it people,now everything will stabilize.China will host the olympics,SRK,SALMAN will get their crowd.One by talking about underwear and another by making you look like an ass in front of under four footers.I have spent more than 6 mintues on this.Wait i will write a couple of sentences.The next one is a article,ok,that should be nice,its on unemployment.The contribution of english teachers to world problems-give their students articles  and reports to write,but give “key points” which basically mean write this and that,balh! I don’t care,i feel very rebellious.Might be i should make Idly and not war like Purnima ( ha,i have  added her as an author in YU! now ) .Blogging has made my writing style different,I seem to write ,as if i am writing to people.My heading reads Under informed are unemployed,don’t know if it is right,but well the topic is about students choosing wrong courses.Its dhoom,well the song is,which is playing right now.Its one of the two movies of Abi i like.He sucks other wise.The other is GURU.I watch a lot of hindi movies,without understanding a lot of hindi,but it is improving.Wow! i almost wrote wiki says!!!! i would have become the first to quote wiki pedia for a note book article,talk about being lead by whims and fancies!Well i just thought i will write a couple of sentences,but it is tough now i am writing like destination infinity(the style is really nice,but i think my teacher is going to be pissed off).WOW! ok i am wrote something very much me,a simile between employment,food and stomach and money ,maybe i should put a 😛 next to the thing.My mom says this every now and then ” you are 16 going on 60″.well i just wrote a couple of lines like i was 60,well maybe it is time iretire,but well i still have to write another 75 words(no i didn’t count).till now i have tried to get punching and eating (punctuation ,ya thats a PJ or even worse)right,but i think i have made a lot of mistakes,priya,will again advise me(*sigh*) but as i just wrote “parents and teachers advise goes down the drain and someone needs to put sense!”(yes i wrote that in my book).hell i have had enough,i am leaving for later(i.e. once i go to school),for a guy who writes something every day,a few sentences shouldn’t be tough,but who knows fridays? My hits have stopped at 102 for the past hour or so and i will be able to write again only in the evening tmro.damn.but well hopefully the book review draw people here 🙂 ha that reminds me,i have to get the print out of a review ,i have chosen an equal music( that is the only one which isn’t a best seller,might be i should add the poem which i wrote inspired by it?).WOW! o re piya is playing now,its such a nice song..guess this post has become long enough…so good night(well no actually i might stay up till one)…anyway tc.

few reflections

May 4, 2008 § 13 Comments

what can life give,
unless we give life?
what can earth give,
unless we give earth?
what can the world give,
unless we give the world?

every seed we sow,
is what that grows,
into the trees which
satisfy our wants-
for every want
we need to sow more.

what we expect from life,
we need to give to life,
if we want joy,
we need to spread joy,
if we want peace,
we need to spread peace.

the world gives what you want
and you give the world
what it wants,the more
you ask,the more you give,
see deeper into what you want,
we are the universe.

life is nothing if there is nothing
to die for.unless our hearts
are drenched in love
and our guts filled with fear
and our minds with unpredictable
dangers,there is no life.

there needs to be a reason behind everything,
that reason we all seek.
few bother chasing the questions,
few try proving their non-existence,
few their existence,
few just blindly follow.

if nothing was there,
then why all this?
because there is all this,
why the belief?
life is just the moments
of freedom between
life and death.

it is a fantasy,
where we are own
villains and hero,
where we are god,
where we create the
forces,just to reflect.

i don’t know why i write,
nor do i know why i do anything,
yet there is a reason,
asking the question is all i bother,
the answers hopefully will bother
showing up soon.

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