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does everyone like everyone?how much do we respect others feeling?

it is always easier to just push aside someone in life,but what would we do if we were in that position.Doesn’t that need some thought?

more often the idea is well i am not so why bother.If some one thinks away from what others think,we are ready to brand them as “artificial”.Thats easily done.We make that person lose his self esteem and then like good old hypocrites claim that well we respect everyone ,every one is my friend.

Though i rarely like to talk about myself,it is something of that sort i face.i am always faced with teasing and insults.But i have taken it now into my stride.

What i want to talk here,about understanding others.
It is so easy just to bite our teeth and put up with people.It is a trend i observed ,everyone hates everyone,yet for the sake of it they put up with each other.It is fear that they will be found to be without a group.And of course if some acts like a joker,well then why can people never see beyond the face and into the eye?It is simple i think,they fear,fear everything,but most of all themselves.They don’t want to see what they are in the other person’s eye.they don’t want to know that the other person is living.There is a line i guess,which if crossed,can lead to a big crunch.

People tend to be aggressive,no soft words,no affection towards fellow humans.One important thing is the fear guys have of being given the “gay” tag.It is almost that they should not be kind to each other.

An even more appalling fact is the ability of people to reach conclusions.”you are full of shit”.Wow! i though i was made up of nerves and fibers and stuff.This is a new theory have any proof for it?

well no i don’t reply that way.For well as already said its the “bash your face” attitude.I cannot physically beat a fellow,rather i don’t have the will.

Thats were lies the problem,its like speaking english in Russia.Not everyone understands.i should also i know take into account the fact that all of are teens.But what i don’t get is,shouldn’t there be a level of maturity? I have always had these great out of the world ideas about”changing the world and make it a better place”,well but all i am met is,people will learn on their own.But come on as if i don’t know that,everyone will yaar!but i am talking about the society!For all i may call it a hypocrisy,you do have standards ,we are going to be the future citizens and well i think something should be there,we can’t be like i don’t know no comparisons for i fin everything in nature is as it should be?

Or is this evolution?man slowly reverting back to ancientness?

The rule it seems is simple”survival of the fittest”.Cool people go out and kill,so that you are left alive.It is again i think people with”godly” powers who will be taking the helm.

i know all this seems too irrelevant ,but if we don’t have a sane future,then we are in huge problems.

Maybe i have to solutions,find a way to live in harmony with it(1/100000000 probability of living) or simple get a private island and guard it.

Well know i am not going nuts… i am just trying to say this,its time to think a little and understand each other.

a gift from me to you

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ha isn’t that lovely ?? i love the different colours…every other colour green,red,orange everything is there……love it…

from the clouds

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they fly past
my dreams and thoughts.
they trigger views
and ricochet.

up in the sky,
many shapes and sizes.
far and wide
as far i can see.

they reflect me
from deep within
i can see-
them and me.
i am there with them
and fly to through airs,
and pass many a heir.
I listen with them-to the
songs of lonely birds
and the tall trees.
I sweep with them-
the plains,valleys,
peaks and everything
in between.i let my self
be moved and sway to the
talisman of other forces.
adroitly washed i regain
my self like them ,with
my own strengths.
We laugh together,
and the secrets we hide
are fewer than nothing.
We carry our own weights
and with pomp and glory
we march the sphere.

It is our being that gives life,
it is we who are merciful.
I feel like a brother in the
midst and i fly on the ninth,
the cloud nine.
The view is so wonderous
and the laughter captivating.
It is my song,and their symphony
that the world breaths.

I wish i flew higher,
for me the sky is not farther.
for my blood the warmth
is seeing up at the
sun who holds the vertex.
What is more moving
being one with the world?
What more is beauty,
but carrying the lyrics?
the seas mime us,
and we are the alfresco.
it is our captivating
freshness that draws the
world to the heavens.
We fly we are more than
what you see.
We have hues you never see,
and our dimension is more than
what you feel.
Come let us go and
roam together,
what more is fun
than losing yourself?
finding it is the adventure
and losing it is a predicament
folly.Dance and sing
for it is long known.

There i was them
and now i am me.
Oh! i wish i knew
them more for thats
what i want to be,up
and high above the
world so high,
wishing that i was here
thinking it was better.

can’t keep my hands off the keyboard

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lol 🙂 sorry well i could successfully keep away from the keyboard only for a couple of days…that too only from posting…

well guess it has become something like an addiction,not a real addiction but something like it…but the main reason is that there are just to many things going on for me to keep away…but still no stories or poems till my exams are over…*sigh*…just finished physics today..four more to go..tomorrow is english..so just relaxing a bit….

hopefully the world will remain as a sphere till my exams get over…but the world just seems to becoming more salt concentrated….too many things too many ideas…isn’t it the right time we do something huge…i mean something world wide….i can see something happening and well like everyone would like to create it….no not by getting bumped like the kid in mumbai(on orkut)…or signing a nuke deal…or buying a state or land…or starting a new political party or not even entering the god business….rather something new…

any ideas?what do you think the world do?are you happy with everything around you?are you satisfied with the position you are in? how do you the world?

come to think of it,i think we should seriously do something…a blogger movement?? make the world more humane(not more humans) …

nature has its ways …it is better we realise and do something….

leave your comments,i will be checking them everyday…but not posting again till…you know when 🙂


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realising myself(a short story)

September 2, 2007 § 1 Comment

“what is more than a journey?
from the wake till the end,
before and after all we do is travel.”

And the speech ended.With the throngs of people who had come,he too got up and started to leave.He had traveled to listen to this speech.He had traveled a great distance.Coming had been tough,no A/C cars or A/C trains,he had come by changing three buses.Yes,it was his policy never to step into those,but he wanted to do something for himself.Now that it was over,he took out his mobile and dialed his PA’s number and told him to send a car.

After doing so,he went to the near by beach and started walking towards the waves.


Ha,such beauty why do they keep lashing?They seem to repeating the same thing again and again,but they aren’t the same.Every passing moment the tide changes.The moon is far away,yet it has an influence on the entire globe.The sun is even farther,yet we are so dependent on it.What would happen if either of them,decide to do something different?
The teacher was saying we need to be creative,we need to do something different,we should never be consumed in monotony,yet what will happen,if they decided to obey that law?could the rules be different for us humans from Natural forces?But aren’t we a part of nature too?And everything around us is alive,at least according to the teacher.So what do i follow?

But doesn’t the earth too change every second? The pole towards the sun keeps changing.So isn’t it a combination of both.Isn’t that everything must be changing at any given moment.It doesn’t take a clairvoyant being to see this,it all happening,yet we don’t see it.
What is wrong with us?But if both keep changing,then aren’t they relatively in the same position?I should check it once i get back to the computer.

But still what will be with out the sun and moon,who’s presence we make lesser and lesser off,until a time will come when we will try to see them,only when they are gone.How cynical have we become,this moment all our fore fathers have seen, did they feel the same way? What are these waves trying to tell?are they telling us to save them from the clutches of the moon and the sun? who made it so? What will be without gravity?Are scientific explanations the only source to do trusted?What happened to the inner self?ha,people called themselves the progeny of the sun and the moon,did these two beings up there,inspire people so much.No my thoughts aren’t clear,i can’t see the connection,it seems like the waves i too am pulled by their power.Funny though all these years i have never seen the moon out when the sun is.No i have,when i was small and people made fun,they never bothered to come out and see.How funny.Why doesn’t everyone see the same thing.Why only a few do? Why do certain things strike only a few people? why not everyone? Is it the intellectual difference or is it just that these beings are so powerful that just by their charisma and mesmerizing ability they turn people into their progeny?Is it Progeny? or are we followers,yes i too am struck by their light.Feels strange,for all these years i have neglected all this,and suddenly it seems at last the time has come when the heat is enough to boil.I don’t feel like a follower,nor do i feel like worshiping them,how can i ? But they seem to be talking,everything is.I feel like a old man in a new country,I seem to know their existence but not able to understand their language.I try desperately to communicate,but fail to be clear.Yet though i want to give it up and return to where i belong,it seems impossible,they are drawing me in.It is music ,you enjoy it and you sway to it,even though you don’t know what it means.What are they trying to tell me? now i see that the distant parts of the sea,are darker.It is where thing we don’t see lie.Do i have the courage to brave the sea,rather to break the mental block and do it.I know when i want to do something and when i trust in it,it will happen,can i do it? they seem to beckoning me,to let myself loose and lose myself to them.I have long felt a gap,a gap in me when i am not doing working,when i am not with my friends.I have everything,money,power,yet their seems to be a blank space.i fear that,and have tried to cover it up,by acting busy.But now i can’t hide,for i can’t take my mind of it.It seems these ruthless rulers of the world,are cutting my flesh and stuffing me with messages,of the sands of time and the tides.I know these scars will never go and to repent for all i have done , i will take upon a penance.But what- am i sinner? i have long forgotten the word sin – sinner.No how can you.You are the worlds,you are the master of it.But do i have the right to hurt myself then? am i masochistic? what right do i have to hurt myself? But killing me ,is also destroying myself,that brings to my mind,the image of the snake eating itself.

It eats itself and is reborn.I think i am evolving and at last answering my call.A call which i as nature have to do.I know no one needs to save nature, i have realized that,anyone who takes history seriously will know this ,so there is no need to worry.And now i know how,i am seeing it.It may be man’s nature,or it maybe the will of Nature.But we will do everything,to keep the world at an equilibrium.There is no right or wrong as these celestial gods prove.The sun pulls,so does the moon,they both give light,so do the other stars ,whom i can slowly see in the horizon,i know my light is arriving and it from one of them.The universe is always in a constant proportion and everything in it are me,so i am trying to maintain a proportion within my self.This moment the waves may raise,or the earth my shake,but i know it is all a part of a set plan which i already know.Now the language is less Greek to me, i can slowly understand it,as you do when you live in a place long enough.We need to keep changing,for we are evolving,but it is always nice to revisit and relive as they do,the planets,the sun,the stars,the universe everything does,for you never know what you missed.

Now i know what i will do when i return home, i will take on the mission which i wanted all along,but instead of trying to blow apart everything, i will make the change within what i have first.To move a mountain ,you need to know how to move a rock,and so we should try.Not everyone,will receive all this in good thoughts,but we can never move without friction and the world needs to move,for change is the ultimate and to be it is to be yourself.I have broken the chains which held me,long last and now can see the beauty within everything,I have eaten myself up and have emerged with the strength of a extra meal.There i can hear the horn,i will turn back and start my mission.I know now the light shines the brightest.


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to change
to evolve
-is the ultimate .
AS every second goes
and as we make more vows
and break some more
we try to become better
trying to make it less bitter.
We learn from each verse
and each moment is a life
of experience.We feel
the need to become something
and yet be the same,we try
to make more headway
yet at times end up the same way.
We try to lie and hide
and yet finally they die
for tranquility and serene
moments that are bubble like.
We try to carve
and crave
for a better day.We zeal
our victories with pride
and yet fall short at our vice.
We try to see the world
and think all is fine
-it is,but yet we need to try
and make it more fine.
Never is perfection the ultimate
goal,yet we try and try.
We search deep within one day
and still fear the dark night.
We tug and tug with our might
and try to pull away from the
chains which bind us.Freedom,
is the stars and sky,but they too
are bound and fit in a path.
Being more adventurous
and compassionate
and divine,
is nothing more being your self.
No two people are the same,
and so no law can bind.
Yet a society is one
and so there are rules which govern.
They are mere rules
and can be broken and revised
for its nature of time and tide.
We dream of a land,where we can.
We dream of a place,a day
full of sunshine.Yet there we
starve and cry for water.
For us to see light,we need
darkness,and for darkness light.
In the sojourn of life,
everything is illusion
and to become wiser
we need to find –
to find live with it and see through it.
We are changing and evolving
at every moment each beat
is new life.We see the world
through our heart ,it is there
we seek solace and freedom.
There , there is no binding,
or dogma,For what hides
there is what we want,
if we trust the light,
it will help us realise
there is no set path.
for all the world is a way
and all the steps a leap.
Let us accept who we are,
for it is our life.

the light shines the brightest

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raise oh!spirits,
never one is condemned
for all there is one.
Never have fear,see the
light,for all you need to
know is that there is one.
It is all just true,
no good nor bad.
What you chant is for
the inner mystic
which will help you
sing your song.
Fear not the demons
for they are nothing but
your fear.In the meter
of verse that i profound
i see a self with great
heart.Oh! valiant be you,
raise oh!spirit,its in you
just see all around you.
It is all clues that life
leaves,fear never of the
hound,face him and pound!
BRIGHTEST,nothing but it.
See it and sway with it,
no language,chains of time
or of tide will stay,
be free and step to the
tune,they will help you
raise from within.
Words are nothing but
air,hypocrites and flatters
and sycophants do none but
use their right.Feel free
and let the wind blow
as it should,sway with your
light,and feel the love and
all good.Oh!forgive and mercy
shall take you over.Thank
the stars and world,for you are
they and they you.feel the
sun and its heat,the sea
and its waves,no never is
one wrong for all are one.
You are the seas and the stars
you are the universe.What you
think is what the world
breaths,feel the energy
and light within,i say
let and be haunted by
your love.Trust yourself
and so the worlds,
have faith,hope,love
and remember
the light shines the brightest.


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it is all to believe
and be the belief.
try to be free,
and be what you
want to be.
Try see the best,
let the rest
be rest and keep
on the quest.
Be precise and still
wild spirited.
Be brave and make
the world feel.
Empathize and
sympathize and
be wise,overcome
vice and be right.

and complacency
and progeny.
it is all the way you
see.From within,
there is a beauty,
and there is no proxy.
Magnanimous and abstemious
atrocious and ferocious,
it is all humaness.

All we need is to believe
and have belief,
with in and the world
will turn and be what we
want it to be.Try to see
this and everything is
a wee better than what
it could be.To try and be
you and not mask it all
is the best way to keep
in the trail,to wear mask
is to attract fallacy
and is leads to atrocity.
Come let us be and turn
free,that is all there is
and ever will be.

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It took a long time for me to understand,but at last as i looked at the sea and the sky i did.
It seemed so much at an equilibrium,unspoilt from the outset by man’s furore or the myths which it hid.what was so special about this seemingly calm and poise looking vast expanse?For one it seemed to be repeating itself-a perfect term for it would be a stuck up tape recorder.Yes i do understand it is trying to tell something,but why not in some other way?

then i thought about the endless destruction which it can cause.How many life did it take? If we were to believe all of reach the sea in the end,then we did.It seemed that it was angry for something.Or is it just the way it is? Will this be the tale of humans? To be swept away one fine day? When we fall upon old tales and fables,we laugh,but then , doesn’t this proves that they were true?

How much power will it take man to conquer this being completely?Will he have the strength?yes there were those brave enough to venture into the unseen,but is that alone enough?

What will happen if this second,the waves rise?Will i have the ability to raise my strength and take it? Or will i panic and try to escape from the eventual?

It was just mesmerizing, i couldn’t take my eyes of them,they kept beating the sand and erring it from the land mass.Its action was slow,but it was definite,it changed the look at every second,yet seemed unperturbed and lust less.How much did it care? was telling the lost secrets,which it stole from the lands? or was it reflecting the stories of the sky? or was all this just some illusion.

I didn’t know and didn’t care.No use trying to act like i care about anything.But i do love my fellow humans,will they know? or ignore me like so many others they have.What ever happens there will be one thing which will know-the sea.

If you ever want anything back ,which is so dear to you,ask it.Yes it is arrogant and stubborn,but apply the right kind of force,it should yield after all it too is like us.

I stare at it for the last time and move away,it took away what i had wanted but given me something else now.The fire was again lit in me.

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