blank paper-to be filled!

July 8, 2008 § 15 Comments

Fill up the blank space above with whatever you want.You can say whatever you want.This is one of the toughest things to do because you don’t know what will be the best thing suit to fill a blank page.It is way easier to write something when you see something 🙂  ( well the photo is something i guess) So all the best,lets see what you all are thinking.Again am very curious.:P


June 15, 2008 § 13 Comments

I am feeling extremely stupid right now.If you are wondering why,it is because i don’t why i feel stupid.No i know it doesn’t make sense,but what am i doing anyway? Living ,might be an answer.But what is the big deal about living? i am Living,alright,so why should i bother about it? What is life anyway?This is what wiki says
“Life is a condition that distinguishes organisms from non-living objects, such as non-life, and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism and reproduction”. Wow,so basically i too am a machine,programmed by something else.No i cannot accept this.Why should be what someone else wants me to be?I am an plagiarist then,writing what someone else has already done,including this.

I am still awe of the world.I just cannot stop being overwhelmed by how huge it is.I want to go out of earth and see it,Pictures aren’t enough.I want to see it with my own eyes.It is not that i don’t believe that earth exists and that it is as the pictures show it,but i want to see it for real.Having lived all my life inside something,i want to go higher.Yet can i ever become bigger than life? i hate being a hypocrite,so i will tell the truth,i still don’t know much about the world.Yes,i write a lot about the world,but i do not know from where it all comes.I feel very uncomfortable calling myself a poet,for i am a tool,yes a mere tool of something that has created me.I badly want to know the real me.What am i really like? What is it that makes a lot of people not like me?

Is it that a tool,is a mere tool and that a few see the beauty and a few the use of it? What is beauty anyway? Starting every sentence with capitals,drawing the eye at the last? Starting from a lower pitch? Who can define beauty? Wiki says ” Beauty is a characteristic of a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology and culture. As a cultural creation, beauty has been extremely commercialized.”

There are times i hate what i write.Yet if i hadn’t started writing,i doubt if i will be living.Writing has meant more for me.It doesn’t matter,that when i write i am not in control of myself,nothing matters to me,especially when i am writing something long.It is when i write that i feel a perennial peace within me.It is when i write,that i feel some purpose for my living.It is when i write,that
the world i live in seems real.Otherwise nothing seems real to me.I still feel like a five year old about my world.I am more matured in accepting a few things and not reacting to insults.

Blogging means a lot to me.As i said before,if not for writing i don’t know what i will be.And i have been to share my feelings ,here openly.I have met a lot of great people.I have met people,who have given me the courage to do things my way.though i still find it difficult to come in terms with life and humans as such,i am able to appreciate,people for what they are.

I have written about 175 poems till now.Each one is different and same in a lot of ways.i do not know,how good a writer i am.I cannot judge,something which comes to the world through me,i have to accept it ,for whatever it is.But i think i am not that good a writer,for i have tried to get my poems published,but all my applications have been turned down.But that doesn’t matter,for if not today,someday.Might be after i die,it might get recogonised.

I should thank the whole world,for its contribution,in helping me realize,what is inside me.i still remember,sitting in class,feeling depressed,in a corner.And then suddenly it came to me,from where i do not know.I wrote my first major poem- MOTHER INDIA.After that came THE SEA.These poems,till today are my favorite.They were my eye opener,in lot of ways.They took away the feeling of uselessness from me.i no more felt like i was useless.They gave me a confidence.And till today that is what keeps me going.

I thank you all,you are all the forces which still teach me.You all are the people who help me keep going.I thank all of you.

a never ending encore

April 29, 2008 § 8 Comments

wave upon wave upon wave,
a never ending parade.
marching to the shore,
a never ending encore.
climbing the winds,
smoothing the sands,
crest high and trough low,
unknown tales you sow.
salty water all around,
sensitive sands on the ground-
from past beyond my life,
secrets which once strived.
once you hit you withdraw,
as my foot into the sand claws.
as you leave i am left breathless,
trying to balance and care less.
on the shore of a vast being,
something humongous and inspiring ,
i ponder your origin and mine,
the mystery of the encore.
the tune played by someone devote
like you,creates a sense of revolt,
the need to change yet be constant,
something which will last till the world’s end.
as i leave,
i no more feel free,
left precarious,
i am more cautious,
but i know when i reflect,
fear i can neglect.

August 29, 2007 § Leave a comment

We are a complex being.Whatever we may think and what ever we may do,we are all one.

But how do we realise what we are actually?How do we decide whats our dream?whats our destiny?

Why do we live?why do we follow something?

These are some of the usual questions,what should we do?where is the starting point?

The whole world is the starting point.You don’t need to wait for something special,whatever we want to we can do it just then.Of course as we progress we realise that the time is not right yet.But this comes after we know more about our self.

There is no time,no place,nothing which controls you from talking to your self.You are free to do it.What you think,others can’t peek at and they can’t punish you for that.Infact no one has a right to say anything to someone.Everyone is a part of the world as everything is.

Religion and other social bindings and dogmas are a starting point,at least they were intended to be.There is no god sitting up there with a whip to flog everyone.In fact it is we who do so to ourselves.

Yes we live in a society but we are more important to ourself then others.IT is left to us to search for what we want.
No job is wrong,it may just not suit you and since it doesn’t it doesn’t mean you have to put down others who do it.
We have to accept our own weaknesses and our strengths,at first we will find it odd and even hurting but as we continue it will help us.

try and see beauty in everything and anything,it is every where.

Love everything,remember hate is also love.Don’t let your fears haunt you.They are your own whims and fancies.Be yourself at all given situations and trust your self.Remember you will never let yourself down,for you are the universe and it took you all the effort to get where you are.

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It took a long time for me to understand,but at last as i looked at the sea and the sky i did.
It seemed so much at an equilibrium,unspoilt from the outset by man’s furore or the myths which it hid.what was so special about this seemingly calm and poise looking vast expanse?For one it seemed to be repeating itself-a perfect term for it would be a stuck up tape recorder.Yes i do understand it is trying to tell something,but why not in some other way?

then i thought about the endless destruction which it can cause.How many life did it take? If we were to believe all of reach the sea in the end,then we did.It seemed that it was angry for something.Or is it just the way it is? Will this be the tale of humans? To be swept away one fine day? When we fall upon old tales and fables,we laugh,but then , doesn’t this proves that they were true?

How much power will it take man to conquer this being completely?Will he have the strength?yes there were those brave enough to venture into the unseen,but is that alone enough?

What will happen if this second,the waves rise?Will i have the ability to raise my strength and take it? Or will i panic and try to escape from the eventual?

It was just mesmerizing, i couldn’t take my eyes of them,they kept beating the sand and erring it from the land mass.Its action was slow,but it was definite,it changed the look at every second,yet seemed unperturbed and lust less.How much did it care? was telling the lost secrets,which it stole from the lands? or was it reflecting the stories of the sky? or was all this just some illusion.

I didn’t know and didn’t care.No use trying to act like i care about anything.But i do love my fellow humans,will they know? or ignore me like so many others they have.What ever happens there will be one thing which will know-the sea.

If you ever want anything back ,which is so dear to you,ask it.Yes it is arrogant and stubborn,but apply the right kind of force,it should yield after all it too is like us.

I stare at it for the last time and move away,it took away what i had wanted but given me something else now.The fire was again lit in me.


July 8, 2007 § 3 Comments

well here is a simple thing-

There was no venue in india for the concerts for the changing climate.Why was this?

it can’t be for the reason we don’t add to it,we are after all such a large country.Then why?

Don’t we know more about music? Isn’t our music one of the most inspiring forms which we have built the nation upon?Hasn’t music been the sine-qua-non ,that has maintained the balance between everything.Whatever maybe the problem,who ever rules there has always been music.

Music and dance and celebration form a very big part of the indian culture.They have inspired generation s upon gen-next.They have been the life line,to the depressed ,they have been the solvents for all the anomalies.They have helped portray the country’s united face ,under any condition and always.I remember reading in one of Nehru’s books( about a couple of years back,i haven’t found time to complete them) where he talks about the voices which go towards the Allahabad sangamam.We have corrupted chiefs,religious heads and what not,but religiously people preserve their traditions(well,i know now there is no use,for the rivers are either dry or polluted).

Then why wasn’t India chosen?

Does the world feel that we don’t have the spirit? or is that our music is too devotional and can’t sing for the sake of humans?

I feel many people are sending the wrong message about the Indian identity.While i like all types of music,hearing the traditional karnatic music,really is the most pleasing to the ears.
Shouldn’t we take it upon ourselves to bring up the music?Of course,you need to be more patient in learning Indian music,as it takes a lot of time for to come up to the stage and for arangatram to take place and also for the people in the hustle and bustle it may be too slow.

But i still can’t find the reason for my country not being included.

whats up?

clouds and sun

June 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

can you see the pink? lol looks like the sky is blushing 😉

the brightness makes it look like an eye,doesn’t it?

ha,you can see the blushing properly,and ya think those lines are rain,i know i took it,but doubts….

i love this kinda stuff,where the edge of the clouds are highlighted….

it is raining only in that small part…

a closer view…

@ about 100km/hr….

this color seems to be different..

taken in kodai-i am closer to the sun!

doesn’t that put a smile on your face ! gorgeous!

twinkle twinkle summer sun..
how i wonder why you smile,
up above the clouds so high like
a sparkle in the sky.


flower and bees :)

June 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

don’t they look cute and amazing 🙂 such tiny creatures 🙂

so small so cute
so sweet so lovely.
worth a million words.
jibing and buzzing they
carry their honey.Words
don’t matter ,but to say
a few about them would
be funny,they are real
yet mesmerising like
unreal.So cute ,ho!
may i have some honey 🙂

how to inspire?

June 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

So now we want to inspire people to stay and improve the country.

And that has to there in all strata of the society.
But where are to go for the much needed fire?

we have the rebels on one side.yes i don’t agree with killing,but we all should accept that there is a cause for them to reach such a extreme stage.If we want to end this extreme moments,which draw away the country’s resources we need to find a peaceful solution.

Peaceful-yes.What is a peaceful solution?

well according to me its a stage where every person can live with both mental peace.This is possible only if there is no fighting or even a cold war.The basic needs of a human are food ,shelter and security.

When food is under threat people are ready to kill and eat.

For shelter the same.

for security the same.

How can we assure all this?

Now we need to inspire people to make sure of them.

So how to?

>first,make sure we have the right people in the right place.People in wrong places is never going to help.

>Assess the needs of the country.

>Since people want money give it to them.This can be done by increasing the salaries from the lower most level,i.e. if a person is earning 100 Rs make it 150 Rs.

now proportionally increase the salaries,but try to make the increase in prices of goods half to the proportion.This may sound foolish but imagine the change,a person who is earning 5000 will earn 7500,now if he spends 3000 Rs on goods ,now he will have to spend only only about Rs 3750. how can this be done? simple reduce the taxes.

>improve education,build dedicated future gen next with vision,i know everyone isn’t a Amabani or a Gandhi but we need to install that.(dedicated to their mission,again i don’t say we need to force it ,no that will make it more like a religious school,we need to inspire them to have the country in their mind).

Our grand fathers struggled for independence why?

because they were inspired to do so.

>find a solution to have a good and well versed government.Increase the standard of the governemt in other words,do this by having tests,now who will set the standard?

> Develop farming and forestry.Again we need to recogonise people, working in the fields as
equals to the ones in the city.Companies should taken a particular amount of land and pay the farmers to cultivate the land.

>build schools where ideas are sent across and roles are built ,to lead and also how to work under some one.Everyone can’t be a leader.

>learn to think out of the box.Now how is this?

throw ideas into the society which may seem insane.Keep them on their heels.

guess i have written enough,but then again we need to inspire.


May 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

I feel every vibration
taken into the vast alfresco.
I stand on the tip of the
world,looking around.

It is the rapture,that
haunts me.It is the sense
i feel when i read.It takes
me into a journey of far
into another world.It is
in emotions that i binge ,
and it drives through.The
scent of freshness in the
vibrato,that are the waves
and the frills of the wind
smooth the hot skin.
IT is at such a sight
that i stood,no the edge,
which seemed the world’s
end.It was the hour that
blew the wind and jumped the
tide,who shined in the depth
of the evening sun.It was at that
moment that a encore blew
through and took me to the
clouds high- which flew above
the vast hill and seas, where i stood.
It was in the spirit of music
and a book i stood enchanted
by the predators flawless
plan,to raise me thus.
As such a movement will effect
i bow to the genius,yet my
spirit’s nexus with such heart
is so drawn that i float.

and thus stayed there and came
down next into the world,as the
shining stars came close by,
it was the spirits that got earth
again near,yet the tune chanted
by.It was such a music,it
was such a wonderful read,which i
rode on.As next of my views i was
shocked,for there stood,the
words each like a gigantic whale.

On the floor i stood,on heaven
he floated.With thus a passion
for me to feel inspired,i blew
my voice across humans,like
i did once.In my state of euphoria
returned the sounds that took me
in the human world to the place
which i just felt.Magically appears
the fiddle,floats from the air,
slowly the notes i touch and play,
it was my book,which i wrote,
it was my voice which it brought
i had been a loon,now i am sane,
so passionate i move,i lay the
notes,each with there own depth,at
the precise tune.It was a versatile
tune,one so such a Morzat i became.

i fill the fields and houses and buildings
with the lovely flow,it is i who out
do the high pop radio in the cars.All
stays still,like in a miracle,it is then,
they search ,but soon sink into the
waves of vibration in whom dissolves
all a worry.Like the pipe piper i play,
it is the rats that are they.They follow
like a mouse ,the musics trail
to the shore; they stand.I stand there
among them,though i am high up,
i lose my self in the symphony which
my heart and violin play.It is in the
world i stand,it is in heaven and cloud
nine i play.It is the gods and humans
who are together,for such is the power
of what i play,from a wooden bark,
comes such,which mesmerizes all and
makes them float like hay.i am one such
entranced in the words that they say.

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